To walk like a boy and show yourself how much bold you are, is what every girl dreams of. We live in a society where the beauty concept of girl lies in her hair. But the immense influence of westernization has brought a drastic change in the fashion and hair-styling industry in India. Each day, you see a new haircut trending – some with a chin-length haircut, while others with one side shaved haircut. Whatever the trend, every new hairstyle is welcomed with great support and acceptance. One such hottest hairstyles of this year are the angled bob hairstyle. An angled bob hairstyle is a haircut where your hair lies shorter in the back and longer in the front.

This haircut works on most face shapes. Long layers are given to this haircut to create extra volume and movement when curled. Those who love to have a significant chop off their long hair can go for this haircut. It is a perfect haircut to do in summer. Angled bob hairstyle works wonders on wavy hair. If you have silky smooth hair, you can try styling it with soft beach waves or curling in the tips.

10 Best and Modern Angled Bob Hairstyles for Women:

Here are the most popular angled bob hairstyles. These are so trendy and stylish hairstyles in 2023.

1. Angled Bob Haircuts for Thin Straight Hair:

Angled bob hairstyles may be all relevant and trendy, but most of you with thin hair often wonder which variant could suit them the most. This is a perfect choice if you also belong to this league. This Angled bob hairstyle is perfect if you have thin hair yet straight hair texture. This lovely and easy choice does not compromise on delivering an elegant, clean, sophisticated glam quotient. Women with round, oval and diamond face shapes can try this.

2. Long Angled Bob:

If, you are someone who likes to keep your hair long then try this hairstyle. It will make you look elegant and stylish. The hair here is left long and the edges are angled according to the shape of the face. Generally, keeping the front hair, longer than the back ones.

  • Suitable hair type: Straight silk hair
  • Suitable face type: Suits perfectly on square-shaped faces
  • Best occasions: Suitable for any occasion
  • Ideal age group: All age groups especially teens
  • Best season to wear: The summer
  • Suitable dress: Close-necked tops paired with jeans or close-necked frocks

3. Combed Back Angled Bob:

This will especially suit young girls who have a good volume of hair. One can comb the front hair backwards and pin it with bobby pins to give a tidy look for college fashion. It is an adorable hairstyle for an afternoon look. This is the best option if you want to look taller and have a small face.

  • Suitable hair type: Tangle free straight and wavy hair that stays neat
  • Suitable face type: Heart shaped face with a sharp chin
  • Best occasions: Any occasion especially a party, outing
  • Ideal age group: Teens and younger women
  • Best season to wear: The summer and fall
  • Suitable dress: Any summer wear that stays light and comfy

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4. The Flipped Out Angled Bob:

This simple hairstyle is so easy to create and adds an interesting twist to your everyday bob haircut. You just need a flat iron to straighten out the hair outwards after a good shampoo. To complete the look you can for sure side part your tresses if you have a long face.

  • Suitable hair type: Wavy or straight hair with slight curls
  • Suitable face type: Square shaped face and round face type
  • Best occasions: Any casual outing, party, or engagements
  • Ideal age group: Women of age group 25-40yrs
  • Best season to wear: The Winter and autumn
  • Suitable dress: Any western outfit that goes well with winter

5. The Loose Curled:

Styling your regular bob cut by curling your hair loosely. It is one of the changes you can bring up to the regular bob cut. To make it more interesting you can simply highlight them in the colour that suits you. This style will add a lot of volume to your hair and it is a good option for girls with thin hair. It’s a new-generation haircut that in a way looks messy and casual. For ladies who love to simply leave their hair uncared and uncombed, this haircut is the best. If you have straight hair, go for slight curls on the ends.

  • Suitable hair type: Wavy thick hair or thin straight hair with small curls
  • Suitable face type: Heart shaped and square shaped face.
  • Best occasions: Suitable for any outdoor occasion
  • Ideal age group: Teen and young women
  • Best season to wear: Suitable for all seasons
  • Suitable dress: Any western outfits

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6. The Half Curled Honey:

If you are more of a mix and match person you can opt for a half curled and half straightened angled bob cut. It is going to make you look unique and different and will suit everyone who can carry it with confidence. It works well with any hair type and one must enjoy the funky look.

  • Suitable hair type: Any hair type as it including both wavy and curled hair
  • Suitable face type: A round face with a sharp v-chin.
  • Best occasions: Party, family gatherings, outings
  • Ideal age group: Women of age 25-35yrs
  • Best season to wear: Between summer and winter
  • Suitable dress: Any bold dress that gives a blonde look

7. Tied Back Angled Bob:

Short Angled Bob cut can also be tied back to give a new look that will amaze your boyfriend. You just need to smoothen your hair dry and backcomb to make a rough bun with the help of bobby pins. You can leave some open locks to make it look a little sexier. This style can suit all kinds of facial structures.

  • Suitable hair type: Straight thick hair
  • Suitable face type: Heart shape face
  • Best occasions: Party, engagements, weddings or any other special occasions
  • Ideal age group: Covers women of all age groups
  • Best season to wear: All seasons
  • Suitable dress: Any party wear dresses

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8. The Demure Angled Bob:

This is a classic style of angled Bob cut with a little modern touch to it. The ends of the hair are smoothened to set them properly in the right direction using a round brush on 70% dried hair. People with frizzy hair should avoid this style and remember to apply some serum to finish it. The side view of this haircut is amazing and gives a very chick look. Many women try this haircut to get a Barbie cute look on their face.

  • Suitable hair type: Straight and wavy hair that stays neat without tangles
  • Suitable face type: Oval shape, round, square and rectangle-shaped face
  • Best occasions: Suitable for any occasion
  • Ideal age group: Young women
  • Best season to wear: Suitable for any season especially summer
  • Suitable dress: Western outfits with a wide neck or any winter wears.

9. Sleek Angled Bob Style:

On a bad hair day, you can simply repair your hairdo by smoothening your hair straight with a flat iron. The ends of your hair should be angled properly so that it provides you with a dramatic look. Round faced women can enhance their features with this style.

  • Suitable hair type: Silky and straight thin hair type
  • Suitable face type: Thin heart-shaped face, oval face shape
  • Best occasions: Any social occasions that involve guests and people
  • Ideal age group: Covers all age groups
  • Best season to wear: No specific season to cut this hair
  • Suitable dress: Any casual wear

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10. Curly and Wavy Angled Bob Cut:

Almost every woman thinks that angled bob haircut suits only straight hair. But the fact is, the angled bob cut looks perfect on all hair types, especially curly hair as well. You get a great finish when done with curly hair. Some girls even try to curl their naturally straight hair to look more lustrous. So here’s the good news for curly hair girls. This cut suits women of all ages but looks freakier on young girls.

  • Suitable hair type: Curly and wavy hair type
  • Suitable face type: Thin heart-shaped face, oval face shape, round shape
  • Best occasions: Suitable for casual outings, or daily outings except for special occasions
  • Ideal age group: Teens
  • Best season to wear: No specific season to cut this hair
  • Suitable dress: Any casual dress that makes you look bold

Styling tips on how to look better in an angled bob haircut:

  1. Wash your hair regularly as shorter bob can get greasier than long hair. This doesn’t mean that you need to wash daily, but washing once in two days will restore the health of your hair from drying out.
  2. Give slight layers to your hair to get that extra texture feel. The hair will then fall naturally and look thicker and more lustrous.
  3. To maintain the health of the hair, regular trims are essential. This will help to avoid split ends. Also, you will get a feathery style for your hair.
  4. Use a fine tooth comb to style your hair and remove tangles. Hair spray can be applied a bit to set the hair as such.

A short cut on the tip and a big chop of your long hair are two extremely different haircuts. For people who don’t like to have short bobs, but just want to follow the trend, please make sure to consult your stylist before you have a cut. This ensures that an angled bob haircut suits your face and body style. So, do not wait to try so many different angled bob hairstyles and look ravishing each time you step out of your house with a few simple steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. What is medium length angled bob haircut?

Ans: Medium length angled bob haircut is a shoulder length angled bob haircut that stays aligned in an angle. The front part will be longer than the backside.

Q2. Can an angled bob haircut be done on curly hair?

Ans: Yes. An angled bob haircut goes well with curly hair as well. To maintain a sleek and straight bob, you can apply a straightening serum or balm. This gives a good finish to the cut.

Q3. How to style my inverted angled bob haircut?

Ans: There are many styling techniques to style your angled bob cut. Some use hair straighteners while others use hair spray and serum to make it look neat. The best natural way to maintain a sleek look is to wrap your hair at night in a scarf. Also, while straightening, make sure you straighten layer-wise so that the layers can be visibly clear.


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