Top 9 Aloe Vera Soaps

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There are various popular brands which offer Aloe extract soaps which are can be beneficial for people who have rashes or tanning. These are also quite refreshing because of the extracts of the leaves contain refreshing agents.

Below are the top 9 Aloe Vera soaps that are available in India that can get a person rid of any skin rashes and also can effectively reduce burns.

1. Accol Aloe-Neem Herbal Soap:

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This is a very popular soap and it also contains Margosa extracts which are quite effective for skin rashes. This can be used for those having sensitive surface prone to infections. This is also quite effective for any form of burns. This costs approximately 100 INR for average 100 grams content. This also suits most surface types even those with oily or dry surface.

2. Nubian Heritage Soap:

aloe vera soaps2

This is also quite costly and not easily affordable and can be tried for a smoother surface. This gives cooling sensation and causes rashes to sooth. This is approximately priced at 1000 INR.

3. Softsoap Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap:

aloe vera soaps3

This is an anti bacterial Aloe soap for washing hands and also for regular washing purposes. However, this is highly priced and therefore not easily affordable. This is priced at 1500 INR approximately for a moderate sized container. This can be purchased from nearby drugstores.

4. Aster Luxury Soap:

aloe vera soaps4

This is also a quite popular bar and moderately priced. This is therefore quite easily affordable. This also contains coconut oil for soothing and sorbitol. This is priced at 100 grams for moderately sized weight content. This can be bought from nearest drugstores.

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5. Vivel Satin Soft Soap:

aloe vera soaps5

This contains Aloe extracts and also is enriched with vitamin E which makes the dryness to sooth. This is a very popular brand and also easily available even from local stores. This gives a very refreshing feeling and can be used regularly. This is priced at 10 INR for moderate grams weight content bar.

6. Gulnar Soap:

aloe vera soaps6

A person who wants to use something that is very soothing and refreshing to the skin, can use these types of herbal products. This is a very popular soap from a reputed brand. This is also rich in cucumber extracts which gives additional soothing to the surface. This is moderately priced. This is moderately priced and quite affordable. This is approximately 240 INR for 100 grams weight content.

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7. Nezal Aissis Soap:

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This soap contains natural extracts of the plant along with green apple for anti oxidant benefits. This can be used on a regular basis. This is also easily available and there are quite a number of variants from the same company with other types of extracts that a person can choose from. This is priced at 95 INR for a net weight content of about 100 grams.

8. Dr. Morepen Skin Fine Aloe Soap:

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This is a very well known brand which offers various types of ointments and other treatment products. This is a very herbal soap offered by this reputed company and this is also quite easily available. This can be used on a regular basis and is good for people with sensitive surface and rash problems. This is priced at approximately 58 INR for an average weight content bar.

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9. Arome Aloe Mint Soap:

aloe vera soaps9

This is a glycerine bar with soothing plant extracts and is moderately priced. This is easily available at 60 INR for moderate sized weight content. This can be used regularly and also contains mint extracts for soothing effect.

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