15 Health Benefits of Almond Milk

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Ground almond makes the best kind of milk, something that we call almond milk in the commercial market. When it first surfaced on the grocery store racks, a lot of questioned its existence, as to how do you milk an almond. However, with time we have all gotten accustomed to not only the taste of the former but also the reaping benefits of such. A healthy morning toast paired with a glass of this beige liquid can help you deal with a lot of problems amongst which some of the primary ones will be discussed in this article.

benefits of almond milk

However, before we move on to the benefits of almond milk, a look into the recipe book might help you make almond milk right from the comforts of your home. For other busy days, there are always cartons of almond milk available in the local food mart.To start off, soak a generous amount of almond in water preferably overnight before grinding them finely in a juicer grinder. Once done sieve out the sediments and what you will be left with is some simple delicious almond milk. Now moving on to the benefits of this, given here is a list that can help you perfectly understand how ground almond helps you.

Stronger Bones:

Stronger bones have always been a requirement be it a growing baby or an old woman. According to a recent study, even young women at a simple age of 30 can fall prey to bone related problems. Now compared to a cow’s milk, almond milk has a lesser percentage of calcium, but none the less, the body requirements are quite naturally fulfilled by the calcium and vitamin content in these. As a result, you as an individual being can reap the benefits of smooth tasting milk paired with stronger and healthier bones.

Kidney Protection:

If we look into the former benefit, we have mentioned how almond milk has lesser calcium content in itself as compared to soy or normal milk products. Now, a lot of people suffering from a weak kidney or any such acute kidney oriented disease can easily reap the benefits of milk from almond milk instead of the other two since high intake of calcium or potassium in your body while suffering with a kidney problem can worsen your condition.

Skin Check:

We have all been through those homemade DIYs when grounded almond has favored our skin more than anything else. This goes without saying therefore that almond milk is a strong contender for skin beautifying where you can assure your skin to grow healthier by eliminating the basic problems of tanning, blemishes, rashes and such just by drinking a glass of almond milk every morning.

Almond Milk Benefits2

Baby Food:

If we dissect almond milk particles, we will be left with a generous amount of calcium, protein and vitamins with a side dish of iron, basically all the contents that are available in a mother’s milk. Therefore almond milk can be used as a substitute for mother’s milk too.

Vitamin Storage:

Vitamin storage in almond milk is always on point. Almond milk amongst everything has a large percentage of vitamins, especially B catering to your different bodily lacks, vitamin deficiency being a primary reason for a lot of health issues. Therefore you never have to worry about vitamin deficiency if you follow the glass of almond milk routine every morning.

Muscle Care:

We have all had those days when muscle pain has got the best of us. Often, muscles, be it strength or flexibility, depends a lot on the vitamin and protein levels of your body. It is here that almond milk helps you regulate the pain while strengthening your muscles by mixing the body iron and protein with a particle called riboflavin, present in it.

Cutting Cancer:

According to a study once conducted, cow’s milk was blamed to be a primary cause for rise of the prostate cancer cells in your body. However, substituting milk can result in the loss of valuable minerals in your body. Therefore, a handsome way to curb down the increasing prostate cancer cells while still benefitting from the values of a milk can be done by replacing your normal glass of milk with an almond one.

Blood Pressure on Point:

Almond milk compared to normal or soy has low carb percentage in itself thereby making it a suitable milk diet for the ones who suffer with glucose or sugar problem in their body. The carbs, whatever there is, in the almond milk usually is used up in energy production thereby leaving no space for sugar accumulation.

Weight Loss:

Weight loss is a burning issue that we all have faced at least once in our lifetime. For those who are still willing to go an extra mile to look into the weight loss book, here is a product that can help you tone down without much work, the perfect kind of deal for the busy bees around us. Just a glass of almond milk each morning would do the trick for you.

Almond Milk Benefits3

Immunity on Check:

Filled with amino acids and vitamins, almond milk is all organic the reason why the health check barriers in your body can keep their duty off when almond milk is in your system. Other than diluting blood pressure and keeping the levels in check, almond milk also helps your body in immuning itself for a better survival in this disease filled environment.

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Digestion Control:

Healthy digestion now can be within your reach with just a glass of almond milk a day. Usually almond milk is known to serve one gram of fiber per serving and therefore can always help you get rid of digestive problems.

Craving Curb:

Almond milk is very fulfilling apart from its various valuable constituents. As a result, you can keep your constant hunger pangs at bay by simply chewing on an almond or better yet simply milking one out.

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Vision Improvement:

Almond milk is enriched in vitamin A, one of the reasons why vision improvement can be a scope when we take almond milk into equation. For those poor souls who have to spend hours in front of a digital screen, almond milk might just be your savior.

Healthy Heart:

Almond milk as mentioned before does not contain fatty acids or unnecessary amounts of carbs, one of the reasons why a healthy heart is always on the list when you add almond milk in your everyday diet.

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Latent Lactose:

A lot of lactose intolerant people are missing out on the benefits of a good glass of milk and lacking the lactose in it, almond milk is therefore a good friend to you.

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