The anniversary is the perfect time to celebrate your marriage and the love you have for each other. The anniversary gifts that you can give each other are plenty. You need to put in some thought into it and make it precious. You can go by the standard traditional items that can be gifted for each year or the modern theme. Each of the themes gives you a different choice for each year and this makes it exciting to choose your gifts. A personal touch can be given to store-bought gifts by engraving, stamping or printing on them.

Latest Anniversary Gifts for Him and Her:

Choose from these cool options that we have listed here to get the best gift for anyone.

1. Printed T Shirts:

A great gift idea that is useful and cool is the printed t shirt. These t shirts can be printed with wishes for the anniversary. You can have the name of the couple printed on the top as well. These make great anniversary gifts.

2. Woven Robe Set:

A cool gift that can be given to a couple is the woven robe set. The set has two robes; one for the man and the other for the woman. Each is monogrammed with the letters ‘Mr.’ and ‘Mrs.’ you can gift this awesome set to the couple for the cotton anniversary as well. This is truly a great wedding anniversary gift idea.

3. Soft Toys:

Make your spouse happy and excited by gifting these gorgeous soft toys. Soft toys can be teddy bears, koala bears, etc. Add in some flowers or chocolates along with the soft toy for a perfect anniversary gift.

4. Matching Key Chains:

Make matching key chains to give as gifts for the wedding anniversary. These key chains are engraved to have the month of the anniversary or the name of the couple. You can have them as puzzle pieces that fit together well.

5. Decorated Bed:

Make your anniversary beautiful and fun with this lovely gift of decorating your bed. You can use red rose petals as the decorating theme. The petals can be placed in the form of a heart in the centre of the bed. This best anniversary gift will be remembered always.

6. Music Frame:

This is an excellent idea to give as a gift for the marriage anniversary. This is a frame of the music sheet for your favourite song. The music sheet is then printed on top with the name of the couple. You can add in the year of marriage as well.

7. Wallet Insert:

Get this lovely metal wallet insert for your spouse to keep in his wallet. This looks just like a card and can easily be kept inside the card compartment of a standard wallet. You can personalize it with love notes or anniversary wishes. So this becomes a unique anniversary gift.

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8. Personalized Apron:

Any guy who loves to cook will appreciate this cool apron that is customized especially for him. The apron can have wishes for the anniversary on it. You can make it a manly apron to suit his likes and tastes for the best wedding anniversary gift.

9. Map of Love:

You can always take a simple map that shows the place you met and then highlight it with a red marker. The place can be shown in the shape of a heart. This map can then be framed and given as the best gift for your marriage anniversary to your wife.

10. Personalized Alcohol:

This is a wonderful gift item for a marriage anniversary to give your husband on the occasion of the anniversary. This whiskey or liquor of his choice can be personalized. You can add in a label on the cover of the bottle. The label can be anniversary wishes to him.

11. Personalized Plate:

This lovely metal plate is great as an anniversary gift. The plate is engraved with the wishes for the anniversary and also the name of the couple. You can have this for the 25th anniversary celebrations as well.

12. Crossword Frame:

A crossword frame is a very cool item for a gift idea for an anniversary for a couple. It contains the name of the couple in the form of a crossword puzzle. You can include the family members’ names as well. The frame looks stunning with some romantic lines included in it.

13. Cool Pillow:

Here is a cool pillow that you can get customized to have the anniversary date of the couple printed. The number of days can be calculated and added to the pillow too. This makes a very cozy gift.

14. Printed Toilet Paper:

Have fun with your spouse by gifting this quirky printed toilet paper gift. The toilet paper is printed with the wishes for the anniversary. It can be gifted with a stand to keep the toilet paper in. Make this a fun activity with your spouse.

15. Anniversary Clock:

Gift a friend a wonderful anniversary clock that is personalized. The clock can have the number of years of celebration printed in bold along with the name of the couple. Get the clock in a glass along with metal rims. The clock can be large or small depending on the place you want to keep it. It can have an alarm function as well.

16. Anniversary Card:

Making an anniversary card for your spouse is the best DIY gift that you can give. This cool gift card has to be simple and yet elegant. The addition of a rose makes the card really beautiful. The anniversary card that you make can be cute and simple or it can be an exploding box. These are the latest in terms of anniversary cards. These exploding cards open up to show several layers. You can add pictures and notes in the layers.

17. Silver Gift Box:

Here is an ornate silver gift box that you can give your spouse on the occasion of the anniversary. The silver box is decorated with carved and stamped work. It can be used to keep jewellery items or other knickknacks. The silver box is something that looks very traditional and vintage. These curves and flower decoration on the box is very artistic. The box is lined with felt paper inside or satin material to give it a rich feel. The items inside do not get damaged that way.

18. Hand Stamped Key Chain:

This hand stamped key chain is a great gift to give someone. The key chain made with two layers of round metal pieces looks stunning. You can have them personalized by adding in the name of the couple or the date of the anniversary. The hand stamped key chains can be round or square in shape. You can also have the key chain with a leather piece included. The square metal pieces have the place to add in the month of the wedding too.

19. Anniversary Frame:

Get this wonderful frame that you can make for the 2nd anniversary. This frame can be white with black print on it and have the number of years you have spent together printed on it. Make this great frame as a gift for your spouse.

20. Spooning Frame:

This spooning frame is a great anniversary gift that you can give your spouse. The frame is made with two spoons that are stuck on a board. The words ‘spooning since’ are printed on the frame. Add the year of your marriage at the end.

21. Personalized Champagne Bottle:

Here is a great and eye catching champagne bottle that you can personalize for the event. The personalized champagne bottle has a lovely bow tied to it. You can decorate it with beads and make it look grand.

22. Two Picture Frame:

You can give this lovely two picture frame to your spouse or friend. The picture frame has two slots for pictures of the wedding day and the anniversary day. These are decorated with anniversary wishes on the sides. These frames are very popular and make for a stunning center table item. It helps to show the aging process of the couple and the love that has grown stronger and stronger.

23. Personalized Socks:

Getting a pair of socks that are personalized is the best way to go. The socks can be printed with cute words of love. These printed socks are perfect to wear while vacationing.

24. Coffee Mug Set:

This great silver wedding anniversary coffee mug set is a perfect pair. This mug set has heart-shaped handles and a silver icon in the center. The coffee mug set has the name of the couple printed on the set. The mug sets are a common gift item for many occasions but they hold significance for an anniversary as it is a pair. The mugs can be colorful and bright or they can be black and white for a more sophisticated touch. Try out the various types of words that you can add, such as quirky, funny, sarcastic and sentimental.

25. Toasting Glasses:

A perfect anniversary party gift is a set of toasting glasses. These glasses are engraved with the words ‘25th anniversary’. Make these glasses stunning and place them in decorated boxes to gift. The glasses can be tall glasses with slim rims.

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26. Signature Frame:

This DIY frame is the best sentimental gift to give parents. You need to add a picture of the wedding day and then make all the family members sign the sides of the picture. Make your parents cherish this beautiful gift forever. The frame is considered the best marriage anniversary gift as well.

27. Attractive Lingerie:

Make your wife go weak in the knees with this gift of temptation lingerie. The lingerie you select can be customized as well. You can add in your name or your wife’s name to the lingerie as a gift. The lingerie you give can be just a lace panty or panty and bra set. The lace and satin lingerie is attractive and the delicate lace work looks stunning on the body. These lingerie items are luxurious products that you can get from branded stores.

28. Family Tree:

Gift this metal family tree keepsake that has the lovely names of your family members in it. The tree made from steel or any metal is shaped with branches. The branches have the names of the family members on them. The family tree can also be made from other items apart from metal. The tree can be a standalone keepsake or it can be a put-in frame.

29. Cute Wind Chime:

Here is a great personalized wind chime that you can gift a couple. The wind chime can have the name of the couple and the date of their wedding printed on them. The wind chime can be made of metal or glass. These are perfect on a window and make a beautiful chiming sound when the wind blows.

30. Glass Plaque:

A glass plaque is a great keepsake for the couple. There are several ways to personalize the plaque. You can add in a picture of the couple. You could even engrave some love notes on the glass. These images look stunning when placed on a wood base. You can even light up the glass plaque with a little bulb.

Special Anniversary Gifts for Each Year (01-09):

It’s once again that time of the year when your best friend and his beau celebrate their wedding anniversary. Wasn’t it just that day when all of you ran around, making the wedding celebrations better than perfect? Well, the party ended that evening, but wait, the couple is happily married and you now have to surprise them with cool anniversary gifts.

Let’s assume the first nine years of the wedding, and accordingly check for the best gifts you could give. This could be one of the best wedding anniversaries ever, and we hope you take inspiration from here for the same.

1st Anniversary Gifts:

Pop open the bubbly, for now, it’s time to party. Traditionally speaking, the first anniversary gift should be “paper”, but these days there are many who gift clocks and plastic items too. If you have the money, opt to entertain the couple by gifting photo frames, countertop items, concert tickets, airline miles and more, they all represent paper.

2nd Anniversary Gifts:

Traditionally, second anniversary gifts should be made of “cotton” or a representation of the same.  The significance of gifting cotton-related items, speaks of the longevity and durability of the wedding. It also represents adaptability and comfort at the same time, which are two important pillars for a marriage to be successful. Maybe you could gift your friends a new mattress, cotton napkins made of fancy prints, or pure cotton clothes and linen.

3rd Anniversary Gifts:

“Leather” is what tradition says should be given to the couple for the third anniversary, because it represents strength, adventure and a wild side too. Wallets for him and her, shoes, bags, belts, accessories, glass holders, and the list can go on. Leather represents strength too, so ensure you pick from the best.

4th Anniversary Gifts:

Its fruits and flowers are according to tradition for the married couple to receive. Now what you could do is take half an hour today and make a fruit and flower basket. Take a wicker basket, put hay or cotton in it as a base, throw in colorful flower petals and on top of that, put in an assortment of colorful fruits, fresh and clean. Wrap the whole basket in see-through cellophane colourful paper; plant a self-made bow made of satin ribbon on top, voila your gift is made.

5th Anniversary Gifts:

Traditionally speaking, wood is what the gifts for the fifth anniversary should be made from. Hence, shop for items made of wood, such as a dartboard for him or a center table for the house, which she would appreciate. Maybe side tables for their bedroom or a study table for him and a set of funky jewelry made of wood for her. The list is endless.

6th Anniversary Gifts:

The sixth year is when all the fun begins, because by now the couples are bored of one another, even though they still are madly in love with each other. So what you should do is follow tradition, which asks you to pick up gifts made of candy. Once again, you could use the wicker idea basket and, instead of fruits and flowers, throw in an assortment of candies. You could also get her a box of candy lip gloss, and get him a subscription to candy-related magazines.

7th Anniversary Gifts:

Personally, we feel there is nothing better than having a gift made with your own hands. The love and energy which goes into the making of an anniversary gift are one of a kind. However, we understand how tough that could be, especially with the rat-raced lives we lead that make us pressed for time. Hence tradition says copper, so maybe copper bowls, dining set made of copper or copper funky jewelry too.

8th Anniversary Gifts:

All things bronze, so check out for items as per tradition which entail money clips, sculptures to adorn the house or even bookends too, and finally,

9th Anniversary Gifts:

Pottery and willow is, by tradition, the item to gift, so what you should give out then are, indigo items such as earthenware, a willow basket filled with goodies and more.

Anniversary gifts are a wonderful way of saying ‘I love you’. These gifts will mean more if you personalize them and make them more sentimental. Gift your husband watches, wallet, wallet inserts, clocks, stationery, etc. You can gift your wife jewelry, bags, plaques, ornate boxes, etc. Each of these items will mean something to them and they will cherish it forever. The anniversary gifts are the perfect ending or beginning of a romantic day.


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