It might seem like it was just yesterday when you started dating this guy. But it is already a year now. The first anniversary with your boyfriend and you want to make it really special for him. So what do you get him?

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Show your love for your boyfriend by gifting him items that are useful and full of love. Give your boyfriend special treatment on your anniversary day, Gifting options will give you an idea.

Here is a list of a few things that could make good anniversary gifts

Tips On Making His Day The Best:

Anniversary gifts to give your boyfriend are sentimental items. These can be useful or just for keepsakes. Either way, they need to be romantic and cool.

1. Anniversary Watch as a Gift to Boyfriend:

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Here is a cool way of gifting a watch to your boyfriend on your anniversary. Put the watch in a lovely box and add a cute romantic note on the cover. This makes a great anniversary gift for boyfriend. Boys like to use different kinds of watches as a fashion so this one surely your boyfriend will like.

2. Picture collage:

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Get all the pictures of your year together and compile them in the form of a collage. The collage can be in the shape of the number representing your anniversary year. Add in little hearts and lovely notes too. Make this anniversary gift idea for your boyfriend stunning. Get a few unique pictures of both of you and make a good collage or customize it as per your choice too.

3. Lottery Win Tickets:

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This is a cute and funny way of wishing you a boyfriend. Get many lottery tickets and stamp them together. Then add in a note that says you have won the lottery by meeting him. This gift for boyfriend anniversary is really unique and special. This one is a nice idea to impress your boyfriend on your anniversary day celebration.

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4. 365 Reasons to Love:

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This DIY gift is very precious as it involves a lot of effort on your behalf. Here you have a box filled with 365 notes saying how much you love your boyfriend. This anniversary idea for boyfriend is perfect and will make him swoon over you more.

5. Running Shoes:

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Tell him how much you love him by gifting him a pair of running shoes with a note saying how lucky you are that he ran into you. This can be a one-month gift for the boyfriend on an anniversary. The shoes can be stylish and sporty. If he likes to use shoes for his regular day then surely he will give you good comments.

6. Gift Basket:

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Make a wonderful gift basket for him that is filled with goodies like chocolates, cookies and candies. The basket can have little notes on each of the items with quirky fun bits. This can be the best anniversary gift for a boyfriend, especially if he loves sweets.

7. Decorated Bed:

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Decorate the bed with sweets and candies placed in the shape of letters. The words can be ‘love you’ or ‘you’re so sweet’. This is a creative anniversary gift for my boyfriend. The bed can also be decorated with roses and flowers for a more romantic gesture.

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8. Beer Packs:

Beer Packs Save


The six-month anniversary can be celebrated with a pack of six beer cans. These can be decorated and labeled to be personalized. Little romantic notes on the case will make the boyfriend anniversary gift a must-have.

9. Wallet Insert Card:

Wallet Insert Card Save


Make a personalized wallet insert card for your boyfriend as an anniversary present. This engraved leather wallet insert card can have poems or little love notes written by you. Make the notes meaningful. These can be placed in the wallets for remembrance.

10. A Card / Message In a Bottle:

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A card with a sweet message always appeals to anyone. A message in a bottle is something that would never go out of trend. Get him either one of these. They say actions speak louder than words. Write a simple sweet message, and give it to him as a card or a message in a bottle. It is sure to make him happy.

11. Cologne:

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Colognes are mostly neutral. There are some that might have a very slight fragrance. Guys have different choices when it comes to colognes. While buying cologne, ensure that it is the one he loves to use or is at least similar to what he uses. If he is experimental you can buy any fragrance that works for him.

12. Take Him Out:

Take Him Out Save

You could book reservations with him in a fancy restaurant. You could have a romantic candlelight dinner. Treat him to a cuisine that he might have wanted to try. Or take him to a place that he always talks about.

13. Gadgets:

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Guys love gadgets.  Look into what he likes most, like photography, music, etc.  And depending on his interests, buy him a gadget that he would enjoy using, i.e. a camera for photography and MP3 for music.

14. Home-Made Gifts:

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You could make absolutely anything. You could stitch a tie for him, or make a pair of suspenders for him, knit a sweater. It could also make chocolates in the shape of hearts and gift them to him too.

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15. A Picture Frame:

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You would always have that one picture of both of you together that is worth framing. Get that photo framed and gift it to him. It might seem too clichéd, but it still is one of the most lovely gifts. He would love to leave it on his desk or hang it on his wall.

16. A Journal or Scrapbook or Album:

This, again, is a clichéd idea. But who wouldn’t love to have a journal or scrapbook of some of the best memories together? Put some best pictures together and also write a few quotes as to why you love him so much and why you cherish some of the memories.

17. A Movie Date:

Yes, again, this may seem very clichéd. But this could turn an evening very romantic. Get some DVDs at home and spend the evening with him, playing a few mushy movies. That would be a time well spent together. You might actually look back at it as one of the best evenings. Add in some wine and chocolate-dipped strawberries, to make it perfect.

18. Gift Coupons:

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Everyone does. Get him a gift coupon from his frequent shopping destination. It might be a stationery shop, a clothes store, an accessories store or even a salon coupon. He would definitely appreciate it.

Final Words:

Now, the list doesn’t end here. There are so many more options when it comes to celebrating the first anniversary with your boyfriend. By now, you would almost know what he likes and what he doesn’t. You could come up with even more brilliant ideas for an ideal anniversary celebration too.


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