Ardha Matsyendrasana is also known as half lord of the fishes pose. This yoga pose is very common for people who are suffering from spinal problems. Yoga Matsyendrasana is named after a great yogi Matsyendranath, who was the actual founder of yoga. This yoga pose not only helps in curing nervous disorders, but also provides peace of mind to all its practitioners.

This pose often gives its practitioner a perfect fit and provides many health benefits. This pose not only energizes our body, but also helps in restoring the balance of the body. Follow the steps given below, if you want to learn this asana.

Steps For Doing Ardha Matsyendrasana

1. Just place a mat on the floor.
2. Firstly, just sit in Padmasana pose and keep your body in a comfort zone. Allow the whole body to be in relaxing mode.
3. Now carefully start bending backwards. Give support to your body with your arms and your elbows.
4. Now start lifting your chest slightly. Slowly take your head back and very carefully start lowering the crown of your head towards the floor. Make sure that it doesn’t rest on the floor.
5. Now slowly, hold your big toes and just rest your elbows on the floor.
6. Allow your head, buttocks and legs to support the weight of your whole body.
7. Now carefully return your whole body back to the starting position. Just reverse the order of your movements.
8. Now you can simply repeat the asana with the legs crossed the other way.
9. Make sure to hold this asana for minimum 3 minutes.
10. Also breathe slowly and deeply when you’re in the final position.

You can practice this asana daily. For people who have just started this asana may find this asana to be a little difficult. So during this time, you can start with a bit of variation. You can practice this yoga with twists. Twists provide you with lots of flexibility and will definitely help you in balancing. Matsyendrasana helps in keeping you healthy, young and energetic.

So make sure to practice this asana for 5 minutes early morning. People suffering from heart disease and backache should avoid this asana. Consult your doctor before practicing this particular asana. Practice this asana within your limits. This asana provides you with numerous benefits.

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Benefits Of Matsyendrasana

Matsyendrasana is considered to provide its practitioners with immense benefits. It claims to destroy deadly diseases in a human body. It also helps in awakening of the cosmic energy called kundalini within your body.

It helps in stretching of your hips, shoulder, neck and spine. It tends to relieve your body from all kinds of pain and fatigue.

If you’re having the pain of sciatica or a severe backache, then practicing this particular pose will relieve your body in the long run. It is considered to be therapeutically effective for people having asthma problems and fertility disorders.

This asana stimulates your digestive fiber and helps in increasing your appetite. People who often suffer from the problem of digestion should include this asana in their day to day activities.

A lot of people may be aware that this asana also stimulates your kidney and liver and helps in the proper functioning of the body. A lot of women practice this yoga to tone their abs. Now a day’s both men and women are very much health conscious. So they try and include yoga in their day list activities. It not only energizes their body, but also resolves their body problems in the long run.

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