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How to Use Aloe Vera for Oily Skin?

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There are various types of treatments that can be done for people with oily skin with the Aloe Vera extracts. There are many types of useful ingredients which can be used easily to make various types of mixtures that can be very helpful for people having oiliness. This is quite useful for usage. This cactus plant especially helps people with sebum surface by soothing and providing an astringent effect which is quite essential for people who has excessive secretion of sweat and sebum.

aloe vera for oily skin

There are various types of mixture and also procedures with which this can be beneficial.

1. Direct Application:

The Aloe plant has anti septic and also anti inflammatory properties which can help soothe the surface and not let the bacteria spread. If a person itches or has the habit of pricking the pimples, these can lead to more spread of bacteria. A person can directly use fresh juice or gel from the leaves of the plant and massage on the surface. This has anti septic properties and can be helpful for those suffering from rashes and irritation. It also cleanses the surface and the pores. This is again very important as this clears the pores and excess of sweat is also cleansed. If the excess of sweat gets deposited then the dirt and grime and also pollution gets deposited. This clogs the pores and then rashes or acne can occur. The gel can get the surface rid of bacteria. However, it is also seen that when these are due to hormonal problems, then outside or external applications can only help very less. However, the infection can be controlled from spreading.

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2. Soothing tired skin:

Another good application of the gel can be in the form of ice cubes. These can be bought from stores because in the daily busy routine, people do not get time to get these fresh everyday from gardens. Therefore, people can buy the unprocessed and chemical free gel of the plant and store an amount in the ice cube trays. These can be frizzed and then applied on tired surface. This can be applied as instant refreshment and also can be used to help as an astringent. This can close the pores and not let excess sebum get deposited.

3. Treating dandruff:

This gel can be directly applied even on the scalp for oily surface people. Usually people who has excess sweat or sebum production; they can have the same secretions in excess on the scalp. They can benefit by application of the product on the head as a conditioner or as a mask. This can be helpful for treating scales and excess irritation. This also controls and soothes the surface from irritation.

4. Aloe Vera Face Packs:

This gel can be taken about half a cup and to this sour curd can be beaten and mixed. This can be applied as a pack for about 20 minutes. This can treat irritation problems and also can be good for glow.

Apple can be mashed and this can be taken about half a cup. This is rich in antioxidants and this can be easily mixed with the gel which can be applied for about 20 minutes and then washed off. This soothes tired surface and also helps in detoxification.

Lemon juice can be used with the gel as a massage pack and massaged for about 10 minutes. Then this can be washed with warm water. This will clean the pores and also this helps to treat rashes. However, if a person is sensitive to lemon juice, then this cannot be used.

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