Going through this article, I can guess that you come under the Aquarius zodiac sign, looking for tattoo designs. But it would help if you chose a tattoo that ticks all your boxes and vibes with your personality. The tattoo shouldn’t be basic and needs to have quirky, mysterious, and unpredictable features. Thankfully, you need not be alone in your search. We have curated a list of some of the best Aquarius tattoo designs you can look at before choosing one.

15+ Beautiful Aquarius Tattoo Designs:

You can incorporate several ideas into your tattoo designs, especially when getting an Aquarius tattoo. According to astrology, Aquarians are the most chill people born in chilly weather. They are people who would love to give back to society. Let us go through the tattoo options.

1. Bold Aquarius Symbol Tattoo:

This Aquarius wrist tattoo wouldn’t take long enough and is relatively simple. You can keep this tattoo hidden because it can fit anywhere. The bold lines represent the waves associated with Aquarius representing this zodiac sign beautifully. This tattoo is an excellent option if you want a more low-key tattoo.

2. Tiny Aquarius Tattoo:

This sweet yet straightforward Aquarius wave design is one of the best tattoo designs, which is subtle and expresses tons of love. The design makes an impression, although the design might look like a couple of wavy lines. However, the pattern seems impressive anywhere on your body as it is cute. This tattoo looks beautiful on anybody, irrespective of gender.

3. Aquarius Tattoo For Ladies With A Heart:

If you want to represent your feminine style in your zodiac sign, this Aquarius tattoo for females is an excellent choice. Aquarius words are written in cursive letters across a beautiful red heart, and adding attractive flowers on either side will elevate the design further. In addition, the use of multiple colours makes the tattoo look exceptionally attractive. Women usually prefer these designs, but men can also choose to get them.

4. Unique Dotted Aquarius Tattoos:

This pattern is ideal if you are into a detailed Aquarius zodiac tattoo. The extensive details used in the tattoo will certainly catch anyone’s eye. The Aquarius constellation, wavy pattern, and water pot combination are perfect for exuding wonder. Remember that this design will take up quite a space on your body—the ideal place to get this tattoo engraved in the back, sleeve, or biceps.

5. Aquarius Geometric Tattoo:

This Aquarius tattoo idea is an excellent addition to your body art if you are into a simple, geometric tattoo design. This pattern represents all the elements of the zodiac sign Aquarius. The vertical representation of all the Aquarius elements makes the tattoo look good on the limbs, biceps, or back of the neck beautifully.

6. Simple Aquarius Sign Tattoo:

These beautiful zigzag lines in wave patterns are a pretty common small Aquarius tattoo, as they can look stunning on any person, irrespective of gender and age. You don’t have to look further if you want something simple from a tattoo design. Unlike those filled with black ink, this tattoo has double lines where the inside is left empty.

7. Cool Aquarius Tattoo Near The Ankle:

This is another example of wavy Aquarius tattoos that blend in yet stand out beautifully for guys or girls. Unlike all the patterns before, the wearer of this design used blue ink, making it unique and special. The blue colour symbolizes water which goes perfectly hand in hand with the waves. Using two shades of blue is yet another speciality of this design.

8. Aquarius Tattoo Designs:

If you are into a simple alphabetical tattoo for your zodiac sign, the Aquarius letter tattoo is a perfect solution. The small letters are written vertically in a bold font without any fuss. Although the wearer has used black ink, you can use different ink for alphabets. This tattoo looks exceptional on the limbs and back of the neck.

9. Colorful Aquarius Wave Tattoo:

This is another set of gorgeous Aquarius tattoo designs that are elegant and done vertically. The waves are in bold black ink with a splash representing blue water. Women usually prefer this Aquarius tattoo, but young girls and men can also complete this design. This tattoo looks the best when engraved on the limbs or the back of your neck since it is done vertically.

10. Cute Aquarius Tattoo On The Neck:

This Aquarius star tattoo is engraved on the wearer’s neck and beautifully represents the air and water elements. The triangle represents the air element, and the two waves inside the triangle represent the water element beautifully. Although the design looks beautiful for women, men can also get this done, and it looks good on the wrist, neck, or arm.

11. Expressive Aquarius Tribal Tattoo:

If you want an extensive pattern for your zodiac body art, this Aquarius tribal tattoo design is an excellent option. You can see a lot of strength in depicting this design since water is a force of nature. This is a tattoo when you want to show off your power beautifully. This tattoo combines black and blue, bringing a realistic look to the design.

12. Minimalist Aquarius Tattoo Image:

If you are a fan of minimalism, this Aquarius tattoo represents more meaning in two simple wavy lines because it is unnecessary to have a massive tattoo for this purpose. You can get this tattoo anywhere on the body because it is pretty simple. The wearer has a pattern near the wrist with a number on the side, representing a deeper meaning.

13. Aquarius Zodiac Tattoo Design On The Arm:

The bright colours make the simple Aquarius tattoo more appealing and attractive to the wearer and onlooker. The water symbol is done in black ink in the form of two waves, and a rustic splash of blue is done, which comes across realistically. The arm is perfect for engraving this tattoo, whether a man or a woman.

14. Aquarius Star Sign Tattoo Designs:

This Aquarius tattoo design on the wrist looks very feminine. The sleek and straightforward lines blend in beautifully without causing too much fuss. In addition, the placement of white and black dots across the tattoo makes it stand out among many other macho designs.

15. Impressive Aquarius Zodiac Tattoo Ideas:

If you are a fan of images that help you represent the Aquarius zodiac sign, this one is a perfect option. The bright blue colour to represent the endless water pouring looks beautifully realistic. Placing fishes in the water also depicts Aquarius, where the waterfalls are on them. The shading looks exceptionally beautiful, suitable for all genders, and best when engraved on limbs.

16. Aquarius Sign Tattoo Design:

This Aquarius sign tattoo is an excellent option if you enjoy simple designs. The sleek and sharp lines give the simple design a stylish finish. This tattoo design can be a perfect option for entry into the body art world. You can either opt for different colours instead of black if you want. You can get this tattoo anywhere on the body because it is pretty simple and doesn’t occupy much space.

17. Alluring Tattoo Aquarius Symbol:

This is yet another Aquarius tattoo design with cute little waves portrayed beautifully on the waist. The wearer has gotten the waves engraved in black ink, and light blue is used to get a splash of water design vertically, giving it a realistic look. Again, the wearer got this tattoo on the waist, allowing them to conceal or show it off at their convenience.

18. Bright Aquarius Tattoo Designs For Guys:

If you are fed up with black ink and want to use bright colours, this Aquarius tattoo is perfect. The triangles in this design represent the air element, and the bold black waves represent the water element combining them beautifully. The unique feature of this tattoo design is vibrant colours like blue and pink, which elevate the design further.


The Aquarius tattoos mentioned in this article express your personality perfectly in a stylish way. Ensure you thoroughly review the tattoo options and choose the one that matches your personality and style. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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