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Top 15 Alia Bhatt Without Makeup

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Alia Bhatt is one of the talented newcomers of the Hindi Film Industry. Since her sensational debut in this industry, she is climbing the ladders of success. Along with this success comes massive fame which demands this young beauty to display her best form whenever she’s in front of the camera lens. Though a lot of people she is just another actress covered with beauty products, Alia is naturally beautiful. Most of the haters don’t have any idea what they are talking about. This article will provide these haters with the right knowledge about Alia’s natural beauty. After looking at the following without makeup pictures of Alia, they will not surely think of her anymore as a mere plastic doll.

Best Pictures of  Alia Bhatt without Makeup:

Here are some of the best makeup-free pictures of Alia Bhatt that will blow your mind surely.

1. A Scene From ‘Highway’:

Alia Bhatt Without Makeup

The highway is one of Alia’s most successful films. This is a still from the movie where her character demanded her to be makeup-free throughout the movie. She is pretty recognizable even though she is wearing zero makeup.

2. Airport Shopping:

Alia Bhatt without makeup 2

Alia Bhatt was spotted shopping in Mumbai Airport, this pic was clicked. She was about to attend her flight and decided to do a little shopping in the extra time she had. Here she is sporting a casual black jacket with a black bag to suit her simple toned down beautiful look. You can see here the real sans makeup look of Alia Bhatt.

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3. At An Event:

Alia Bhatt without makeup 3

This picture of Alia Bhatt was clicked while she arrived at the event for the screening of Highway, one of her super hit films. Her natural beauty is one of the prime reasons behind her massive fan following. People admire her off-screen looks more than her movie looks as they can relate to her in a better way when she’s behind the lens.

4. Promoting Her Work:

Alia Bhatt without makeup 4

Alia Bhatt was spotted eating popcorn and displaying a without makeup face. Her facial expressions are so adorable that she hardly requires any makeup to enhance her allure. Without a doubt, she is one of the most beautiful young actresses, Bollywood ever had.

5. Girl In Black:

Alia Bhatt without makeup 5

Alia Bhatt’s fair skin complexion is the main reason why she looks so divine in black. This young beauty doesn’t need any makeup on her face to look beautiful. She can just wake up and wear anything out of her closet and she will be screen-ready. That is the power of Alia’s beauty.

6. Friend’s Birthday:

Alia Bhatt without makeup 6

Alia Bhatt was spotted in her dear friend, Arjun Kapoor’s birthday. Here she looked extraordinarily beautiful with that white dress, that too without any makeup. This girl doesn’t even need the touch of a foundation cream and still make herself look like a goddess. Her loose hair and kajal make her look ever more divine in this picture.

7. Let’s Go Casual:

Alia Bhatt without makeup 7

Alia likes to go without makeup whenever she’s off-screen. In this picture, she was spotted wearing a white t-shirt paired with blue jeans. Her loose hair and makeup free face make her look extremely attractive. Alia’s casual look is being admired by her fans all over India.

8. Daddy’s Girl:

Alia Bhatt without makeup 8

Beautiful Alia Bhatt was spotted with her father, Mahesh Bhatt. Here, she displayed her natural beauty and her simple and down to earth attitude is relevant from this picture. Whenever Alia puts on her makeup-free game face, people go crazy.

9. Another Picture At The Airport:

Alia Bhatt without makeup 9

This is yet another makeup less picture of Alia Bhatt. The picture was clicked at the Mumbai Airport. Here, Alia sported her simple sense of clothing but still looked stunning in that casual blue top covered with a shawl. Women can only imagine looking as stunning as Alia Bhatt with the help of zero accessories and makeup.

10. At Home Look:

Alia Bhatt without makeup 10

This picture of Alia Bhatt was taken at her home. Clearly she is seen makeup-free in this picture. Her natural beauty is far more powerful than any of the top-class beauty products. This girl barely requires any makeup to makeup herself look more beautiful. It is one of the best and unseen pictures of Alia Bhatt without makeup.

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11. The Swimming Pose:

Alia Bhatt without makeup 1

This adorable picture of Alia Bhatt clearly shows her makeup free face. Even if she was wearing any, that was washed by the water. This young talent likes to keep it simple when she’s off-screen and proudly shows off her natural beauty whenever she gets a chance.

12. That Makeup Free Still:

Alia Bhatt without makeup 12

Anyone can just look at her and say how beautiful she is. This girl is breaking all boundaries when it comes to natural beauty. In this picture, she displays her natural beauty and still manages to get a substantial amount of likes on social media websites. How beautiful she is even no makeup also.

13. That Exhausted Look:

Alia Bhatt without makeup 13

Here, poor Alia looks completely exhausted but still manages to look very attractive. According to her fans, this is one of the best makeup free pictures of Alia. She is wearing a casual sleeveless top and keeps her hair loose with hat. This side of Alia Bhatt is very much admired by all her fans as well as her Bollywood colleagues.

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14. Girl with Besties:

Alia Bhatt without makeup 14

Alia was spotted in her car waving for the camera. She seemed to be in a rejoicing mood. Here, we can see Alia’s makeup-free natural face. Without a doubt, she is one of the most beautiful actresses in the Hindi film industry at this moment.

15. The Most Adorable Picture Ever:

Alia Bhatt without makeup 15

This adorable picture of Alia was posted by the young actress on Instagram. Here, she looks very cute with that baby. Her cuteness is nothing less than that random baby. Women should be inspired by Alia. They should also be proud of their natural beauty and display their natural face a little more often.

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