Arabic Bridal Makeup has dramatic, bold and gorgeous eye makeup with very soft touch-ups on the lips and cheeks. The overall look is very sensuous and sophisticated. Right eye makeup is essential for Arabic Brides. The use of colours and hues is done wisely to add to their beautiful eyes.

Before you start, ensure that you use a good cosmetic kit and brushes. Arabic makeup is all about using the right tools in the right manner. Here are simple steps you can follow to get the desired look for the eyes and accentuate the overall appearance of brides.

The Base:

Like most make-up bases, use a good foundation, corrector and concealer to give the face a smooth and even tone. This is beneficial to hide the fine lines and patches (if any) on the skin. Use a moist make-up pad and mix it on the skin by gently dabbing it all over the face and eyes.

Apply dots of concealer and foundation on the neck and ears. Blend them to the skin and pat them using a moist pad. Make sure you use the right shade of the base to prevent the cakey look. Also, hide the darkness above the lid and under the eye using a corrector.

Apply foundation on the lips too. This prevents the lip colour from spreading and makes the lipstick long-lasting.

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The Eyes:

We start with the eyes. Apply a matte shade along the crease to give depth to the eyes. Make sure you do not use a very dark tone because this is a base colour, and highlighting will require a lot of kohl. Too dark a base, and there are chances that one might look dark.

With the use of smudge-free kohl and a lot of eye shadows, give the eyes a right look. Use shades of colours that belong to the same family as Arabic make-up do not involve a lot of colours.
Apply several coats of a dark shade of mascara that goes well with your eye makeup shade, this will add a lot of volume to the eyelashes making the eyes look denser.

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The Lips:

Peaches and pretty pinks are the most used shades for lips. Use a very light shade lip liner to outline the lips and give them a definite shape. Do not try to make the lips look bigger by outlining the outer corner. Using a similar shade of lipstick, apply the light base on the overall lips.

With a nude gloss on the lower lips only, complete the overall look and make the lips look plump. This is essential to add shine to the lips without making them look dark. Application of lipstick should be done using a brush for an even tone on the lips. Do not use dark shades, this will give a very bold look.

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The Cheeks:

There are very subtle highlights on the cheeks that comprise mainly of basic pinks that do not have a lot of glitters. Using a glittery blush shade can make one look dark and unnecessary highlighting can look very cakey.

Start from the inner cheeks and use a big brush to spread the shade to the outer corner. The use of appropriate brushes also plays an important role in any make-up.

Use of the right soft shades is of utmost importance in Arabic Bridal make-up, or for that matter, any make-up. It surely is the biggest day of one’s life, and nothing can be better than having a complete makeover with this simple and easy formula.


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