The importance of a door to a house needs so special mention. While wooden doors are the most popular ones, they are prone to regular wear and tear. This is where Aluminium door designs bring in the difference! Cheaper than plastic and stronger than wood, these doors are worth every penny and last for more than a few decades!

Best Aluminium Door Designs Save

Besides their matchless durability and affordability, Aluminium door designs also offer numerous advantages. They can be customized as per your requirements to create stylish, yet functional doors. Let us discuss more their importance, types, buying tips along with some of the latest Aluminum door images!

What Is Aluminium Door?

Aluminium is a silvery material, which is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. The metal is used for making doors for commercial and residential properties. They are made in different shapes and sizes, usually in combination with glass. The doors also come with special powder coating to prevent scratches, fading and chipping of the finishes.

What Are The Different Types Of Aluminium Doors?

Here are some of the popular varieties of aluminium door designs available in India, along with their benefits:

  • Aluminium Hinged Doors: These doors come with a hinge attached to the door, which opens inward or outward.
  • Aluminium BiFold Doors: These are great for exteriors and can be stacked to create space.
  • Aluminium Sliding Doors: They are low maintenance doors, which are easy to operate. They are ideal for both indoors and outdoors of a home.
  • Aluminium Casement Doors: These doors come with huge, glass panels, which exactly you want for an entrance point. Casement doors also offer good ventilation and complete view of the exteriors.
  • Aluminium Lift and Slide Doors: If you have a congested space, lift and slide are ideal. They can be operated without taking away much of your room.

What Are The Benefits Of Aluminium Doors?

Besides their cost and lightweight properties, Aluminium door designs are packed with a number of benefits to your home. Here are the top reasons why these doors are preferred for wood or plastic materials:

  • High Stability: Aluminium doors can withstand extreme weather conditions. Unlike wooden doors, these doors do not swell up with humidity and move with ease.
  • Energy Efficiency: Using glazed Aluminium doors can cut down your electricity bills by a major percentage. They also offer thermal insulation to your house.
  • Safety and Security: With Aluminium doors, you need not worry about securing your house from unwanted intrusions. Using premium doors with 5-point latches can offer peace of mind!
  • Custom Sizes: There is no question of size compromise with Aluminium doors. You can get from a small-sized door to an XL size, measuring up to 2700 mm or beyond.

How To Buy The Best Aluminium Door For Your House?

To make matters easy for you, we have put in an expert buying guide, with important tips to follow before investing in Aluminium doors:

  • The first and foremost aspect to consider is Quality. Not all Aluminium doors suit your home. You need to ask questions about the hardness, grade of the metal, weldability and corrosion levels.
  • Be sure to check the doors for dents and hollows to make sure you are not settling for anything cheap.
  • It is always recommended to trust a branded store than your local dealers for fair pricing and best aluminium doors.
  • Get your door measured properly for proper fit. Also, consult an expert about Aluminium door specification to determine its suitability to a particular spot in your house.
  • Ask for colour options for your door. You can break the stereotypes and opt for various hues instead of plain, old “Silver”!

Best Aluminium Door Designs In India:

Here are our 15 simple and modern pictures of aluminium door designs. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Designer Aluminium Doors:

Designer Aluminium Doors Save

Aluminium doors are always considered to be plain and boring! But not anymore! Here is a modern, designer Aluminium door that combines style and functionality. The elegant design in grey displays stunning looks, making it ideal for all types of facilities. It even comes with a stylish door handle that gives a better grip and adds to the beauty!

  • Door Type: Aluminium Designer Door.
  • Position: Exteriors.
  • Material: Aluminium.
  • Colour: Grey.

2. Aluminium Double Open Door:

Aluminium Double Open Door Save

If you want an uncompromising view to your garden or surroundings, an Aluminium Double Open French door is a perfect fit! The double door makes for a great Patio door, in terms of style, security and usability. It is an outward hinged door, that saves your interior space. You can even customise these doors based on the size.

  • Door Type: Aluminium Double Open French Door.
  • Position: Exteriors.
  • Material: Aluminium.
  • Colour: Silver.

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3. Aluminium Sliding Door Designs:

Aluminium Sliding Doors Save

Modern homes need advanced door models that add beauty to the décor, along with utilising space effectively. Try this black aluminium sliding door that offers a beautiful view of the exteriors, along with allowing sufficient light and air into the house. It has a top and bottom rail for easy movement of the doors.

  • Door Type:  Black Aluminium Sliding Door.
  • Position: Exteriors.
  • Material: Aluminium.
  • Colour: Black.

4. Aluminium Door For Bathroom:

Aluminium Door For Bathroom Save

An Aluminium door is ideal for your bathroom. It can resist water and extreme temperatures like heat or cold. Plus, the door is also resistant to rust, unlike metal doors. Try this beautiful design that not only functions as a door but also works as an accessory to your room. Plus, it comes in a narrow size to suit even small entrances.

  • Door Type: Aluminium Door For Bathroom.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: Aluminium.
  • Colour: Copper.

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5. Aluminium Glass Door:

Aluminium Glass Door Save

If you have a large commercial space, an Aluminium glass door is the best option for you. It can be used for entry and exit points. Apart from the normal double open door, you can try using a large frame with multiple glasses. This helps in saving energy by reflecting sunlight and creating a classy look!

  • Door Type: Aluminium Glass Entry Door.
  • Position: Exteriors.
  • Material: Aluminium, Glass.
  • Colour: Silver.

6. Aluminium Kitchen Doors:

Aluminium Kitchen Doors Save

A modern kitchen is made with good quality cabinets and storage spaces. Instead of opting for wood, which is high on maintenance, try Aluminium. Not only is it easy to clean, but is also lightweight for easy handling. You can either go for a metallic finish or install glasses for style and transparency.

  • Door Type: Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet Door.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: Aluminium, Glass.
  • Colour: Silver.

7. Aluminium French Doors:

Aluminium French Doors Save

Need easy access to your garden? Try this Aluminium French door, which is made with a basic grid frame and glass panels installed. A door is a clever option for your patio or even your balcony area. Along with a great view of the exteriors, the door can also brighten your room with proper sunlight and airflow.

  • Door Type: Aluminium French Patio Door.
  • Position: Exteriors.
  • Material: Aluminium, Glass.
  • Colour: Silver.

8. Aluminium Front Doors For Home:

Aluminium Front Doors for Home Save

For people staying on the ground floor, security can be a major concern. This is why many homeowners prefer Aluminium to wood, as metal doors are strong and hard to break! You can combine the door with glass for easy visibility and access to the entrance point. Plus, a safety lock mechanism ensures your home is protected from unwanted entries

  • Door Type: Aluminium Entrance Door.
  • Position: Exteriors.
  • Material: Aluminium, Glass.
  • Colour: Grey.

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9. Aluminium Office Door:

Aluminium Office Door Save

Aluminium door designs are widely used for office spaces. They are versatile, and can be used in multiple ways as entrance doors or even room dividers. Instead of building solid walls for meeting rooms, you can try this removable Aluminium and glass door. The glass offers noise protection to make sure the conversations remain confined to the room!

  • Door Type: Aluminium Office Door.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: Aluminium, Glass.
  • Colour: Silver.

10. Aluminium Bedroom Doors:

Aluminium Bedroom Doors Save

Check out this uber-cool Aluminium sliding door design for your bedroom. The unique door design ensures your space is well utilised. The top rail makes your door easy to glide through. You can choose to keep a frosted glass instead of a normal glass for privacy and energy utilization! Brilliant, isn’t it?

  • Door Type: Aluminium Sliding Door.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: Aluminium, Glass.
  • Colour: Silver.

11. UPVC Aluminium Door Designs:

uPVC Aluminium Door Save

Here is a combination of uPVC and Aluminium to bring in the best of two worlds! The beauty of PVC with the functionality of Aluminium makes it ideal for your home. The French, sliding door design has a uPVC frame with an Aluminium grid to hold the glass inside. The railing is also made with Aluminium for easy movement.

  • Door Type: uPVC and Aluminium Sliding Door.
  • Position: Exteriors.
  • Material: Aluminium, uPVC.
  • Colour: Silver.

12. Aluminium Safety Doors:

Aluminium Safety Doors Save

When it comes to safety and security, and Aluminium door leaves no stone unturned. This exterior door can be the first entry point for your house. An aluminium frame is fixed outside your main door to host this grill door. It has metal bars and a secured lock. Installing a frosted glass can add a touch of elegance!

  • Door Type: Aluminium Safety Grill Door.
  • Position: Exteriors.
  • Material: Aluminium, Glass.
  • Colour: Silver.

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13. Bronze Aluminium Door Designs:

Bronze Aluminium Doors Save

This is a pre-made door, made with Aluminium metal. Instead of the normal silver colour, this door comes with a Bronze colour coating. The hinged door can be used for both interiors and exteriors, due to its size and performance. Adding frosted glass to the door gives it a contemporary look for your modern home.

  • Door Type: Aluminium Door With Bronze Coating.
  • Position: Exteriors.
  • Material: Aluminium.
  • Colour: Bronze.

14. Aluminium Folding Doors:

Aluminium Folding Doors Save

When it comes to utilizing space effectively, a folding door tops the charts! This 5-door folding door is a perfect option for your large patio space. It can be expanded or folded to create as much space as you want. The large French sliding door gives you a clear view of the outside, even without stepping out of your zone!

  • Door Type: Aluminium Folding Door.
  • Position: Exteriors.
  • Material: Aluminium.
  • Colour: Grey.

15. Aluminium Back Doors:

Aluminium Back Doors Save

Here is a simple, yet stylish way to end your home! The beautifully made, the aluminium back door is sure to leave your guests impressed with the level of detail. The high-quality door is solid enough to protect your home, without compromising on the look. It has two glass frames for better ventilation and space adjustment.

  • Door Type: Aluminium Back Door.
  • Position: Exteriors.
  • Material: Aluminium.
  • Colour: White.

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Surprised at the number of models available in Aluminium doors segment? The latest market is flooded with many designs to keep up with the rising customer demands. With a low investment, the benefits you get out of these doors is unparalleled to any other material. By increasing your budget meters little high, you can get premium doors that can make your neighbours go green with envy! So, next time you plan for a renovation or a new home, do keep Aluminium doors in mind!


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