Angelina Jolie is much known for her cat eye makeup look. She keeps her makeup quite simple and if you have seen her on the Red Carpet, she likes to sport dark lip colors.

Sometimes she sports light smokey eyes and in those cases she likes to sport light lip makeup. Her facial features are very contoured. So she doesn’t really have to bother putting too much bronzer to make them sharper.

Her eye makeup look has often been the talk of the town. Makeup artists and makeup loving girls just love to try out her eye makeup look.

How to get the look:

  • Cleanse face with a light Ph balanced face wash.
  • Next, use sunscreen or a moisturiser if it is nighttime. Let it sit on the skin for 1 minute. This will keep the skin moist. This is especially important are you having aging skin or if you have fine lines and wrinkles.

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  • Now use an eyelid primer if available or use a face primer on to whole of face. This will make your makeup last longer.
  • Follow with a concealer to cover up any spots, bluish veins, blemishes or dark circles. Next, use a foundation.
  • Start with a flesh toned eye shadow. Use with an eye shadow brush all over the lid and extend up till the brow bones.
  • We should remember that Angelina Jolie always keeps her eye lids neutral and sometimes with a light smokey touch at the exterior. So you should use a Grey shade now on to the crease and at the exterior portion of the upper eye lid. Use this with an angled brush very near to the lower lash line as well.
  • Now if you want a light smokey touch, take some brown and use on to the crease over the grey color. Use the same color on to 1/3rd of the exterior of the upper eye lid. Create a slight winged pattern.
  • Use a little highlighter in silver and use on the upper brow bones. Your work with eye shadow is done.
  • Now let us draw that cat eye look which Angelina loves to sport. Start with an angled brush and gel eye liner. Start from the inner corner of the upper eye lid. Proceed up till the other end keeping the breadth of the eye liner almost the same all across the lid. End in a slightly upwards inclined shape to form the wing pattern of the cat eye look.
  • Do not make any wings for the lower eye lid. You can do the same cat eye look with your normal liquid eyeliner. The choice is yours. Now Use a kohl pencil below the lower lashes to create a more open eye look. If going for a smokey effect, smudge this line a bit with a Q-tip brush.

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Now Let us come to the major part of the eye makeup without which Jolie eyes are not complete. Yes, you’ve guessed it right; these celebrities just cannot do without a pair of falsies. So take your eye lash curler. Curl your natural lashes. Use a bit of mascara on both upper and lower lashes.

Immediately use glue on to the false lashes and set them with tweezers. Hold them for a minute if required to make them get fixed. Do not use more mascara after placing your falsies.

Voila! Your Angelina Jolie eye makeup is complete. But remember, your eyebrows need to be properly arched for a Jolie look and also do not ditch that lip plumper.


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