Animal Coloring Pages are pages in which pictures are drawn in black and white format. We need to color it according to its requirement. It makes kids to learn the real facts of the world. Kids learn to get about animals, birds, fictional characters, etc. Teachers in school use animal coloring pages to teach kids. It is available for adults too. Adults learn drawing with the help of coloring pages. Handmade designs of a variety of animals are drawn on coloring pages. One can even make it as a profession also. By drawing various designs, you can show them to the world with the help of an exhibition.

Coloring Pages of Animals:

Here is a collection of different animal pictures to colour for school age boys and girls.

1. Cute Panda Bear Animal Colouring Page:

The panda bear is a character which everyone loves to see. In this picture, it is eating something. Even films are there on stories of Panda. Kids will consider the Panda bear as their friend because of its trustful nature. There is no compulsion of color for Panda. You can give any color.

2. Cartoon Puppy Animals Colouring Page:

Everyone likes to play with the puppy. Playing with a puppy will help you forget all your tensions for a while. Kids will like to color cute puppy pictures. In drawing books also, mostly there are pages of cartoon puppy only as puppies are likeable animals.

3. Baby Animals Coloring Page:

It is a picture of a baby cat which is playing near the lake. Some people are fond of cats, so they keep cats with them in home. They raise cats as their own child. Baby animals look very cute. Kids learn to draw with these types of animal colouring pages.

4. Farm Animal Colouring Pages:

In the farmhouse, people also keep horses, cows, hens, etc., which are not wild. This is a picture of two horses on grass. Beautiful drawing has been done by an artist. By adding color to it, one can make them look real. People can also put this picture in a frame in their homes.

5. Reptile Animals Coloring Pages:

The reptile animal coloring page will get liked by boys. Reptile is harmful for the lives of people. It is needed to be colored properly to give proper touch. Very small details need to take care of in coloring reptiles. Reptiles are found underwater.

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6. Zoo Animal Colouring Pages:

This is a zoo animal which is hardly found in zoos. One needs to go to zoos if you want to see it in real. Gorillas can be harmful for human beings, so it is compulsory to put him in zoos. This pencil sketch, too, looks like real. With watercolor paint, you can give a nice look.

7. Jungle Animal Coloring Page:

This animal is found in jungles. You can color it with either your sketch pen or colors. Either you have to carry your kid to jungle to see this animal which is tough, or to see it in books. Jungle animals are not easy to tackle. You need to be protected against them.

8. Sea Animals Colouring Pages:

There are a number of creatures alive in the sea, and such go wild on seeing human beings. The underwater world is mysterious for kids. They color sea animals as per their own imagination. Kids are curious to know about sea animals.

9. Printable Animal Coloring Pages for Adults:

This printable animal coloring page is for adults who are learning painting. It helps them to learn a lot. On this elephant, so many designs are drawn. It needs the practice of many years to draw such things. Each part of elephant is decorated with patterns.

10. Fish Coloring Pages for Kids:

Kids love to fish. They always think about how the fish is running in the river. It is very easy to color fish. Kids have many colors for fish. Colorful fish looks cute. Kids love to play with fish. Nowadays, a fish pot is kept in the house. Even fish respond back when kids play with fish pot.

11. Fox Adult Animals Colouring Page:

Fox is a very smart animal. An artist has given lovely pattern to it. With the help of such pages, adult get to learn professional painting. Painters can give good images to such pages and can get framed. People put such frames in their houses and office.

12. Alphabet Animal Pictures for Colouring:

This type of alphabet animals coloring page is used in Play Houses where kids learn alphabets and animals both. Kids are taught the alphabet by giving names to animals. Kids color such pages with different colors. This is an activity for kids.

13. Animal Christmas Coloring Pages:

This is a Christmas tree under which bones are hanged. Dogs are trying to catch such things. Kids can give colors to this page. You can make it creative with colors. It will look appreciable by decorating this picture. Kids can stick stars on this picture.

14. Rain forest Animals Coloring Page:

Forest animals are wild, and one should have protection before entering any forest. Kids can give a variety of colors in this picture. There are a number of animals in the forest, and this picture also has many. Kids will be aware of many animals through this picture.

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15. Ocean Animal Pictures to Colour:

These animals are found in deep oceans. The octopus is one of the creatures of the ocean among plenty. They have their own world underwater. Kids get to know about ocean animals only in pictures. With exact colors, you can make it more creative.

Animal colouring pages are specially designed for school kids and for those who are in the learning stage of drawing. Animal coloring pages help in raising our kids. Currently, animals are visible only in pictures. You cannot see all of them in your daily life. Animal coloring pages help to increase your ability to paint and sketching. Professionals can earn more by selling such sketches. Nowadays, in homes, hotels and offices, such pictures are hanged to have a decorous look. Some sketches can be attractive too. Kids remember the names of animals by seeing pictures. It increases the knowledge of kids.

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