Top 9 Aloe vera Creams

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Aloe Vera plant is a cactus plant which is often used in various types of skin care preparations. These can be used in various types of treatments like treating rashes, for soothing a acne and other skin problems. These are also popularly sold in easily usable and affordable forms. If a person has tanning problems, those can also be treated with these products. These are also quite affordable. These are very well known brands and the products have good review. Some of these are from well known brands which can be bought from nearby drugstores easily.

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Below are the top 9 aloe creams available in India that treats rashes and soothes the surface efficiently.

1. TVAM Aloe Vera Gel:

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This is a very popular new brand. The products can be used with other ingredients for a soothing massage. This contains approximately 510 INR for about 100 grams.

2. GNC Skin Gel:

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This gel can also be used for back rashes and other insect bites for and cooling sensation. This is a very costly product which contains natural plant extracts to make the skin smooth and also fresh. This can be applied on minor burns to give a soothing feeling. This costs about 1000 INR for a moderate sized container.

3. Professional Pure De-stressing Moisturizer:

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This is a lotion that contains natural plant extracts and can be used as this plant is known to cleanse the dirt of the pores. This is very affordable at approximately 120 INR for 100 ml. This can be used as a regular treatment.

4. Forever Living Aloe First:

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This contains various types of plant extracts and other soothing ingredients. This can also be used with other ingredients and natural pastes to make face masks. This gives a cooling sensation and soothes the surface. This cost about 1000 INR for a moderate sized container.

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5. Biotique Fresh Hand and Body cream:

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This can be used for soothing the tired hands and also other rashes at back. This can be used after any form of scrubbing. This costs moderately and is affordable at approximately 100 INR for a moderate sized container.

6. Aroma Treasures Aloe Vera Gel:

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This is a well known brand and their products are easily purchased from various drugstores. This can be used on the minor burns for soothing. This can be used for acne and other rashes as this gives a cooling sensation. This costs about 280 INR for a moderate sized container.

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7. Aloe Derma Natural:

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This can be used for tanned surface and also can be purchased quite easily. This contains natural extracts to make surface smooth. This is extremely costly and a high end product. This can be bought for about 3300 INR for a small container.

8. Himalaya Nourishing Skin Cream:

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This is a very popular massage substance that can be used on a regular basis to make the skin smooth. This also gets a person rid of sun burns and other tanning. This can be purchased at a very cheap price. This costs about 75 INR for a small container. This also contains extracts of pennyworth and can be used for dryness.

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9. Spafin Aloe Vera Skin Gel:

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This is a very good natural extract infused cream that can be used to sooth the surface. This is also known to give a clearer appearance if applied on burn injury. This is pricy but can be used for small surface injuries to treat them. This comes for about 200 INR for a quantity of 100 grams.

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