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Top 15 Amy Winehouse Tattoo Designs

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If you do not know about Amy Winehouse, she is a great and famous singer and lyrics writer. Having won name and several awards for her work such as Grammy, she has sung several songs and written most of them herself. However, her tragic death cannot be forgotten which was due to alcohol poisoning. Her print and mark in the singing world has never gone and is an inspiration to several youth and music lovers. Her genre of songs such as rhythm, jazz and blues are quite popular. The Amy Winehouse tattoo designs hence are trending all over as a tribute to her by fans. The tattoo of Amy Winehouse is evergreen which is dedicated to their famous singer.

Amy Winehouse Tattoo Designs:

There are nothing like memorial and tribute tattoos. They touch deep down the heart and make us be with them forever. Here are a few Amy Winehouse tribute tattoos which are our favorites. Look at them and try them out if you love these. Below are the top Amy Winehouse tattoo designs that fans can get inspired from.

1. Amy Winehouse B.right and Colorful Tattoo:

amy winehouse tattoo designs

Amy Wine house used to wear high beehive wigs and used to sport winged liners. This is a tattoo which has been done accordingly to that style of her. This is very detailed and also has the properly done makeup look that she used to wear. These should be done by professional artists and these can be very artistic. This is like a tribute to the singer and this can be on the body of a fan at any position that is comfortable for sporting. This Amy Winehouse inspired tattoos are among what is here to stay forever given the memory and also the intricate inking.

  • Body Placement: This Amy Winehouse tattoo is good to be placed on arms.
  • Color: Wear this in colorful ink only with tones of red, brown and black shades.
  • Size: Large size of tattoo looks good here.
  • Skin Tone: Fair skin tone people can try this out.
  • Suitable Gender:This tattoo to be worn only by woman as it would look great on them.

2. Abstract Amy Winehouse Tattoo:

Amy Winehouse Tattoo Designs 2

This is done in a different format. This is unlike the black bun, but the hair has been done in some pencil format. The face has also been kept without many colors in a pencil design style with some detailing like the liner, the lips and the piercing that she used to sport. The rest of it has not been given any shading as was one in the picture before this. This can be another style that you can choose to get done. It is simple, abstract and minimal.

  • Body Placement: Go with placing this tattoo on arms or chest.
  • Color: Wear this tattoo in black shade only.
  • Size: Medium-sized tattoo looks good with this one.
  • Skin Tone: Wear these for any skin tone as you wish as it goes with all.
  • Suitable Gender: This simple Amy Winehouse tattoo can be done by men.

3. Amy Winehouse Face Tattoo:

Amy Winehouse Face Tattoo

This is done in accordance with a picture of the singer and this has been done with a lot of shading and detailing. This also shows the tattoos that the singer used to have on her hands. This is very intricately done by a professional expert and therefore a fan should get this done properly with proper colors for this thing to look glamorous from a professional artist. This Amy Winehouse face tattoo is loved by those who love art and are in creative field. This is totally mild blowing given the way it is made.

  • Body Placement: For men, you can wear these near the chest. Women can wear these near arms.
  • Color: Colorful tattoo can look great in this design.
  • Size: Medium to larger sized tattoos look good here.
  • Skin Tone: Wear this tattoo for fair to medium and dusky skin toned people.
  • Suitable Gender: Any gender can try this tattoo out.

4. Amy Winehouse Simple Tattoo:

Amy Winehouse Simple Tattoo

This is a shaded and very artistic design. This is done in a single color black with proper shading. So if a person does not like many colors for designs, then she can try out these in a chosen color. It can be done in red, green or black or any other colors that a person is comfortable sporting. If you want to get a simple and straight tattoo, this is a good choice.

  • Body Placement: This can be good as Amy Winehouse arm tattoos to try out.
  • Color: Only black inked tattoos can be great to have in this design.
  • Size: Larger-sized tattoo can look good in this style.
  • Skin Tone: This tattoo goes good with all skin tones.
  • Suitable Gender: Wear this Amy Winehouse tattoo for women.

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5. Painted Amy Winehouse Tattoo:

Painted Amy Winehouse Tattoo

This has been done in accordance with an image of the singer. A fan can try something like this. These are quite artistic. These should be done by professionals to bring out all the shaded and shadowed formats properly. These incur a lot of expenditure to get done. This is quite near to the picture, realistic and looks amazing. The professional artist’s help should be taken to get this accuracy.

  • Body Placement: This can be placed on arms or back.
  • Color: Get this in colored version to look accurate and realistic.
  • Size: Larger and medium-sized tattoo can look good here.
  • Skin Tone: Wear this tattoo for fair and lighter skin tone only.
  • Suitable Gender: Women can try this tattoo out.

6. Colorful Design of Amy Winehouse Tattoo Idea:

Amy Winehouse Tattoo Idea

This is the close up image of the tattoo designs that Amy Winehouse sports on her arms. A fan of her can try out something like this. These are designs that are quite colorful. There is also detailing properly done. This is best for youngsters who love to have abstract design of the singer well.

  • Body Placement: This can be great wrist tattoo.
  • Color: This tattoo is best when in color.
  • Size: Get this in tiny size to look cute and great.
  • Skin Tone: This tattoo suits fair skin only.
  • Suitable Gender: Young women or boys and girls can get this one.

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7. Black Inked Amy Winehouse Face Tattoo:

Amy Winehouse Face Tattoo

This is the face of the singer that has been done with black ink. This does not have a lot of colors but is done in a very creative manner by a professional expert. It is one of the bestAmy Winehouse tattoo designs for girls.

  • Body Placement: Wear this on arms or back near shoulders to look great.
  • Color: This is great in black ink only.
  • Size: Wear this in medium size to look great.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone woman can totally carry off this tattoo as per their choice.
  • Suitable Gender: Women can try this tattoo.

8. Amy Winehouse Tattoo for Legs:

Amy Winehouse Tattoo for Legs

This is another stylish tattoo that a fan of the singer can draw inspiration from. This is very detailed and a person can also use other designs with this. Those who want to have funky tattoo of the singer in a memorial way can get this tattoo done. This also comes with a phrase written at down which is very apt and well said.

  • Body Placement: This is great to be placed on legs.
  • Color: This tattoo is good when done in color.
  • Size: Smaller and medium sized tattoo looks great here.
  • Skin Tone: Wear this for any skin tone people.
  • Suitable Gender: This tattoo suits both men and woman equally.

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9. Amy Winehouse Artistic Tattoo:

Amy Winehouse Artistic Tattoo

This shows the tattoo that the singer used to sport. This is done in musical format and is artistic. This is the perfectAmy Winehouse tattoo designs for men. Those who want something very simple and artistic, who have an eye for creativity, can try these tattoos out. You would surely love them the way these turned out to be.

  • Body Placement: Place them on arms or wrists to look great.
  • Color: Wear this in black ink only with a simple phrase ‘love is’
  • Size: Medium-sized tattoos go good with this design.
  • Skin Tone: Wear this for fair and lighter skin tone people only.
  • Suitable Gender: Both men and woman can try this tattoo out.

10. Amy Winehouse With a Rose Tattoo:

Amy Winehouse with a Rose Tattoo

This Amy Winehouse tattoo with a rose is quite artistic and is deep in meaning. This signifies the forever love we have for the singer and that she is engraved in our hearts. The memories in the form of tattoo with rose means a tribute given to her. This AmyWinehouse Cynthia tattoo is totally trending right now and is loved by all her fans.

  • Body Placement: Wear this on wrists or shoulder to look good.
  • Color: Colorful tattoo in this design can totally look great.
  • Size: Wear this in a larger size if possible to look significant.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone person can totally try this out.
  • Suitable Gender: Both men and woman can work on this tattoo.

11. Never Clip My Wings Tattoo:

Amy Winehouse Tattoo 11

Well you may be wondering where is Amy Winehouse in this tattoo. This Amy Winehouse bird tattoo is totally famous and trending from long. The lyrics of her songs are written in this and it is similar to one of her personal tattoo. It is very popular in US and other countries among youth. Try it out if you love to keep her music near you.

  • Body Placement: Wear this tattoo on collar bones or near back to look great.
  • Color: This is totally great when done in colors.
  • Size: This is good to wear in medium size.
  • Skin Tone: Fair skin tone people can look great in this.
  • Suitable Gender: Women are best suited to try this tattoo.

12. Amy Winehouse Horseshoe Tattoo:

Amy Winehouse Horseshoe Tattoo

Here is Amy Winehouse horseshoe tattoo which is her personal favorite. She had this tattoo and was seen in several pictures of her. Many people started getting the similar tattoos of her designs in this way. This is totally simple and yet speaks a lot.

  • Body Placement: Place this as Amy Winehouse finger tattoo or wrist tattoo.
  • Color: Place it in black shade or colors shade as you wish.
  • Size: Smaller size of this can look great.
  • Skin Tone: Wear this tattoo for any skin tone as you wish.
  • Suitable Gender: Women and men both can try out this tattoo.

13. Amy Winehouse Teardrop Tattoo:

Amy Winehouse Teardrop Tattoo

The AmyWinehouse teardrop tattoo is quite famous for all. We all have seen how famous and popular that is. The new youth have started to recreate a similar tattoo on her design which is shown above in the picture. It is totally accurate and realistic account of her tattoo designs.

  • Body Placement: Place them on arms to look great.
  • Color: Black shade of this tattoo can look good than colors.
  • Size: Wear this in bigger size for the look.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone can totally try this tattoo design out.
  • Suitable Gender: Women are best suited to try this design tattoo.

14. Abstract Amy Winehouse Tattoo Idea:

Abstract Amy Winehouse Tattoo Idea

If you love art, creative style and abstract designs and are great fan of the singer, then this Amy Winehouse abstract tattoo art is best fit for you. It is elegant, accurate, realistic and also very lovely. This stunning tattoo is loved by many given the way it is done in professional style.

  • Body Placement: Wear this on wrists to look great.
  • Color: One can wear this in black shade to look elegant.
  • Size: Medium-sized tattoo can totally look well in this.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone people can try this tattoo out.
  • Suitable Gender: Both men and woman can try replicating this tattoo.

15. Amy Winehouse Finger Tattoo:

Amy Winehouse Finger Tattoo

This simple Amy Winehouse finger tattoo is totally melting our hearts. This is quite simple yet reminds us of her every time we see that. It is written in simple way, her initial ‘A’ and put a heart symbol beneath It. It is also how we have our singer in our hearts yet and never can lose her memory from us.

  • Body Placement: This can be Try as Amy Winehouse finger tattoo.
  • Color: Wear this in black ink only.
  • Size: Try it out in smaller size to look cuter.
  • Skin Tone: Any skin tone woman or man can totally try this out.
  • Suitable Gender: This is best suitable to women however men also can try it out.

Additional Tips:

Here are few tips to get this tattoo easily

  • Amy winehouse tattoo designs though is popular can look good only if done with accurate representation. Hence go to tattoo artist who is well versed with this style.
  • If you want the tattoo to be evergreen and vintage, get it in black ink.
  • People of all age groups can try these tattoos out.
  • You can even get temporary Amy Winehouse tattoos if you want to try at first before deciding.

Amy Winehouse tattoo ideas can never go out of fashion. They keep coming back and are evergreen. Given above are top and popular tattoosof Amy Winehouse designs which are well-known to many. You can easily pick outthe best you like and try it out. Do not forget to tell us once you do it, we will surely love to know about your feedback. These are bold, and accurate images which can totally make us think about her and always keep her fresh in our memories.