Lip glosses make your lips look plumper and fuller. They add a luscious shine to your lips, which every one of us craves for that luscious shine on our lips. You can get that if you apply the lip gloss properly. Following are some tips and guidelines to follow while applying lip gloss. Remember these tips the next time you use lip gloss on your lips.

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1. Start with cleaning your lips. Scrub your lips using a lip scrub. Otherwise, you can apply a moisturizer and use a paper towel to remove all the chapped parts and dead skin from your lips. This will make the lips look clean and smooth and ease the application.

2. Then apply a clear lip balm to your lips. You can also apply coloured ones if you want colour on your lips. Apply it evenly and then gently dab it using your finger.

3. You can start applying the lip gloss from this step of applying a lip gloss after applying lipstick.

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4. If you are applying lipstick, start lignin your lips using a lip liner. Start from the centre of your lips and then cover the edges of the lips until the corner.

5. If you have thinner lips, you can plump them up by lining the lips for the outer edge of the lip border.

6. Then fill in the lips with a lipstick. Dab using a tissue to remove any excess product. You can go for a second swipe if you want an intense colour.

7. Then Start applying lip gloss. You can use a transparent lip gloss to maintain the lipstick colour.

8. You can go for a coloured lip gloss to bring out the intensity of colour on your lips. You can use the same coloured gloss as the lipstick or something, a shade up or down.

9. Start from the centre of your lips and then work towards the edges. Dab slightly using a tissue to remove the stickiness and excess product.

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10. Dab your lips against each other. Wipe the excess product from the corner of your lips using a cotton bud.

11. You are done applying the perfect lip gloss for your lips.

12. For a fuller, plumper effect, use sparking lip gloss. That will give a dimension to your lips.

13. Always tone down your eyes if you want sparkling lips. You don’t want to look shiny and sparkly like a disco ball.

14. Use mild-coloured lip gloss for the day and bright, shiny ones for the night. Day wear can have all the nudes and mild mauves that go well with the original lip colour and won’t look like too much unnecessary colour is added to the lips.

15. Go for colours that are appropriate for your age. Also, bright colours tend to bleed more, so be careful.


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