Aloe vera has been in use for many centuries due to its incredible medicinal properties. This “plant of immortality” offers plenty of health benefits for skin, hair and health. Aloe vera has proved to be a game-changer in anti-cancer treatment research. While traditionally, aloe vera is used to heal minor issues in cancer patients like wounds, dry skin, itchy scalp, burning sensation etc., intense research has shown evidence that Aloe vera can be used to address cancer itself. Aloe vera for Cancer treatment is the most researched subjects in the field of medicine. In this article, we shall cover in-depth about Aloe vera cancer cure and how this nature’s wonder can help numerous patients gain back confidence.

What Is Aloe?

Aloe is originally from West Africa but is now a common plant available in many countries. The most common species of aloe is aloe vera; aloe vera leaves are fresh and cactus-like a bit. They contain a clear gel-like material in them that people use to cure may health, skin, and hair problems. Due to its soothing properties, it is being used as an ingredient in many cosmetic products these days.

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Why Do We Use Aloe?

Aloe vera is mostly used for skin conditions and skin problems. But a shocking fact is that some people with cancer use aloe vera to help heal and soothe their burns caused by their radiotherapy treatment, even specialist nurses, radiotherapy doctors and radiographers also recommend its use.

How To Use Aloe?

Aloe vera is used by squeezing directly from the leaves of the plant and it can be put straight onto your skin to help and heal minor cuts, scrapes and burns. Also, you may plant an aloe plant at your place, and use it.

You can get other aloe products from markets such as aloe face wash, shampoo and gel too! Or some medical or health-related products which you can intake such as aloe latex and aloe juice as a liquid or capsules from health food shops or chemists, to help treat constipation. Aloe contains many different chemicals and compounds.

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Why People With Cancer Use Aloe Vera?

Aloe is a natural herb for skin, and being a cancer patient it is a good treatment for you as cancer comes with various side effects, several trials have looked at using aloe vera gel directly on the skin to help prevent and lessen skin reactions from radiotherapy.

The aloe vera helps to reduce the intensity of the skin reaction due to the intensive radiotherapy treatments and the researchers have also felt it is a helpful treatment. Once The patients used aloe vera lotion on one half of the radiotherapy treatment area and nothing on the other half. The result was found that the part where they used aloe vera was much better and cured than the other part.

Used aloe vera gel is also used to prevent mouth soreness (mucositis) in people having treatment for cancer. You must use aloe vera as it is really very helpful to cure mouth allergies too. Aloe vera softens the skin around wounds and prevents dryness as they heal.

Research On Aloe Vera For Cancer Treatment:

Aloe vera can balance the immune system or even treat and cure cancer, extracts from aloe may be helpful in boosting the immune system to attack cancer cells. Check out how can aloe vera cure cancer through various studies and research:

Laboratory Studies:

One such study showed that an aloe extract called aloe-emodin can block the growth of head and neck cancer cells in test tubes.

  • Aloe Vera For Cancer Prevention: Emodin can also stop liver cancer cells growing in test tubes. Therefore aloe vera is a great herb that the block the emergence of cancer cells in the body
  • Aloe vera Against Cancer: It is also proven that Acemannan, a substance extracted from aloe vera leaf can stimulate mouse immune cells to produce Cytokines, which are cancer-killing chemicals
  • Aloe vera for Cancer Benefits: Some of the chemicals are found in aloe may have helpful effects on the immune system and can shrink some cancers. Two studies were published in 2010 looking into the effects of aloe on skin cancer in mice.

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First Treatment Trials – Aloe Vera For Cancer Treatment:

  • It is tested that some patients had an intake of aloe vera alongside chemotherapy for people with lung cancer, bowel cancer, or stomach cancer that had spread they took aloe arborescence as a liquid 3 times a day during standard chemotherapy treatment.
  • The result was that cancer was controlled or shrank for a time in 67% of patients who had combined aloe and chemotherapy treatment and in 50% of patients who had chemotherapy alone.
  • Hence, it was proved that patients taking the aloe vera had a better quality of life and that they had fewer chemotherapy side effects such as numb fingers and fatigue.

How To Use Aloe Vera For Cancer?

Cancer patients suffer from numerous health issues related to skin, hair, digestion etc. Below are some of the ways you can incorporate Aloe Vera for cancer treatment:

  • The aloe gel can be used to heal and provide relief from burns and cuts.
  • Applying it topically can hydrate skin and scalp to prevent itchiness and flakes.
  • If suffering from constipation, the person can consume aloe vera juice in recommended quantities.
  • Concentrated aloe vera called T-UP is often recommended as an alternate Cancer therapy that is injected into a tumour. However, this must be done only on a physician’s advice and is considered illegal in some countries.

Is It Safe To Inject Aloe Vera For Cancer Treatment?

While clinical studies are in progress to weigh the potential benefits of aloe vera for cancer treatment, it is not recommended to inject aloe vera into the patient. Many cases were reported, where aloe vera injections proved to be fatal. Hence, it is considered illegal to recommend or take aloe vera injections to cure cancer.

Doctor’s Prescription – A Must Before Using Aloe Vera!

No treatments should be made without a doctor’s advice. Particularly in the case of Cancer, self-treatments can prove to be fatal. Aloe vera must never be used topically or internally without the consent of your doctor. Aloe vera has many potential side effects that can pose serious health risks and may even prove to be fatal.

We hope this article helped you understand why and how this humble-looking plant is considered for treating such a dangerous disease. With cancer rampantly spreading it’s ugly tentacles on mankind, preventing and treating Cancer is the need of the hour.

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While conventional cancer treatments like surgery and chemotherapy are contributing to success in certain cases, in most, the patient’s life ends even before they realize. With the new study on the benefits of Aloe vera for treating cancer, there is a new ray of hope in Cancer patients to be able to cross this dangerous bridge forever!


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