Amala Paul is a renowned south film actress who has had her fair share of hits and downfalls. After joining her college, this beauty started upgrading her modelling portfolio through which she landed some low acclaimed film offers. Soon she started doing sides in Malayalam films, and finally, a controversial character portrayed by her in one of her films cut out a path for her through the forest to reach the top. Even though the film never made it big, she did.

Now considered one of the finest South Indian film leads, Amala Paul, in this article, will go through a series of no makeup transformations that might make her look a little different. But at the end of the day, we will be the judge of whether she is a beautiful person inside out.

1. Fresh Faced Beauty:

Sporting a trendy blouse in satin white, Amala in this picture had her hair open and natural, parted to the side as she looked marvellous in her minimalist look. As her sun-kissed baked skin glistened, all she sported on her face was nothing but grace.

2. Going Natural At Shoots:

In one of her earlier photoshoots, actress Amala looked her part well as she embraced her imperfections and still boldly posed for the photo. Showing the world that she strongly believes in flaws, Amala in a red high neck and freckles, smiling sweetly for the camera.

3. The Minimalist Look:

A rather smooth-skinned porcelain doll look has been flaunted by Amala here, where she opted to go for a minimalist look. A traditional bindi adorned her forehead as her eyes had a soft touch of liner highlighting her features with maybe a soft rosy gloss added to the lips.

4. A Different Look:

This time Amala tried a rather different look, a beautiful one where she donned a pair of glasses and sported a beautiful studded gold earring. She looked quite graceful with her new accessory as her face, void of makeup, twitched into a smirk.

5. Behind The Set:

In one of the other pictures, she offered a helping hand to the director as they both indulged in the camera movements for the shot. In between the takes and the makeup retouches, Amala Paul was shot looking divine, with her minimal touch of makeup enhancing her look.

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6. Pose Ahoy:

As Amala posed in her white satin dress with a lace borderline, she held her posh hat behind the head. She had no traces of makeup in this picture and yet looked rather humble and beautiful; her gold tanned skin gave off a warm vibe.

7. Ruthless Selfie:

A mean selfie game matched Amala to her on-screen looks, where she looked equally brilliant off camera. This selfie showed her flawless skin as she looked intently at the camera. They say a little liner is a girl’s best friend; therefore, a faint black line highlighted her pretty peepers.

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8. Yet Another Selfie:

Once again, Amala took a selfie, and this time, it had no remnants of makeup on her face whatsoever. Her hair parted and styled from the middle gave a natural feel, and she radiantly flaunted herself in the camera.

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9. On Set For Her Work:

As Amala busied herself with the set workers getting to know her role and her job for the day, a solid over the shoulder candid saw her dressed in her casuals with her hair tied in a pony without any makeup on her face discussing the scene with the other members.


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