Gold is one of the rarest and, thus, most expensive metals. About 50% of the gold excavated is used in jewellery. It is alloyed with metals for use in jewellery. Gold antique jewellery has been used forever. Here are some of the latest antique gold jewellery designs.

Stunning and Trendy Antique Gold Jewellery Designs with Images:

Here are the top and trending models of gold jewellery in antique design.

1. Antique Gold Choker:

Chokers are back in fashion. These days gold chokers have become popular too. This antique gold choker is simply flawless. It goes around your neck perfectly and looks good on sarees. Matching bangles will complete the look. It is not too heavy to look good on young women too.

2. Antique Gold Indian Bangles Jewellery:

These gold bangles, also known as kadas, are trendy among Indians. If they have the perfect fit on your hands, they look fabulous. The intricate design of the bangles makes it look classy. These are one of the best Indian antique gold jewellery.

3. Antique Gold Nose Ring Chain:

A nose ring chain, known as ‘natha’ by the Indians, is worn by the bride on her wedding day. This natha is light and comfortable and, at the same time, gives a heavy look due to the three chains attached to it. It is beautifully designed and is the latest antique gold jewellery design.

4. Antique Jhumka for Women:

A jhumka is a special type of Indian earring that are round and hang down from the ears. They look classy because they enhance the beauty of the ears. These are gold antique jewellery jhumkas bigger than the normal earrings and look extremely pretty when worn on sarees or ghagras.

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5. Traditional Antique Peacock Pendant:

This is one of the prettiest gold jewellery antique designs. The two peacocks facing outward look beautiful, attached to the stones in different chains. The pendant dangling in the centre completes the look. The entire pendant has a rich and heavy look. It can be attached to a gold chain and worn over traditional attire.

6. Gold and Pearl Earrings Jewellery:

These pretty dangling earrings are one of a kind. They have a stud attached to gold strings carrying pearls. The large pearls at the bottom finish the look and make the set look classy. These earrings can also be paired with western wear like an evening gown. These are of the Indian antique gold jewellery designs.

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7. Antique Gold Bracelet:

This multi-strand gold and turquoise bead bracelet are one of the latest antique gold jewellery. It is different from the usual, giving gold a whole new meaning. The bracelet has several gold strands with turquoise beads set at intervals. This amazing gold antique jewellery can be worn in western and Indian wear.

8. Antique Gold Maang Tikka:

A maang tikka is a piece of Indian antique jewellery that brides wear on their foreheads at their wedding. This maang tikka is simple and flawless. It is light, the most important criterion for jewellery, and still gives a heavy look.

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9. Antique Gold Jewellery Set:

This set of a necklace and a pair of earrings is simply beautiful. It has a gold pendant with a ruby in the middle. It can be worn with matching red sarees and a complete party look.

There are many options for gold jewellery antique designs to choose from. Anyone who likes jewellery will have an incomplete wardrobe without gold. Moreover, they are a nice investment.


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