Top 9 Angled Bob Hairstyles

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Among the few stylish hairdo’s Angled bob hairstyle has made a comeback among the fashionable people. It is easy to maintain and can be twisted in interesting ways to give you a new look every time. The best part of this hairstyle is that it looks good with all kinds of clothes. Some of the variations that you can try are written below.

1. Long Angled Bob:

angled bob

If, you are someone who likes to keep your hair long then try this hairstyle. It will make you look elegant and stylish. The hair here is left long and the edges are angled according to the shape of the face. Generally, keeping the front hair, longer than the back ones.

2. Combed Back Angled Bob:

Combed Back Angled Bob

This will especially suit young girls who have good volume of hair. One can comb the front hair backwards and pin it with bobby pins to give a tidy look for college fashion. It is an adorable hairstyle for afternoon look. This is the best option if you want to look taller and have a small face.

3. The Flipped Out Angled Bob:

The Flipped out Angled Bob

This is so easy to create and adds an interesting twist to your everyday bob haircut. You just need a flat iron to straighten out the hair outwards after a good shampoo. To complete the look you can for sure side part your tresses if you have a long face.

4. The Loose Curled:

The Loose Curled

One of the most stylish and pretty change to the regular bob cut is curling your hair loosely. To make it more interesting you can simply highlight them in the color that suits you. This style will add a lot of volume to your hair and it is a good option for girls with thin hair.

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5. The Half Curled Honey:

The half curled Honey

If you are more of a mix and match person you can opt for half curled and half straightened angled bob cut. It is going to make you look unique and different and will suit every one who can carry it with confidence. It works well with any hair type and one must enjoy the funky look.

6. The Layered Locks Angled Bob:

The layered locks Angled Bob

If, you have asymmetrical hair length then you can style it with layered ends to give a bit of bounce to your hair. Middle-aged women with fine hair and long face look the best in this style. You can team it with some hair accessory and hair extensions. You would need blow dry small sections using a round brush.

7. Tied Back Angled Bob:

Tied back Angled Bob

Short Angled Bob cut can also be tied back to give a new look that will amaze your boyfriend. You just need to smoothen your hair dry and back comb to make a rough bun with the help of bobby pins. You can leave some open locks to make it look a little sexier. This style can suit all kinds of face structure.

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8. The Demure Angled Bob:

The Demure Angled Bob

This is a classic style of angled Bob cut with a little modern touch to it. The ends of hair are smoothened to set them properly in the right directions using a round brush on a 70% dried hair. People with frizzy hair should avoid this style and remember to apply some serum to finish it.

9. Sleek Angled Bob Style:

Sleek Angled Bob style

On a bad hair day, you can simply repair your hairdo by smoothening your hair straight with a flat iron. The ends of your hair should be angled properly so that it provides you with a dramatic look. Round faced women can enhance their features with this style.

So, do not wait to try from so many different angled bob hairstyles and look ravishing each time you step out of your house with few simple steps.

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