Anuradha Nakshatra falls under the 17th star in the Indian astrological count. If your baby is born in this star, then we have curated, especially the Anuradha nakshatra baby names for you. In Hindu tradition and beliefs, it is considered lucky and auspicious if you name the little one as per her birth star and astrology. For those who are looking for one such baby names that fall under Anuradha nakshatra, these meaningful, lovely, and modern-day Anuradha nakshatra names can be helpful.

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Anuradha Nakshatra and Its Characteristics:

The Anuradha nakshatra has a symbol of lotus and is under the influence of Saturn. The star ranges from 3.20 to 16.40 in the Scorpio sign. If your baby is born in this star, it is said that they are very focused and determined on what they want in life. From education to studies and career, those born in Anuradha nakshatra always are first in finishing any task taken. Further, those in this star are also private individuals yet always have a balance between professional and personal life.

The Anuradha nakshatra borns are friendly, beautiful, tender, gentle with others, and are soft-spoken.

Anuradha Nakshatra Names Starting Letter/Syllable:

If your little one is born in Anuradha nakshatra, it is considered good if their name begins with the letters designated for the star. So, the Anuradha nakshatra names start with:

Na, Naa, Ni, Nee, Nu, Noo, Ne, Nae.

If you prefer to name according to padas,

Anuradha Nakshatra 1st pada names start with Na.
Anuradha Nakshatra 2nd pada names with Ne.
The Anuradha Nakshatra 3rd pada names begin with Nu.
Anuradha Nakshatra 4th pada names with Ne.

Beautiful and Latest Names for Anuradha Nakshatra Babies:

Here we go; let us go ahead and explore the lovely and charming Anuradha nakshatra names for a baby born this year.

Anuradha Nakshatra Baby Boy Names:

1. Naayak:

Naayak is probably the most coveted and known name in Indian households for those born in Anuradha nakshatra. It means leader or the guide in several Indian languages.

2. Nabil:

Nabil is a modern-day new and lovely baby boy name. This means a noble person or a generous soul. The name is derived from the Hindi language and is among the new names.

3. Nadin:

Nadin is another rare and lovely Anuradha Nakshatra names. The name Nadin means Lord of the Rivers. It also means ocean or infinite. Isn’t it lovely and this is among the latest Anuradha nakshatra boy names.

4. Nagesh:

Nagesh’s name is quite traditional yet is bold and beautiful. Nagesh means the owner of a serpent or lord of snakes. The name is known and popular in several states of India.

5. Nahul:

Nahul is another lovely and modern rare name. The name Nahul means powerful.

6. Naksh:

Naksh is a beautiful and charming baby boy name we absolutely love. It means moon or stars. This also symbolizes shine and glow. It is originated from Hindi and Sanskrit languages.

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7. Naman:

Naman is a lovely name mostly found in the Northern part of India. The name Naman means bowing or to pay homage.

8. Nandan:

Nandan means celebration or pleasing. The name also symbolizes the temple and other names for Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. It is a lovely and beautiful baby boy name under the Anuradha nakshatra.

9. Narun:

Narun’s name is derived from the Hindu religious texts and mythology. Narun means the leader of men. This is beautiful Anuradha nakshatra names for a boy.

10. Nausad:

Nausad or Naushad means happy. The name is a rare choice of a baby boy’s name, which isn’t much found or common as yet in India.

11. Navdeep:

Navdeep is a lovely name, which is a popular yet youthful choice for many. The name Navdeep means light or a new lamp. Another spelling variation to Navdeep is Navdip.

12. Neelkanta:

Neelkanta is another name for Lord Siva. It also means a blue-necked lord. Another name variation to Neelkanta is Neelkanth. This is among popular Anuradha nakshatra names in Telugu and Tamil.

13. Neelesh:

Neelesh is a traditional baby boy name which means moon or Lord Krishna. It is a lovely and evergreen baby boy name for Anuradha nakshatra.

14. Neelambar:

Neelambar name is originated from two Hindi words, Neel and Ambar, which means blue sky. This is a common yet classic Anuradha nakshatra male names.

15. Neeraj:

Neeraj is a lovey and very common baby boy name. It means lotus flower. The name also symbolizes radiate, glow and illuminate. Neeraj is much found in South Indian states.

16. Neeshik:

Neeshik means new. The name is derived from the Hindi language and is a completely new unique baby boy name choice right now.

17. Nejav:

Nejav or Neejav means empathy or eternity. The baby boy name is rare and is a new invention which isn’t found much as of today. If you want a completely new name choice, this can be good to go.

18. Netik:

Netik means the best of all or an excellent person. It also means a person who stands by the values. This is among unique boy names for Anuradha nakshatra.

19. Nidan:

Nidan is lovely and one of our favorite baby boy names. It means treasure or wealth. This name is not much found and is a unique choice.

20. Nihaan:

Nihaan sounds so charming and beautiful. Nihaal means young, happiness, or complete person. The name is new and now gaining importance and popularity in both North and South India.

21. Nihanth:

Nihant or Nihaanth means a joyful or cheerful person. It also means never-ending.

22. Niketh:

Niketh means Lord of Everyone. It also means house, residence, or home. It is derived from the Hindi and Sanskrit languages.

23. Nuvesh:

If you prefer much of a traditional name and meaning, Nuvesh can be good. This one is also unique and not commonly found. Nuvesh means new Veda knowledge.

24. Nuvansh:

Nuvansh means a sensitive person. The name is derived from Indian languages.

25. Nivun:

Nivun means offerings or prayers to the Lord. The name is a modern choice and is a rare yet beautiful, pronouncing baby boy name for Anuradha nakshatra.

Anuradha Nakshatra Baby Girl Names:

26. Nabhita:

Nabhita or Nabhitha means a fearless soul. The name is originated from the Hindi language and is a lovely modern and unique baby girl name for Anuradha nakshatra.

27. Nadiya:

Nadiya means the beginning. The name also means first or black. This Anuradha nakshatra female names is a lovely and charming baby girl name choice, which is rarely found.

28. Nagamani:

If you want a traditional baby girl’s name, this can be a good choice. Nagamani means tune or melody of nagadevata.

29. Nairiti:

Nairiti is a beautiful baby girl name, which means an angel or apsara like beauty. The name is originated from the mythology stories and is a lovely, charming name choice.

30. Nakishka:

Nakishka or Nakiska means a star. The name is originated from Hindi and other Indian languages and is not commonly found as yet.

31. Namita:

Namita or Namitha means a humble or worshipper. The name isn’t completely a new choice, however, is a youthful and beautiful baby girl name for Anuradha nakshatra.

32. Namya:

Namya is a new baby girl’s name. It means politeness or someone who is modest. This is among the rarest baby girl names for Anuradha nakshatra.

33. Nandini:

The name Nandini is a very popular baby girl name in South India. It means holy cow and also refers to goddess Durga and Ganga. The name also symbolizes happiness and blessing.

34. Nashika:

Nashika name is originated from the Hindi language, and it means indestructible. The Anuradha nakshatra girl names also imply strong and bold.

35. Navaja:

Navaja is a lovely and popular baby girl name which means new. The other variations to the same name are navdha or navatha

36. Nayasana:

Nayasana is a lovely yet charming traditional baby girl name, which means freshness. This is a new girl, Anuradha nakshatra Vrischika Rashi, names for Anuradha birth star.

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37. Neelakshi:

Neelakshi means a blue-eyed soul. It is originated from two words, Neela and Akshi, in the Sanskrit language, implying blue and eyes.

38. Neeharika:

Neeharika is a very famous and popular baby girl name across states in India. It means misty, milky way, or dew drops.

39. Neelima:

Neelima is a lovely and again a popular name in the South Indian states. The name Neelima means blue sky, blue complexioned beauty, or beauty with a blue reflection.

40. Neerva:

Neerva is a new and unique baby girl name which means pure water. It is derived from the Sanskrit and Hindi Indian languages.

41. Neetika:

Neetika or Neethika means a virtuous person. It also means a soul with morals and principles. The name also implies a leader.

42. Neshika:

Neshika means honest. The name is a new and unique, rare baby girl name, and its origins aren’t known as yet. This is a lovely Anuradha nakshatra Hindu baby name choice.

43. Netra:

Netra means an eye. It also means leader. The Anuradha nakshatra names in Sanskrit is popular yet a classic choice for girls’ names in several states.

44. Nidha:

Nida or Nidha means to sleep or night. The name also means darkness. It is originated from Urdu and Hindi languages. If you want a short cute baby girl name, this can be a good choice.

45. Nidhi:

Nidhi is a lovely yet famous name already for baby girls. It means brilliant. The name also means wealth and treasure.

46. Nuthan:

Nuthan or Nutan name is originated directly from the Hindi word, Nuthan, which means new.

47. Nupur:

Nupur is a famous name in North India already, which means anklet. Another spelling variant to the name is Noopur.

48. Niza:

In case you are looking for the perfect short, cute modern and rare baby girl name, Niza can be a good choice. Niza means a young girl.

49. NityaPriya:

If you prefer a unique and lovely baby girl name with a charming meaning, NityaPriya can be a good choice. It means ever pleasing.

50. Nushka:

Nushka means precious possession. The name origins aren’t much known as yet, but it is a rare and lovely baby girl’s name.

Unisex Names for Anuradha Nakshatra:

51. Nisharg:

Nisharg means nature. The name also implies beauty and grace. It is a unisex baby name suitable for both boys and girls in Anuradha nakshatra.

52. Niya:

Niya means bright or purpose. The name is a new and modern rare choice suitable for boys and girls both

53. Niral:

Niral means unique. The name also means calm and is originated from the Hindi language. This is suitable for both boys’ and girls’ names.

54. Nartan:

Nartan means dance. The name is lovely and can suit boys and girls who want their little one to have a traditional meaning.

55. Nirzara:

Nirzara is a lovely and modern rare name. The origins of the name aren’t known as yet, but it means calm and young.

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Twin Baby Names for Anuradha Nakshatra:

56. Naag – Naadha:

Naag means serpent god or big serpent. Naadha means sound or tune. This is lovely twin baby boy and girl name choices for Anuradha nakshatra.

57. Naatika – Naavinya:

Naatika and Naavinya are twin baby girl name choices. The name Naatika means dancers or musical raag. Naavinya means new.

58. Nabin – Nachik:

Nabin and nachik are twin baby boy names. The name Nabin means new and nachik means son of Vajashrravas.

59. Neera – Neerad:

Neera means pure water or juice. Neerad means clouds. These are modern and unique twin baby girl and boy name choices for Anuradha nakshatra.

60. Nivaan – Nivali:

Nivaan means holy or limited. Nivali means tribute. These are lovely baby girl name choices for Anuradha nakshatra borns.

We hope you enjoyed glancing at these lovely and beautiful Anuradha nakshatra baby names. These are the perfect blend of modern, charming, graceful and lovely baby names for boys and girls. We hope you have found the perfect fit for your little one.


All the names given above have their meanings as per context and time. These meanings and symbols may alter according to different cultures, countries, regions, and languages. We advise conducting your extensive research before to understand the several interpretations attached to the name.


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