9 Best Anti Dandruff Conditioners Available In India

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These day people suffer from dandruff problems very commonly. This is a very common problem which many of us face. This also leads to dryness and other irritations like eruptions and boils. There are various products which can help if these are used on a regular basis with other products which may be medicinal. Many of these are also quite affordable. Often we see that people have busy routines which are why they do not get enough time to wash their heads every day or to keep the dust and dirt away. However, often dryness and flakes can be associated with bad diet conditions and also UN-cleanliness.


However, if these are internal causes then a person should pay proper attention to the diet. If it is caused by external factors then a person should try some medicinal remedies in the form of products that can be helpful for this purpose.

Anti Dandruff Conditioners In India:

Below are the 9 best anti dandruff conditioners which a person can use on a regular basis.

1. Dove Anti Dandruff Conditioner:

Anti Dandruff Conditioners1

This is a very well known and popular anti dandruff conditioner and this contains ZPTO which is helpful to right any forms of boils or rashes on the scalp. This is also very helpful to fight any form of itch. This is moderately priced and is easily affordable about 150 rupees.

2. VLCC Hair Defence With Menthol:

Anti Dandruff Conditioners2

This is very affordable and also quite popular. This is from VLCC which is a well known brand. This is moderately priced at about 105 rupees.

3. Vedic Line D Clean Conditioner:

Anti Dandruff Conditioners3

This is very popular but this is quite affordable. This is for regular usage and is moderately priced at about 150 INR. This also gives very good shine and lustre. This contains extracts of thyme and tea tree.

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4. Matrix Biolage Anti Dandruff Conditioner:

Anti Dandruff Conditioners4

This is quite popular and this contains Pythrithone Zinc which is an anti fungal agent and helps to easily get rid of infections. This is good for people having boils or eruptions. This is moderately priced and quite affordable.

5. Schwarzkopf BC Scalp Therapy Conditioner:

Anti Dandruff Conditioners5

This contains Vitamin b3 and pyrithione zinc which helps in keeping the head from infections and also dryness. This has good moisturizing properties which is also quite helpful.

6. Biotique Thyme Conditioner:

Anti Dandruff Conditioners6

This is a well known product which is quite affordable as the price is very less. This is also herbal and therefore does not have any side effects. This can be bought from any stores which sell these and used on a regular basis. This contains extracts of thyme leaves which give a cooling and also a manageable boost. This is quite popular and many women use this.

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7. Neutrogena Tgel Therapeutic Conditioner:

Anti Dandruff Conditioners7

This is a medicated product which can be good to get rid of itches and also rashes or boils. This also helps to make the sections more easily manageable and is very high priced at about 1500 rupees for a moderate sized bottle.

8. Garnier Fructis Strengthening Conditioner with Oil:

Anti Dandruff Conditioners8

This contains fruit nutrients and is a very affordable and popular anti dandruff conditioner. A person can use this on a regular basis. This costs about 150 rupees approximately for a moderate bottle. This is good for dryness.

9. Pantene Pro-V Scalp Conditioner:

Anti Dandruff Conditioners9

This is a very affordable anti dandruff conditioner. This contains Pro-V formulation and also ZPT which are very effective to fight scales. This costs 150 rupees approximately for a moderate sized bottle. This is therefore quite cheap and good for regular usage.

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