One of the most potent and fiery tattoo designs is of the reptile alligator. They have an acute high sensing power and instinct too.  Alligator tattoo designs are widely chosen by both but widely adored by men as it depicts masculine power, fearlessness, dedication, status and many others.

These tattoo designs can be crafted on any part of the body, but before deciding, look at the varied designs for the one that describes your personality and even adds more style quotient.

Stylish Alligator Tattoo Designs:

Now, look at the 15+ alligator tattoo designs gallery.

1. Alligator Tattoo Design on Hand:

This alligator tattoo design is designed to take care of all the integrities, and the curves and the lines lend a unique magical look to the entire concept.  This is one of the most inspiring and fantastic is this tattoo design.

2. Appealing Small Crocodile Tattoo Design:

The crocodile and alligator are both mighty and share similar symbols and depictions; the difference lies in their snouts and the shape of their heads. The small crocodile tattoo images are in demand as they look remarkable and, when sketched on women’s legs or on hands with cool colour shades, they lend a breathtaking appearance.

3. Cartoon Alligator Tattoo Design:

Here comes a comical look of an alligator tattoo where a fearsome reptile smartly turns into a lovable reptile. These designs display that you are a person who can take things easy and look at the positive side of life. In this type of design, you can customise it according to your desire.

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4. Remarkable Alligator Tattoo Design:

The tattoo has been designed in a very artistic way, showing the cruel side of the alligator. The design makes its entire theme very beautiful and appealing; the sleeves could be placed to portray this design.

5. Lively Alligator Tattoo Design:

The tattoo designed on the thighs lends a lively appearance. The sensational use of colours paints a startling visual wherein the alligator’s head is half beneath the water and rests above it.

6. Cute Alligator Tattoo On Hand:

Here comes a dazzling and innocent baby alligator tattoo design for arms. This design is spectacular and eye-catching, in which a cute baby alligator is trying to fetch something.

7. Traditional Alligator Tattoo:

Alligator tattoo has been designed for centuries, and here comes a sparking design wherein a trident is crafted on the side of the reptile. The trident represents three main elements of nature, earth, heaven and hell. This tattoo appears very cool on hand as it can be designed in a wider way.

8. Revengeful Alligator Tattoo:

As alligators are strong and well known for their bravery and daringness, these designs portray the same. People with this quality easily design these tattoos, script the words according to their desire, and even show their revengeful attitude.

9. Dazzling Crocodile Tattoo Design:

The crocodile is inked with vibrant natural colour in this design, giving a realistic appearance. The vertical lines all over the design and the crocodile’s sharp teeth look very stunning, at the same time very fiery also.

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#7 More Latest Alligator Tattoos:


Alligator tattoo symbolises many meanings according to different cultures.  Alligators are pretty comfy on land and water, can adapt to circumstances, and live happily. So like these, many alligator designs hold more profound meanings and symbols; craft the one which makes you appear stylish and different from others.

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