Talk about the heartthrob of the Tollywood film industry; for women across the country, the first name we hear often is Allu Arjun. Allu Arjun movies are popular national-wide, and he has all been praised for impeccable acting, dance moves and action-packed performances. Today, we have Allu Arjun movies list. If you have watched a few of his movies already and would love to watch all of them, we have compiled a list of Allu Arjun filmography. Undoubtedly, his movies are commercial successes and will never disappoint the audience.

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22 List of Allu Arjun Old and Upcoming Movie Names:

This list of movies includes both the old and new latest movie list of Allu Arjun. So, keep reading to see what Allu Arjun movies list in Telugu you might have missed and are yet to watch. They are truly entertaining and won’t disappoint you. Now let’s go and check out the total Allu Arjun film list here.

1. Gangotri(2003):

Gangotri is Allu Arjun’s debut movie in the lead role. Although he acted as a child artist before this movie, including a cameo, this was his first-ever film in the lead role, released in 2003. The movie revolves around two childhood friends turned lovers and their problems with the woman’s family. The movie is packed with drama, romance and action and has indeed impressed the audience. Fans loved his acting in the very first movie. Allu Arjun has won several awards for the same, such as the Gemini TV award, Nandi best debut hero award, CineMAA awards, etc. It is dubbed and is available on YouTube to watch in Hindi.

2. Arya(2004):

The next movie of Allu Arjun, Arya, was released in 2004. This movie is another hit, taking his image upward in acting and action scenes. Arya is a romantic movie that deals with a romantic guy who likes a girl, the girlfriend of the most famous guy in college. The film revolves around this story and comes with unique plot twists and turns. It also bagged several awards, such as the Nandi award, CineMAA and Gemini TV award.

3. Bunny(2005):

In the 2005 movie “Bunny”, Allu Arjun played the lead role of Bunny. Bunny is a college student who falls in love with a millionaire’s daughter named Madhumati, played by Gowri Munjal. The movie revolves around Bunny’s past and the unexpected twists that occur when his secrets are revealed. Along with a captivating romantic plot, the movie also features elements of comedy and action. “Bunny” was a commercial success and received positive attention at the box office. The movie was later dubbed in Hindi and can be found on YouTube.

4. Happy(2006):

This is another of fan’s favourite Allu Arjun Movie. Happy is a romantic drama movie by Allu Arjun, with a very experimental script. Genelia Deshmukh is the lead actress, and the film is about how the actress has to wed a man she doesn’t love due to his father’s compulsion; the actor helps her situation by pretending to love her and escape her from the clutches. It is a very thrilling and entertaining movie. We have this movie in Hindi dubbed version too on YouTube!

5. Desamuduru(2007):

Desamuduru became quite a phenomenon when it was released in 2007. It is an action and romance genre movie, with Hansika Motwani as the lead actress. The plot revolves around Bala (Allu Arjun), a journalist, sent for an assignment and fell in love with the woman, only to know she has a dangerous past. The movie comes with thrilling twists and spine-chilling action scenes, and we can’t stop appreciating Allu Arjun for acting so marvellously. The movie has also won awards from CineMAA for its acting. Even this movie has a Hindi version and can be watched on YouTube.

6. Parugu(2008):

The series of hits in Allu Arjun’s career continued even with this movie. Parugu is an action and drama genre movie released in 2008. The movie plot is set around an influential family whose daughter elopes from the family with a man, and trouble occurs when this man’s (who eloped with the elder daughter) friend falls in love with the second daughter. The film has done very well at the box office. The movie received awards, too, such as the Nandi award and Filmfare south. You can watch this movie in Hindi on YouTube.

7. Arya 2(2009):

Arya 2 is a sequel to his first Arya movie and is set around two friends falling in love with the same girl. The film has an exciting plot, lots of comedy and action-packed performances. It stars Navdeep and Kajal Agarwal as leads, besides Allu Arjun, and is a good entertainer. It received commercial success at the box office too. You can watch this movie in Hindi on YouTube.

8. Varudu(2010):

Varudu was released in 2010 and is an action drama film that is set around an NRI guy who asks his parents to search for a bride; however, the bride gets kidnapped during the ceremony by a leading gangster. The film goes through several compelling scenes and twists and lets you enjoy the plot thoroughly with a thrilling feel.

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9. Vedam(2010):

Vedam might be among the underrated movie of Allu Arjun, yet it is extremely special and creative in the plot. The film is pure drama, released in 2010, and revolves around the lives of five people who are unaware of each other until their fate sets them together during a terrorist attack in a hospital. The movie has received critical acclaim from the audience and reviewers and received awards, including the Nandi award and Filmfare South. This movie’s dubbed version in the Hindi language is available on YouTube to watch.

10. Badrinath(2011):

The Action drama movie Badrinath was released in 2011. As the name suggests, and as you may guess, the film is set around the Badrinath temple, where Badri (Allu Arjun) is the protector of the temple and his guide and guru, Bhishma. However, unexpected things occur when he meets a woman who doesn’t believe in God. The movie is totally worth watching, especially for the screenplay, acting and action scenes. You can watch it in Hindi on YouTube!

11. Julayi(2012):

Julayi is a comedy and action-based film that was released in 2012. The movie is completely filled with action, and thrilling plot twists, with an exciting storyline. It revolves around a gangster and a young man who helps the police catch the former, and exciting turns follow. Check it out too! In case you want to watch it in Hindi, it’s available on YouTube.

12. Iddarammayilatho(2013):

Iddarammayilatho, starring Allu Arjun, Amala Paul and Catherine Tresa, was released in 2013. It is about how the heroine tracks down a diary left by an old tenant in an apartment abroad and tracks down the man and gets stuck in trouble. The movie is an action and romance-based theme and is a huge commercial success. It has an impressive music album, a unique script and impeccable acting from Allu Arjun.

13. Race Gurram(2014):

Race Gurram was released in 2014, starring Allu Arjun and Shruti Haasan. The movie is about two brothers who are enemies of each other and reunite to face gangsters for the common good. The film is filled with comedy, action and family drama and is a good commercial success. It also won several accolades and awards. The movie is available in a Hindi dubbed version too.

14. S/O Satyamurthy(2015):

Another commercial success and entertaining movie from Allu Arjun was released in 2015. The film is a Telugu language action and drama movie set around a young man realizing responsibilities and the world’s harsh reality when his billionaire father dies. The movie is a theatrical success and has won huge applause from critics, the audience and his fans. This movie is also dubbed into other languages, such as Malayalam, Tamil, and Hindi.

15. Rudhramadevi(2015):

The historical drama, Rudramadevi was released in 2015. It stars Anushka Shetty and Allu Arjun and is set around how the daughter of the king has to fight the kingdom’s troubles on her own. It has a unique script and is based on a biographical account; however, it has good action and drama built around the story. Allu Arjun earnt accolades and appreciation for his role, including awards like the Nandi award, IIFA and South Indian international movie awards. You can watch the Hindi dubbed version of this on YouTube.

16. Sarrainodu(2016):

The action and drama-based film, Sarrainodu was released in 2016. The movie centres around an ex-military person who takes justice into his own hands by punishing the criminals in his own way. The movie is appreciated explicitly for its acting, action-packed scenes, and powerful dialogues. Check it out too! There are also Kannada and Hindi dubbed versions of the film.

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17. DJ Duvvada Jagannatham(2017):

The movie Duvvada Jagannatham was released in 2017. It was a hit action and drama movie that revolves around an undercover officer who has to expose the corruption of a politician but falls in love with his daughter. The movie was a commercial hit and won praise from the audience. You can also find Tamil and Hindi dubbed versions online.

18. Naa Peru Surya Na Illu India(2018):

The action and comedy film Na Peru Surya Na Illu India, released in 2018, revolves around a soldier who suffers from anger management issues and has to get a certificate from a psychologist to get back to work. The movie is funny twists and entertains the audience with every plot. It is an excellent funny watch to check out! You can also watch dubbed versions on YouTube.

19. Ala Vaikunthapurramloo(2020):

The recent release, Ala Vaikunthapurramlo in 2020, is another comedy and action-based film with a very new-age story and unique script. The movie is set around Bantu’s life (Allu Arjun), who goes through his father’s torture in his everyday life, only to realize his birth parents are different. So now he has to earn the truth and let the original parents know. It is an excellent funny take on the family drama. Also, you can prefer to watch Tamil and Hindi dubbed versions of this movie.

20. Pushpa: The Rise(2021):

The most recent release, Pushpa, has become a national phenomenon. The movie is the first stop of a two-film series, where this first part shows how a sandalwood smuggler rises to the world as an icon. The film is filled with heavy action scenes, a gripping storyline, and amazing visual effects. Allu Arjun’s acting, action scenes, comedy and dialogue delivery are top-notch. It has indeed become one of his career’s best movies! This movie is taken in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada.

21. Pushpa: The Rule(2023):

The next part of the Pushpa movie is in the process of filming and has a scheduled for 2023 release. The film will portray the rule of Pushpa after he rises as an icon of power. It is interesting to watch, and we can’t wait!

22. Icon(2024):

Icon is another of his upcoming movie in the process of filming. It is scheduled to release at the end of 2024 and is said to be a romantic thriller and entertainer directed by Venu Sriram.

So, we hope you enjoyed exploring this list of excellent Allu Arjun hit movies present in the movie world. If you love entertainer and commercial movies, these films will surely impress you and make you fall in love with the acting of our hero. So, check them out and tell us which is your favourite one! We love to hear from you!


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