From her first movie, Student of the year, to her latest phenomenal hits, Alia Bhatt has come a long way. This beauty has entirely made her place in Bollywood town and is in talks always for her looks, fashion statements, and trends. We already know how Alia looks in her films and reel life. But if you did not yet see Alia Bhatt without makeup, you have entirely missed out on her real-life moments!

This actress doesn’t shy away from showing her real life and unfiltered moments. Many looks of this beauty come out wearing no makeup and yet looking like a million bucks. Today we have zeroed down on a few of our favourites, and here they are!

15 Best Alia without Makeup Pictures Gallery:

Here are our top 15 captured moments of Alia Bhatt’s no makeup looks in real life. Let’s get started.

1. Real Move Scene:

Here is the picture of Alia captured without any makeup in the movie Dear Zindagi. Besides the well-known fact that the film is a super hit and has been applauded for her acting skills, her bold move of appearing before millions of viewers without makeup is to be appreciated. She looks breathtakingly gorgeous despite wearing no makeup even in the movie. How well did she carry out this look, isn’t it!

2. At the Airport:

Alia Bhatt was spotted at the Airport, and here is the picture. She has posted this on her social media. How well she has utilised her time amusing her followers while waiting for her flight! Here she is sporting a casual black jacket with a black bag to suit her simple toned down beautiful look. You can see here the real sans look of Alia Bhatt without makeup face.

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3. At the Event:

These Alia Bhatt images without makeup were clicked while she arrived at the event for the screening. She is yet to do her makeup while this picture was taken. However, she looks super gorgeous, isn’t she?! Her natural beauty is one of the prime reasons behind her massive fan following. People admire her off-screen looks more than her movie looks, as they can relate to her better when she’s behind the lens.

4. Home Sweet Home:

Alia Bhatt’s natural face again, without makeup, with her favourite pet. She named him Edward, and he is her beloved pet. The actress is known for her love for animals, especially cats. She loves spending quality time with her pet whenever she gets time and is back home. We quite enjoy how she is such simple and down to earth, just like the girl next door. What do you think?!

5. Healthy Girl:

Alia Bhatt is quite a health and fitness conscious. We can see her drinking beetroot juice in this picture. She is captured wearing a casual black t-shirt in her relaxed time outside. Since she is a fair skin complexion, she looks so divine, even in black. This young beauty doesn’t need any makeup on her face to view beautiful. She can wake up and wear anything out of her closet and be screen-ready. That is the power of Alia’s beauty.

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6. Contemplation Mood:

Here seen is Alia Bhatt resting in her fresh, bathed look, sitting aside in the corner of her room. She is spotted in a bathrobe, that too without any makeup. This girl doesn’t even need the touch of a foundation cream and still makes herself look like a goddess. Even with raw and honest looks, she looks gorgeous and divine in this picture.

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7. Being Casual:

Alia immensely loves the casual looks. She loves sporting everyday wear and being comfortable in her zone. This picture was posted by herself on her social media on her way during the shoot. She seems lost in her dream world while the picture is taken and is seen wearing a casual black t-shirt. We love the way she looks natural and yet pulls it off so well.

8. Mumma Favorite:

The beauty in this picture is here with her mother, SoniRazdan. She is seen wearing no makeup in a white casual shirt, posing for a selfie. Just like us, even she is super close to family despite the name and fame she has achieved at such a young age, and we immensely love how we can connect with her at varying levels!

9. In the Flight:

This is yet another Alia Bhatt no-makeup selfie. The picture was clicked inside her flight. Here, Alia sported her pure sense of clothing but looked stunning in that casual blue top covered with a blanket. She seems tired from constant long journeys yet manages to sport a simple smile for her followers.

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10. Soaking Under Sun and Beach:

This picture of Alia Bhatt was taken during her vacation times. She is seen makeup-free in this picture. Her natural beauty is far more powerful than any top-class beauty product. This girl barely requires any makeup to transform herself, as she already looks beautiful. She is seen resting and taking a selfie amidst her enjoyment. It is one of the best and unseen Alia Bhatt without makeup photos.

11. Swimming Times:

Alia Bhatt is seen with her rumoured partner and co-star, Ranbir Kapoor and director friend, Ayan Mukherjee. They have posted this picture on their social media during their vacation, and we can see Alia wearing absolutely no makeup. She loves water and swimming, and she doesn’t shy away from enjoying her own time in this manner. Her simple off-screen life is quite lovely!

12. Makeup-Free Selfie:

Anyone can look at her and say how beautiful she is. This girl is breaking all boundaries when it comes to natural beauty. In this Alia Bhatt pic without makeup, she displays her natural beauty and still gets a substantial amount of likes on social media websites. How beautiful she is, even with no makeup also.

13. Tired Yet Beautiful Face:

Here, poor Alia looks exhausted but still looks very attractive. According to her fans, this is one of the best makeup-free pictures of Alia. She is wearing a casual sleeveless top and keeps her hair loose with a hat. This side of Alia Bhatt is much admired by all her fans and her Bollywood colleagues.

14. Quality Family Time:

One private Alia Bhatt’s family moment with her mother and sister, Shaheen Bhatt. They are seen enjoying their moments, and we immensely love how they bond so quickly. We all already know how much Alia is attached to her family, and this picture is another proof. She is looking super happy and yet wears no makeup at all.

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15. With Adorable Baby:

The young actress on Instagram posted this adorable picture. Here, she is seen posing with Karan Johar’s son, Yash and looks very cute with the baby. She loves spending quality time and moments with her loved ones, and this picture again proves us the same. It also tells us how much she enjoys spending time with kids and babies and helps her relieve stress and balance her personal life.

Additional Tips:

Now that we have seen several makeups in Alia Bhatt’s pictures, we know you are enthusiastic about finding out how she manages such clean and clear skin. Here are some inspired tips for you all.

  1. It is essential always to remove makeup by the end of the day. Whatever makeup and makeover you do during the daytime should be removed and cleaned when you end the day and go to bed.
  2. Always make sure the face is moisturised. Hydration is vital for a shining and bright face.
  3. Edible facial oils made with natural oils such as argan and olives can be beneficial to bringing in glow to one’s face.
  4. A healthy diet can, in fact, also help in giving healthy skin and hair. This can show up in the way one looks in everyday life, with the healthy nature of the skin’s texture.

With these photos of Alia Bhatt without makeup, we hope you are inspired to maintain healthy and clear skin in your lives. Let us know your thoughts and which your favourite picture of the actress is. We love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Who is favourite Alia Bhatt’s makeup artist?

Ans: Puneet B Saini is Alia’s favourite and most prominent makeup artist. She looks looking youthful, easy to go, simple, and funky.

Q2. What is Alia’s favourite skincare product?

Ans: Alia swears by keeping her face and lips always hydrated. She never skips on her moisturiser and sunscreen. Further, she also revealed in an interview that she loves Multani mitti.

Q3. Does Alia Bhatt work out every day?

Ans: Alia is a complete fitness freak. She never skips her daily routine in the gym. She loves weight lifting, crunches, planks and cardio.

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