There are various causes these days that a person can suffer from hyperglycemia or diabetes. This is a very commonly growing concern for several people. This can be fatal as this leads to improper sugar balance in the bloodstream which can lead to sudden strokes or even heart problems. This can lead to other health and physical problems such as fatigue or excessive sweating. This can also cause improper circulation of blood which can lead to migraines and other breathing troubles. This is, therefore, a growing concern for many people who suffer from or have been tested for this disease.

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There are some ways in which a person can keep this under check. A good physical workout regime is said to be quite helpful and this can control the proper circulation and a patient stays under check that the sugar levels stay in control. This can include regular routines of a light workout like free hand exercises and other types of meditation or yoga can also be beneficial.

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There are other forms of stretching which can help with controlling physical workouts. The other easy method is to include effective fruits and vegetables in the diet and to have a less glucose diet.

People often recommend dietary sweetness as supplements and fewer intakes of sweet products. Fresh fruits and vegetables in a balanced diet are always important and this should be done in proper amounts so the body gets enough nutrition.

Research and studies have shown that Aloe Vera or the gel when consumed or even extracts can be helpful in controlling glucose. It is seen that this plant’s extract contains the effects that turn hyperglycemia into hypoglycaemia and this works well for lowering sugar levels and for patients of IDDM or insulin-dependent Mellitus.

This is also quite good and effective for NIDDM or non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus patients. Both these types of patients can highly benefit from doctor advice and by consuming organic juice of the plant in the natural form in 5ml to about 10ml a day. This dosage varies accordingly. This can be increased to 15ml as per the doctor’s advice. This helps in decreasing the problem. This should, however, be done with the advice of the doctor. The precautions should be properly considered.

Other Points and Precautions about Aloe Vera Intake:

  • It is to be noted that the juice of Aloe Vera should be organic and not processed as that decreases the natural values. It is also to be taken into consideration. The processing of the juice can reduce the benefits that it can give when it is natural.
  • The taste can be bitter therefore mixing only a drop of honey can be done. This should not be more.
  • This contains natural antioxidants and this helps to reduce any forms of inflammation and it also detoxifies the body. This can be helpful for normal breathing, getting rid of cough and cold and other small wounds which can be internal or external.
  • This plant’s mucous is rich in a polysaccharide fibre which is called glucomannan. This is easily dissolvable and reduces the amount of glucose content.
  • This also contains anthraquinones and proteins called lectin which can bind the glucose together and helps proper blood flow in the body.
  • Regular consumption can lead to a lowering of the levels of sugar by about 40% to 60% in about a couple of months.
  • This, however, is rich in laxative agents. If taken in improper dosages can cause diarrhoea and also improper bowel.

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