A greeting is always warming to the heart. The few sweet lines it carries swell up the heart. Most of us would know what to put in a greeting card. But how do you go about picking that ideal card that would just convey what you would like to say? Here there are so many online greeting card makers who could make the card so special for your anniversary.

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7 Best Anniversary Greeting Card Messages for Couples:

Here are some norm-breaking ideas on how you could make your card more appealing.

1. A card shaped in the shape of the number of your anniversary:

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Now, this is something that could be very commonly seen. You have cards in the shapes of almost all the years of your marriage. You can get such cards or even get them custom-made and fill in a few sweet lines to the one you love.

2. Message in a bottle:

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A glass bottle with a nice message is not only appealing and different, but you would also want to keep it safe for years together. The message in the bottle, although an old idea of conveying messages from a lost island, has become an instrument of conveying simple sweet messages.

3. A 3-D card:

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These are cards that form a 3D shape when opened. This has been around for a while. Some of them may also be customised to suit your need. It is common to see a card that shows a bride and a groom together in a 3D form.

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4. Greeting in the form of a scroll:

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Scrolls were usually used to write scriptures in ancient China. You could also do the same at your very own home. Make a scroll using a few rollers, which you can stylise to seem like a scroll. Your spouse would have to roll the scroll down to read that beautiful greeting.

5. Greeting cards with images:

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Customised greeting cards have been in trend for a while now. You could get your image printed on the greeting card in any design and form you like.

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6. The Postcard:

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The postcard greeting is something that would never go out of trend. Some postcards carry intriguing pictures on the backside. You can get one of those that suit the theme or one that is based on the tastes of your spouse. Fill it up with a few nice quotes, and send your message.

7. The Giant Size Greeting cards:

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Some greeting card shops have greeting cards that are almost as long as a person himself. You could get one of these and pen down everything that comes to your mind when you think about the person you love. This is something you could preserve for years to come.

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Final Words:

When it comes to greeting cards, there is no limit. You can make them yourself or get them down from a customised designer. Cards have always been the best way to express one’s greetings. No matter how much technology may advance, cards will always be here to stay.


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