Anne Hathaway is a versatile actress known for her performances in fantasy, romantic and comedy films. She has received many awards including the Academy Award for her acting talent. Apart from her acting skills, she fascinates people with her fashion choices, her fashion is always elegant, versatile and sophisticated. Also, during her long Hollywood acting career, she graced many red carpets and fashion events showcasing her style. However, Hathaway has never been afraid to share her no-makeup photos with the public. In this article, we share some of the best Anne Hathaway no-makeup pictures with you. If you’re excited to see it, check out this article.

Rare and Beautiful Anne Hathaway Makeup-Free Images:

1. The Tilted Head:

With the accessories drawing attention to her neck, her look is accentuated to perfection even without makeup. She looks like she is staring at something ardently, while her half pose makes it look more natural. She is just as exotic with the lipstick and the false lashes as she is with them.

2. Winter Skull Cap:

Anne Hathaway’s no-makeup look is going places in this picture, much like her confidence. She does not seem bothered that her photo is being taken and with the skull cap, shielding the winter appears to be an easy thing. Her lips look rosy, and her face has the morning glow.

3. Selfie Smile:

Poignant and elegant, this picture sees Anne Hathaway without makeup. The selfie was taken in the morning, judging by her swollen eyes, probably when she had just woken up. It can safely fall into this list of pictures that make her amazing the way she is.

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4. Out to Grab Snacks:

Much like everyone else, Anne Hathaway wears no makeup when she goes to get some coffee and bacons. Holding her order, she looks startled by the camera but holds her calm, as evident from her expression. As flawless as she appears, her hair gives an edge to the look overall.

5. With Eddie Redmayne:

Pictured here with the recent British actor on the rise, Anne Hathaway looks gorgeous, smiling away at the shutterbugs with her arm wrapped around her close friend. This is at the success party of Redmayne’s film, and she was still confident enough to step out into the scene without a hint of makeup.

6. For Photo Shoot:

Who knew magazines would want to post pictures of Anne Hathaway without make-up? At least, that speaks out about how unblemished she is. Look at her lips and her skin.

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7. Sun Glass Look:

Seen here matching the purple scarf with her skull cap, her outfit looks just as fashionable and urbane as her look.  Spotted with long straight hair, she looks at the camera with her red cheeks from the cold, looking prettier than ever.

8. Magazine Cover:

Glancing through the other pictures here, it can be safely said that none of the facial features here is Photoshopped to make her look ideal for the cover page. This shows her confidence and gives us a chance to have a glimpse of her skin, with no sign of imperfection at all.

9. The Pixie Cut:

There can be many Anne Hathaway no-makeup looks, but this one certainly steals the show. Unlike the others, her hair is a pixie cut from recent years, but nothing has changed about her no-makeup look. She still manages to pass off as equally impressive.

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10. Chilling over Music:

Watch her go here with earphones plugged in and not care, as she sports an ‘I don’t care attitude on her face. She has no makeup on yet manages to please you with that perfect radiance and inspirational vibe.

11. Wakeup Selfie:

Image Source: Instagram

Anne Hathaway is a timeless beauty, isn’t she? Check out this amazing selfie. Her beauty shines in this selfie without makeup. Despite being 41 years old, her skin looks flawless and her cheeks are rosy. Her dark brown eyes further highlight her beauty.

Anne has earned the most prestigious awards, including the highest in order, The Academy. She is also known to many as one of the most beautiful people alive, as crowned in 2006. These images show the beauty she is inside and out equally.


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