Are you looking for a healthy way to lose weight? Aloe vera is one of those plants that has quickly made its place in the beauty and health industries. But did you know the efficiency of Aloe vera juice for weight loss? Aloe vera has vitamins, minerals, enzymes, sugar, amino acids, salicylic acids, lignin, and saponins, including 75 potentially active constituents which help shed those extra pounds healthily (1).

Aloe vera is called Ghritakumari in Hindi, Kalabandha in Telugu, Kathalai in Tamil, and Kattar Vazha in Malyalam. This article presents you with the benefits of drinking Aloe vera juice for weight loss and potential side effects. Read on!

Is Aloe Vera Good for Weight Loss?:

Aloe vera supports good health as it is loaded with essential nutrients. It also helps you in weight management as it is also a powerhouse of several antioxidants like flavonoids and polyphenols (2).

Aloe vera helps lower cholesterol levels, especially triglycerides that support weight loss, containing many essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients (3).

Key Benefits of Aloe Vera:

Let us go through the following section to know the benefits associated with the Consumption of Aloe vera juice that promotes natural weight loss:

1. Detoxifying Agent:

Keeping yourself hydrated is the key to maintaining a healthy body, especially after a workout. Since 99% of Aloe vera is comprised of water, it can keep your body hydrated naturally.

According to an Italian study, Aloe vera juice is very effective in flushing out the toxins and waste from your body (4). In addition, the hepatoprotective activity of Aloe vera juice further improves the detoxification process in your body by increasing the functionality of the liver (5).

Consumption of Aloe vera juice will help increase the functioning of your kidneys and maintain a healthy body weight balance by eliminating toxins in the form of urine.

2. Boosts Metabolism:

One of the significant benefits of drinking aloe vera juice for weight loss is that it helps increase the number of calories you burn throughout the day by boosting your metabolism.

Administering dried aloe vera gel to rats on a high-fat diet has increased the number of calories they burned, thereby reducing the accumulation of body fat, in one 90-day study (6).

In another animal study, consumption of aloe vera prevents the accumulation of belly fat by affecting the body’s fat and sugar metabolism (7). But more research is needed to determine the beneficial effects of aloe vera on humans.

3. Natural Laxative:

Improper digestive health is one of the reasons that can result in weight gain. Drinking aloe vera juice is effective for weight loss and an appropriate solution to deal with chronic constipation.

Aloe vera has a phenolic compound called anthraquinones that can deal with the problem from the roots. These compounds make this root a natural laxative making your bowel movements smoother by freeing your digestive system of ingested toxins(8).

4. Low-Calorie Drink:

We all are in search of drinks that soothe our thirst without adding too many calories. Aloe vera juice is extremely low in calories and therefore aids in weight loss. One cup serving of Aloe vera juice has only 15 calories without having to compromise any nutritional components. To curb appetite, consume aloe vera juice before meals, and it results in healthy weight loss.

5. Combats Water Retention:

Water retention is one of the main reasons many of us have increased weight. Aloe vera juice is an ideal solution in fighting water weight because it is a natural laxative. However, although Aloe vera is born, it is best not to exceed the amount you consume as it can cause side effects.

6. May Support Blood Sugar Control:

Aloe vera juice has nutrients like chromium, magnesium, manganese, and zinc to improve insulin effectiveness. In addition, according to preliminary research, there is an improvement in blood glucose levels with aloe vera juice (9). However, more research is needed to prove its safety in this regard.

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How to Consume Aloe Vera Juice for Weight Loss:

Several brands in the market offer readymade versions of Aloe vera gels or juices for consumption. We present you with some simple recipes that will help you prepare different versions of aloe vera juice for weight loss at the comfort of your home.

1. Diluted or Plain Aloe Vera Juice:

Diluted aloe vera juice works as an excellent fat-burning drink and may have a slightly bitter taste. Stimulate your digestive system by drinking this aloe vera water for weight loss every morning on an empty stomach.

  • Two tbsp of Aloe vera gel.
  • One glass of water.
How to Prepare:
  • Remove fresh aloe vera gel from the leaf and add it to the blender.
  • Add water and blend them thoroughly.
  • Pour it into a glass and consume it immediately.
  • Drink this concoction once a day for effective results.

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2. Aloe Vera Gel:

Although aloe vera gel is readily available in the market, it is filled with preservatives. So prepare a fresh aloe vera gel for yourself using fresh stalks. You can refrigerate this gel for a week or two. Here is how you can extract aloe vera gel for weight loss:

  • One big Aloe vera stalk.
How to Prepare:
  • Gently slice the leaf with a knife.
  • If there is any yellow or green colour liquid in the leaf, let it flow out for a while.
  • Gently wash the stem.
  • Make a horizontal slit in the center.
  • Gently scrape the gel from the leaf using a spoon.
  • Ensure there are no traces of rind left by washing the gel with water.
  • Refrigerate the gel after storing it in a clean glass container.

3. Aloe Vera and Lemon Juice:

Aloe vera helps cleanse your body of toxins because of its detoxifying properties. The antioxidants present in lemon juice aid in quick weight loss. The combination of these two ingredients keeps your bowel movement smooth and healthy by cleansing your intestines.

  • Two tbsp of Aloe vera gel.
  • One glass of water.
  • One tbsp of lemon juice.
How to Prepare:
  • Add the water and gel to the blender and blend them thoroughly.
  • Remove any lumps and strain the juice.
  • Add lemon juice and combine them well.
  • Drink this concoction once a day for effective results.

4. Aloe Vera and Honey Juice:

Many might not feel Aloe vera palatable because of its unpleasant taste; if you are one of them, the addition of honey will enhance the flavour and offer additional health benefits. This concoction energizes your body, strengthens your immune system, and is one of the best aloe vera drinks for weight loss.

  • Two tbsp of aloe vera gel.
  • One glass of water.
  • One tbsp of honey.
How to Prepare:
  • Place the aloe gel and water and blend them thoroughly.
  • Pour it into a glass and add honey to it.
  • Combine the contents and drink it fresh.
  • Drink this concoction once a day for efficient results.

Side Effects:

Although aloe vera is very beneficial for the healthy maintenance of our body, it can cause some side effects when taking in excess amounts. Let us know what those effects can be:

  • Aloe vera acts as a diuretic as it is a natural laxative that is efficient for weight loss. But in the long run, it can lead to potassium deficiency.
  • Avoid consumption of aloe vera if you are pregnant or breastfeeding because it can be dangerous.
  • Aloe vera can have allergic reactions in some people. Keep an eye for diarrhea, abdominal cramps, red urine, or aggravated constipation.
  • It is best to avoid Aloe vera juice if you have a history of kidney issues.
  • When taken in excess, aloe vera juice might lead to constipation because of its laxative effects. In addition, it might cause diarrhea, electrolyte imbalances, and muscle weakness in some people.
  • If you have liver issues, make sure you take aloe vera in moderation because it can cause damage and toxicity in the liver if taken in excess.
  • If you are taking medications for any pre-existing medical conditions, make sure you consult a doctor before consuming Aloe vera juice.

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Although Aloe vera gel and juice have the same benefits, the liquid is easy to consume and carry around. There is a lot of research that supports the beneficial effects of aloe vera juice for weight loss. But if you combine aloe vera juice with the proper exercise routine, the results will be more effective. If you are unsure about the effects, talk to your doctor before incorporating aloe vera juice into your daily routine. Also, don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful.


1. What are the things to keep in mind when you are buying aloe vera juice from the market?

Ans: Coloured aloe vera juice might have anthraquinones which might cause side effects, so try to choose purified and decolourized aloe vera juice. Therefore, if you are shopping for aloe vera juice, keep the following things in mind:

  • Check if it is tested for safety.
  • Decolorized.
  • Purified.
  • Organic.

2. Is the consumption of Aloe vera juice good for skin health?

Ans: Although more research is needed in this regard, according to anecdotal evidence, your skin health improves significantly with the consumption of aloe vera juice. But with the external application of Aloe vera gel, you can treat skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema because of its antibacterial properties.

3. Is aloe vera juice safe to consume for everyone?

Ans: The consumption of Aloe vera juice is safe as long as the preparation is done right. But if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, pregnant or breastfeeding, make sure to consult your doctor before adding Aloe vera to your diet to avoid any reactions.


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