Earlier, the number of females was less than the number of men. So whenever the male would be his perfect soulmate, he would put his mark on her. It would be the ring, red kumkum on the forehead, piercing of the nose, or chain of black and gold beads around the neck. All these signs would show that the female is taken and all men should not look at her with evil eyes. In the Indmosty of Indians, the chain wears black and gold beads around the neck. This chain is called mangalsutra. This is worn daily. It is both heavy and light in weight. It is worn by married women only. Each region has a different style of mangalsutra. Antique mangalsutra designs are old traditional designs of mangalsutra.

Latest Designs of Antique Mangalsutra for Brides in Glamorous Look:

Here are the best antique mangalsutra designs.

1. Sun Antique Mangalsutra Design:

The antique mangalsutra design is known for its unique centrepiece. Sun antique mangalsutra design has a sun-type centrepiece. This style is mostly seen in south India. The sun centre is not like a typical sun design. The centre is a little smaller, and the sidebands are longer.

2. Meenakari Flower Antique Mangalsutra Design:

Meenakari is the art of making gold jewellery. Meenakari’s work creates the meenakari flower, which is medium to large-sized in antique mangalsutras with Meenakari work. This is a popular style in mangalsutras that can be worn daily.

3. Gemstone Antique Mangalsutra Design:

Most antique jewellery features gemstones with single-coloured and multi-coloured designs. Gemstone antique mangalsutras have a few gemstones set in beautiful designs. This style is often expensive due to the cost of the gemstones and is best worn for parties and weddings.

4. Diamond Antique Mangalsutra Design:

Diamonds are a popular component of women’s jewellery, and antique mangalsutras have diamond settings in an antique design. This glamorous style ranges from simple to complex designs and is particularly popular among young married women.

5. Gold-Plated Antique Mangalsutra Design:

Antique jewellery is typically made of gold and has a blackish tint. Gold-plated antique mangalsutras, on the other hand, have a silver/bronze base with gold plating. This style is perfect for those who want an antique look without spending too much money. It’s a great option for parties and weddings.

6. Small Antique Mangalsutra Design:

Many women prefer not to wear long mangalsutras as they can interfere with their clothing. In such cases, a small antique mangalsutra, which is shorter in length, is a perfect option. This style is ideal for daily use and eliminates the need to adjust the length frequently.

7. Long Antique Mangalsutra Design:

Mangalsutras are typically long and hang around the bust or stomach area. Long antique mangalsutras are a popular style, particularly for weddings. However, some women wear them daily, although they can be bulky and attract attention.

8. Maharashtrian Antique Mangalsutra Design:

Out of all the states, Maharashtra has the best design in mangalsutra. This style of mangalsutra has two shell-type cylinders given by each spouse, which are joined together to make one mangalsutra. This is a unique and true way to show holy matrimony. All Maharashtrian women wear Maharashtrian antique mangalsutra.

9. Cylindrical Antique Mangalsutra Design:

Most women prefer typical sun, flower, and leaf designs in their jewellery, but in the olden times, cylindrical designs were worn in mangalsutras. These designs had a cylindrical centre and were not very fancy, giving them an antique and rich look. They were mostly worn by older women or the wives of landlords.

Mangalsutra is very deeply connected to all married women. They won’t share it with anyone; they all want a unique design. Antique mangalsutra designs are the most liked party wear. They are perfect for making an entrance and leaving a rich impression.


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