Our everyday life is not only busy but also filled with stress. Doing yoga not proves to be beneficial for your health but also provides peace to your mind. It not only revitalizes your body but also keeps you fresh and energetic throughout the day. Anjaneyasana, most commonly known as the crescent moon pose is very common among people who are into sports activities.

If you want to enhance your running skills, then start practising Anjaneyasana from today. The name Anjaneyasana is derived from the word “Anjani”, who was the mother of lord Hanuman. This is the reason sometimes people also call it the Hanuman Pose. Given below are the steps in which you can easily do the Anjaneyasana.

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How To Do Anjaneyasana:

  • Place a mat on the floor. Now stand straight on the mat. After standing straight, just loosen your body and go into the mountain pose position.
  • Now slowly bend your body in adho mukha svansana (downward facing dog) position.
  • Carefully start moving your left foot forward in such a way that it is placed between your hands.
  • Now start lowering your right leg but make sure that it’s straight. Avoid bending it. If you can see it in a mirror it should be in a slanting line. Allow your right leg to rest on the floor.
  • Now slowly start raising your hands up in the air. Stretch as much as you can. While stretching also tries keeping your fingers apart.
  • While you are stretching also try to stretch your arms. You may see that while you’re stretching your arms your chest may automatically bulge out.
  • Keep your face in the upward position, facing towards the sky.
  • After setting yourself in this position, just try to lower your body very little just from the hips.
  • Remain in this position for about a minute or two and then slowly start releasing your body.
  • First, release your hands and be careful when you’re releasing, don’t be in a hurry or else you may just hurt yourself.
  • Make sure to do this asana with another side also.

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Practising the Anjaneyasana pose can not only lengthen but also strengthen your whole body. But a lot of people don’t do this pose in the correct alignment. If the alignment of the pose is not correct then it may not benefit the practitioner. People facing heart and high blood problems should avoid this particular pose.

If you’re having a kind of medical injury or spinal injury, please consult a doctor for this pose. Try doing this pose 5-6 times a day. It will help in restoring your energy and reduce fatigue.

Benefits of Anjaneyasana:

Every asana has its own benefit. It’s up to you to choose which asana suits your body the best. Anjaneyasana is a good asana for every human body. It helps in maintaining perfect body posture.

It also helps in stretching your arms, shoulders, legs and hips. It also helps in faster blood circulation. Moreover, if you’re including this pose in your daily activity list, you might never have to face any kind of pain in your knees shoulder or abdomen.

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Anjaneyasana also increases flexibility and eradicates stiffness from your body. So practising this particular asana on regular basis will completely elevate all kinds of diseases and keep you completely fit and healthy. So without thinking start this asana today. But make sure that you practice this pose during the early morning hours. It will not only rejuvenate your life but also add freshness to your body.


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