Be it the 4th of July or Thanksgiving, to give things a personal touch and make the celebration more lively and fun, one has to be a little creative. With common household stuff and items, you can come up with great ideas for American crafts. Celebrate any American holiday by making personalized and creative crafts.

Best American Crafts Design Ideas For Kids And Adults:

Let’s have a look at 9 such craft works you can try out.

1. Beaded Bracelet:

This loom-beaded bracelet is a sticking example of Native American craft. You can easily find such bracelets online or make them for yourself. For DIY, you’ll need beads, needles and a specific American pattern in mind and get started. You can make this by handmade method too, get this craft or gift this craft to your friend or your dear one.

2. Aztec Sun Art:

The above-sun art brings out Mexican culture and great Native American crafts for kids. One of the best ways to make them aware of culture, maths, circles and geometric shapes that would go into the making of these crafts. This type of pattern defines their culture and thoughts too.

3. American Dream Catcher:

Using usual home supplies and materials, one can come up with a dream catcher like the above one, which has religious beliefs and is a Native American craft for adults. They are easy to make and will definitely make your room look more beautiful. Get this craft for your home and make your wall beautiful.

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4. American Headband:

Traditional American crafts like the above headband can be easily made at home with the help of colored or construction paper, glue and feathers. Simple, isn’t it? DIY headbands are inexpensive and can be used for all specific occasions.

5. Popsicle Teepees:

Now teepees were Native American tents. Using the concept for crafts is a great idea. This teepee is made out of popsicles, card stock and glue and would be an ideal American craft idea for Thanksgiving ceremonies.

6. Totem Pole:

Using homemade totem poles for traditional events are impressive and nice American handicraft. Be it a school project or a function, and you can be creative while making depictions on your DIY totem pole, using a lot of vibrant colors.

7. American Flag Party Plate:

Serve delicious delicacies on the 4th of July with a DIY American flag party plate, or get them from stores. These American craft ideas are cheap and disposable too. Plus, they will add a tint of a patriotic feel to your festive mood. Get these unique crafts for your next arranged party.

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8. Printed Chair:

Show off American arts and crafts and crafts and a bit of their culture with the help of a printed chair like the above one. Easy to build with basic tools and instruments, set up such a chair in your backyard, for these chairs will definitely catch your guests’ attention. This is a low-budget craft, so looks nice and shiny too.

9. Woven Basket:

If you’re into weaving, show your friends and relatives your work by weaving an American handicraft basket like the above one. It will earn you praise for sure. Be creative and keep American designs in mind. This handmade will be good as a gifting option too.

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Now that you have seen these fun and easy DIY American crafts, you can celebrate American holidays in a more creative way and with a more patriotic feeling. So get started and have a great American themed party, Thanksgiving and the 4th of July.

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