Indeed lucky and blessed, are those who are born in the month of April, for their birthstone is the most prized stone. Yes, brilliant and sparkling white coloured diamond is the birthstone for men and women born in the month of April. Exuding a hint of mystery element with innocence, diamonds are symbolic of love and positive strength.

9 Latest and Stylish Jewelry of April Birthstones 2022:

Let we have to look at the top 9 April Birthstones.

1. April Birthstones Ring for Men:

Diamonds studded in finger rings are a great way to include the birthstone in everyday life. Men can flaunt this diamond round, three stoned finger band for everyday wear too as this matches any outfit and is really subtle too.

2. Diamond Studs for Men:

Studs are a coolest and trendiest fashion accessory for men these days. So why not diamond studs for men born in the luckiest month April flaunting those expensive birthstones on their ears.

3. April Birthstone Bracelets for Men:

Bracelets are the fashion accessory flaunted by men regularly in various elements, metals and shades. These expensive diamond bracelets for hunks born in the month of April with gold are one priced possession and great way to flaunt their birthstone.

4. Birthstone Diamond Chain for Men:

These are one expensive thing for men born in April with their birthstone. These are lovely shiny chain necklaces for men with full round prong set diamonds. This has a luxurious royal look and with the lustrous gold finish, this is one designer fashion accessory for sure.

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5. April Birthstone Earrings for Girls:

Blessed are the babies born in April. Baby girls can be decked in these really cute tiny screw back diamond earrings. This earring has a brilliant diamond April birthstones for little girls and they can actually carry their lucky stone all around with them.

6. April Birthstone Finger Rings for Women:

Diamonds are a girls’ best friend. Finger rings are that accessory flaunted by every woman. This brilliant big diamond studded finger ring looks resplendent and will enhance a woman’s personality manifold. Women born in the month of April are one lucky lot.

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7. Diamond Necklaces for Women:

This is one precious prized possession for any woman born in the month of April. Birthstone diamonds are studded brilliantly and beautifully as a trendy neck piece in this diamond necklace. This necklace has eleven huge diamonds in gradual increase in size made into a masterpiece with a delicate chain of white gold.

8. Birthstone Diamond Pendants for Women:

Pendants and chains are a must have accessory for women. Diamond pendants are an excellent gift for a woman born in April. Diamond pendants in different shapes in yellow gold or a white gold looks beautiful on a woman’s neck. This can be a gift to oneself from the first salary too. April women are really lucky.

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9. April Birthstone Earrings for Women:

Earrings are an everyday wear for a woman. Inclusion of diamonds is the best thing to use the birthstone to be clubbed in every day jewellery. The earrings can be small diamond studs, tear drop diamond earrings or elaborate chandelier diamond earrings.

The most coveted and the expensive stone till date is what April born are treated to as their birthstone. Diamonds are symbolic to pure and true love. Diamonds are known to provide strength, clarity of thought, better relationships and a balance in life to those who are wearing them. People are more affectionate and kind to their loved ones and are equally strong too.


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