Aging! It is probably the most dreaded feel for women and men all across. We all forever dream to look young and youthful, but unfortunately, we all know it cant be it always. But, we do have control to limit aging to an extent if you are wondering how it is possible with these all-new anti-wrinkle creams.

While wrinkles are a common and significant concern these days, they make our face appear older. Today, we thankfully have access to these products to combat and limit the issue to large extent. Let’s get going and explore some of the most trending and best anti aging creams right now!

Do Anti-Wrinkle Creams Really Work?

You may be shocked, but anti-wrinkle creams work! The ingredients inbuilt within these creams have healthy proteins which are quite useful. The matrixyls or peptides or retinoids, – they make one’s face counter work with fine aging lines and the active ingredients fight against them. So, once applied regularly, you can spot the results in a matter of a few weeks.

Best Anti Wrinkle Creams Trending Right Now – 2020

Here we are, the compiled list of top 10 best anti wrinkles face creams that are effective and trending right now.

1. Garnier Skin Naturals Wrinkle Lift Anti-Aging Cream:

This is among India’s number 1 face cream for wrinkles available in the market at this moment. Garnier has a reputation for providing customers with genuine and top-class products, and they have kept their promise while launching this product. This anti-wrinkle cream is intended to give the skin with reducing wrinkles visibly, limit fine lines and deliver youthful and firm skin in no time. It brings in glow and vitality back into the surface layer effortlessly.

Key Ingredients: ginger root extract, glycerin, titanium dioxide, salicylic acid and more


  • Branded and popular
  • Budget-friendly
  • Value product with noticeable results
  • Fine skin surface


  • Not for heavy acne-prone skin

Rating: 4.5/5

2. Ponds Age Miracle Wrinkle Corrector Cream:

Ponds. This is probably the most famous brand which we are aware, right from our childhood. Their new wrinkle remover cream has become quite a hit, with active retinol complex in it, which helps to repair skin and improve the texture. With vitamin E, B3, this best anti aging night cream assures to give you youthful skin in no time.

Key Ingredients: capric triglycerides, zinc oxide, dimethicone, linoleic acid and more


  • Weightless on skin
  • Active results in weeks
  • Smooth texture
  • Fine surface skin

Cons: none

Rating: 4.5/5

3. Olay Protect Anti-Ageing Cream:

Olay is already established in the market for its anti-aging products. This particular anti wrinkle cream promises to reduce age-related dark spots, wrinkles and improve the fine lines through skin tone. It helps to make one’s face glow and look youthful effortlessly, all through regular usage of the product.

Key Ingredients: water, glycerin, cetyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, cinnamal, linalool and more


  • Budget-friendly
  • Reduces fine lines instantly
  • Suitable for oily skin too
  • Moisturizes skin very well


  • Bad packaging

Rating: 4/5

4. Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Moisturizer (Spf 30):

This cream by Neutrogena is known to provide you with multiple benefits. It will moisturize your skin with the help of ingredients such as retinol, peptides, and in turn, also work on repairing the skin with lines. The cream will give the skin an even tone and protect it from the sun too. This is among top rated and best anti aging cream for women, especially above 30s age.

Key Ingredients: water, glycerin, Cetearyl alcohol, dimethicone, methylparaben and more


  • Smooth skin surface
  • Doesn’t make skin feel oily
  • Moisturizes and holds on hydration well
  • Good results


  • Not very budget-friendly

Rating: 4.5/5

5. St Botanica Face Brightening Anti-Aging Cream:

Are you looking for an expert anti-wrinkle cream? Then this might be the best product which is new in the market, yet has efficient natural properties. St Botanica’s anti aging cream is all about brightening skin tone, reducing lines and wrinkles, and nourishing skin with good Vitamin C. It has sun protection and anti-oxidant properties as well, which evens down and enhances glow in the skin tone. It is ideal and best anti aging cream for dry skin.

Key Ingredients: Glycerin, allanton, sweet almond, green tea extracts, aloe vera, argan oil and more


  • Essential oils within it
  • Has SPF too
  • Good fragrance
  • Smooth texture


  • Not for acne prone skin

Rating: 4.5/5

6. Loreal Paris Anti Aging Cream:

We all know about the well-known brand – Loreal. With their skin perfect Anti aging cream range, the cream has the goodness of retinol which has excellent capability to reduce lines, wrinkles, revitalize skin, and give good moisturize required. The associated skin concerns which are due to aging are also controlled and kept at bay. It is among ideal anti aging cream for oily skin.

Key Ingredients: Vitamins, glycerin, dimethicone, cetyl alcohol and more


  • Good for older age women
  • Thick cream quality
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not for sensitive skin
  • Not pleasant smell
  • Not very effective with fine lines

Rating: 4/5

7. Wow Anti Aging Cream:

WoW has its anti-aging cream which is without harsh chemicals and parabens. With mineral oils, essential oils and ingredients, and with goodness of shea butter, this cream is free of sulfates and glycols. Yet it gives the same results as we dream of, making it one of the most worthy product. It is among best wrinkle cream for women.

Key Ingredients: Shea butter, olive oil, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, aloe vera extracts and more


  • No parabens and harsh chemicals
  • The goodness of moisturization properties
  • All skin types


  • Too strong smell
  • Availability concern

Rating: 4/5

8. Lotus Herbals Anti Aging Skin Range:

The Anti-aging cream by Lotus Herbals is known not only to limit the age-related skin concerns, lines and dryness but also to work on spots and other concerns. With blemishes and dullness, as our skin gets to fade away with age, this cream works well with nourishing the surface layer and bring on even skin tone.

Key Ingredients: Ginger extracts, glycerin, milk peptide, water, fragrance, essential oils and more


  • Has SPF
  • Good fragrance
  • Good for dry skin too
  • Smooth on skin


  • Not for over oily skin

Rating: 4/5

9. Himalaya Herbals Anti Wrinkle Ccream:

The Herbal kind, Himalaya brand, has its own anti-wrinkle cream too. With the goodness and benefits of natural aloe vera extracts and grapes, the cream is famous for reducing fine lines and age spots associated with the skin. The dullness will be eliminated, and the skin will be moisturized well enough. Further, it also evens down and smoothness the tone. This is best anti aging cream for men.

Key Ingredients: aqua, glycerin, sorbitan stearate, Aloe vera leaf juice and more


  • Good packaging
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good moisturizer


  • No immediate results

Rating: 3.5/5

10. Vaadi Herbals Anti Aging Cream:

with the goodness of wheat germ and rose extracts, almonds and essential oils, the Vaadi’s cream is all about herbal benefits. The skin can get therapeutic benefits by removing dirt, pollutants and bringing in glow in the evening down skin tone. It fights the signs of aging effects on the skin and works on skin glow.

Key ingredients: wheat germ oil, rose, almond extracts, water and more


  • All herbal extracts
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good moisturizer


  • No immediate effects and results
  • Not during summers

Rating: 4/5

How To Apply Anti-Wrinkle Creams?

While there are several anti aging moisturizers in the market, one must also note the best way to apply them for effective results.

  • Wash the face very well. Use a good cleanser and deep cleanse the skin.
  • Dry the face with a soft towel
  • Take the anti-aging face cream on fingers. Take just the required amount. If the cream is too thick, the lesser quantity will suffice too
  • Put on dots on the entire face, and rub it in circular motions

With these best anti wrinkle creams available in the market, choose the right fit as per the skin type and tone. Try these ones out and we are sure you can find good results in them. Let us know what do you think and which one worked for you if you have already tried one!


1. Are there special anti wrinkle eye cream available in the market?

Brands such as St Botanica, Kama Ayurveda, and Mama Earth has their best anti aging eye cream products for women and men who suffer from under eye lines. These are mostly suitable for those who are in their 50s and 40s age group.

2. Is applying wrinkle cream good regularly?

Yes, you can see the results in a matter of a few weeks and it is ideal to use the product regularly for best results. You can stop them once your concern is solved.

3. Can retinol-based wrinkle cream be suitable for the long term good skin?

The retinol can improve the tone, even down the skin texture and increase collagen production. They are useful at holding skin’s moisture too. So, you see most wrinkle creams having retinol in it. It is not wrong to use them even in long term if you suffer from fine lines and wrinkles.