The beauty of a girl or a woman can be lovelier with the tiny efforts they love to wear upon them. Anklets are one of the most loved jewelry women have gone crazy for. Whether it be a casual party or a wedding occasion, be it a get together or in regular life, women have their choice of anklet in their wardrobe for any occasion. Here we have few designs of type of anklets bracelets you will love to know about. Anklets have been worn since ages ago.

The Egyptian civilization and Indian culture were the foremost of bringing the anklets to a regular form. Indian women wear anklets bracelet commonly everywhere. It has been accepted as a symbol of their being married. But now it is very commonly accepted by young girls as fashion jewelry.

Ankle Bracelet Types:

You can see ankle bracelets in many designs and made in gold, silver, other metals, beads etc. and choose from.

1. Golden Ankle Bracelet:

Here are beautiful ankle bracelets made in pure gold. Girls and women wear golden anklets only on very special occasions,as it is not a thing to wear in outer area. Indian marriages specially have a tradition to wear golden anklets.

2. Silver Ankle Bracelet:

Silver ankle bracelets are very common among women. The silvery shine of the jewelry is adorned by many. We find more designs in silver worn by ladies. Silver anklets are worn by Indian ladies even regularly at home.

3. Beaded Anklets:

Here are beautiful anklets made with colorful beads threaded on a thick string. Collegian girls are attracted to beaded anklets as they look so trendy in jeans and short skirts. Girls wear in one leg anklet too as it has become a new fashion. Men today also wear beaded anklets as a part of fashion.

4. Barefoot Anklets:

Look at this anklet design. The simple and sober design of the barefoot anklet can be worn on beaches playing volleyball on your full fun. The design is eye catching and you will just look cool with it.

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5. Charms Anklets:

So cute. These anklets have cute hanging charms like stars and tiny moon and flowers etc. Girls in school and colleges will love to wear this cute anklet. It can be a best gift too to present your girl friend, daughter or your love. It’s for sure that she will love it.

6. Anklets With Trinklets:

Here is a beautiful anklet design with trinklets attached to it. Girls wear this design mostly when they participate in any dance. The tinkles of the trinklets sound so soothing to ears and are loved to listen to.

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7. Bridal Ankle Bracelet:

Indian marriages have accepted anklets as a tradition jewelry. The bride wears the anklet that is thick and beautiful designed to be best with her wedding dress.

8. Anklets With Toe Ring:

So delicate and lovely design it is. Girls love to wear anklets with toe rings, it looks so beautiful on our ankle. There are many designs in a design of ankle bracelets with attached toe ring. The whole toe covering designs are also available.

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9. Anklets In Other Metals:

Here is a beautiful design of anklet bracelet that is made in copper. It is very trendy in today’s fashion world to wear jewelry in other metals than gold and silver. It looks very funky and to the fashion matching the western outfits.

So here we saw beautiful designs of ankle Bracelets. There are enormous more designs in anklet bracelets. We can also call it anklet chains. The anklets can be worn on any one leg too. There are meanings too on which leg are you wear the anklet. It is said in Christian religion that we should wear the anklet on right leg as anything on the left is the side of devil. Whereas in western countries it is considered that an anklet worn in the right leg symbolizes to be a prostitute.

But for those who are out of the blue don’t do anything taking into world considerations. They do what they love to. Anklets are a beautiful art if jewelry that enhances your beauty.


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