Ariana Grande is one of the most popular singers and models who rose to fame quite early in her age. Besides her singing skills, Ariana’s beauty is the talk of the fashion town across the globe. Her looks and statement styles are widely applauded. If you are one such fashionista and love youthful looks, Ariana Grande hairstyles and signature looks are not to be missed!

With her chubby, cute, and lovely youthful style, we love how Grande styles herself in every event and occasion. This compilation of top Ariana Grande hair styles is going to be quite a treat for all who love to look no less than a diva!

15 Trending Ariana Grande Hairstyles and Looks in 2023:

Ariana Grande has such beautiful natural hair that looks smooth and silky, which we quite admire about her. These lovely and trendy latest styles are surely going to grab your attention!

1. Half Up Half Down Ariana Grande Hairstyle:

Ariana Grande always inspires us to stay grounded with simple yet classic feminine style statements. We have yet another simple yet elegant hairstyle just for you. This half hair down look with the sleek double braid on both sides is a charming idea to check out. Girls and women in their 20s age group can prefer this for a cool and vibrant contemporary look.

2. Sleek Hair Bun:

Hair buns have always been a demanded haircut in the fashion world. The celebrities only further pushed this existing craze with different sleek and chic looks. We love this Ariana Grade sleek rolled high hair bun. It looks absolutely charming and sophisticated and exudes youthful and chic mesmerizing looks. Women with oval face shapes and fine, straight hair texture can give this a try!

3. Ariana Grande’s White Highlights:

With her cute lovely expression and the flowy smooth white and grey highlighted hair, we quite appreciate the way Ariana Grande throws in such casual looks. She has further taken a bit of sleek hair from both sides and tied it up with elastic. We quite love how this look appears youthful and timeless. Be it for oval or any elongated or long face; this Ariana Grande’s natural new hair can be a bet for all young girls out there.

4. Ariana Grande’s High Ponytail:

Often when we think about the ponytail, we assume a normal and casual everyday look. But we are in awe of how Grande has transformed a simple ponytail style into a versatile and trendy fashionista look. With the sleek and edgy high pony, be it any high-end fashion event or a party with friends, this hairstyle can be a good trend and match. Women across age groups can also try this Ariana Grande high ponytail out.

5. Ariana Grande in Red Hair:

Ariana Grande loves experimenting with hair colours and we have already seen it above. This red hairstyle is one such casual yet trendy look. With a chic style statement and a youthful, smiling face, we love how effortlessly she looks beautiful. For enhancing the look, we see how the fashionista also took a bit of hair on the side to roll it up and pin it behind. What do you guys think about this one?

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6. Space Bun Hairstyle:

Have you ever come across space bun hairstyles? If you haven’t you mustn’t miss out on this millennial hairstyle trend, which is a favourite of our Ariana Grande. With half hair up and half hair down, all that you need to do is take two buns on the sides and pin them up. Be it any casual gatherings or parties, or dinner dates, this space bun hairstyle is the new talk of the fashion town. Women in the young age group can nail this trend.

7. Ariana Grande’s Sleek Braided Ponytail:

While a braid long ponytail is quite feminine and graceful in its looks, you can even look super stylish as a chic. Here is one such beautiful example by this diva. All that Ariana Grande has done here is take three sleek tiny braids on the sides of the crown and blend them up with a perfect smooth ponytail. For the lovely makeover and overall edgy appearance, this is quite a match. Also, can you believe this is the real smooth long hair of the diva? Yes, we are shocked, too; we all need some tips!

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8. Ariana Grande with Bangs:

Bangs instantly add lovely reflection and style to anyone who tries to flaunt it. Ariana Grande is no exception and she only looks further gorgeous. This blonde hair, bangs and pony are quite one of our vintage classics. With the simple go-to style, you too create a similar look and style effortlessly. These kinds of long hairstyles with bangs, try it your regular casual styles or a busy scheduled day; this Ariana Grande ponytail with bangs look can quite be a deal.

9. Double Braids:

The braids hairstyle has become a global phenomenon and we can’t deny it. Ariana Grande so effortlessly flaunts the simple double braided hairstyle and we are gushing over this one. For women in younger age groups and teenagers, this can be ideal and suitable for a simple yet charming style statement. What do you think?

10. The Vintage Fashionista:

This classic hairstyle used to be quite a trend back in the 1960s and 70s, and just look how well Ariana Grande is portraying a similar style. With the cute waves and sleek look, we love how this knotted ponytail adds volume and enhancement to the diva style statement. For a chic event or occasion, or a trendy fashion day out, this style shouldn’t be missed out.

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11. The Low Ponytail:

Ariana Grande looks so beautiful in all kinds of curly ponytail hairstyles and one cannot deny the fact. This low, sleek ponytail is no exemption too. All that you need to do is achieve this look is take hair after brushing it out well and add on two or three layers of criss-cross braiding style before tying a low pony. This can add to the feminine effect you see in the picture.

12. Ariana in the Dense Curls:

In case you are wondering curly hair is all messy and fussy; our diva proves it wrong. Just see how beautifully Ariana Grande styles out and flaunts her curly hair. These dense, beautiful curls can be ideal for all the women and girls out there who want to try out something new and yet look mesmerizing and stunning.

13. Ariana Grande in Wavy Hair:

With mild beautiful waves all around the hair and leaving hair open, this signature girl’s hairstyle is nailed by our beauty. Be it casual girl’s outings, a vacation, or regular college/office days, and this simple yet elegant style can be easily worked on regularly. Women across age groups can further try this versatile style statement.

14. Short Curly Hair Look:

This picture was quite taken when Ariana Grande is younger in her age. With the short length curly hair and the lovely smile, she thrills us all with the simple yet charming style statement. You can try it out too and yet look beautiful in this same manner. Be it for everyday looks or special events; this versatile hairstyle is super easy to achieve as well.

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15. Ariana Grande Ombre Hair:

Ariana’s colour choice for hair is basic and neutral. This ombre hair colour seems so natural yet elegant. We love how she displays this lovely style effortlessly. With mild waves at the edges and simple braids on the sides with medium length hair, Ariana Grande has nailed this youthful and girly look. Be it for parties or dinners or movie nights; this can be a good match.

16. Ariana Grande in Platinum Hair:

While platinum hair needs some courage to do with the experiment, our diva has done it too. This lovely and messy pony in the platinum hair is quite lovely, and Ariana Grande looks flawless. If you are bold and experimental and prefer styles which would stand out from the crowd, do not miss out on this one.

17. Ariana in the Loose Straight Hair:

With the golden hair highlights and smooth straight loose hair, this is another regular casual style Ariana Grande has flaunted. If you think celebrities cannot possibly come out with casual looks, this diva proves us wrong. With the regular everyday style statement yet with the cute lovely smile, we love how her style statements and fashion ideas are approachable.

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Ariana Grande’s hairstyles are the talk of the fashion town for all the obvious reasons – she so beautifully portrays all kinds of styles effortlessly and flawlessly. The youthful styles are so approachable and easy to do as well. Try them out and tell us which is your favourite one; we love to hear from you!


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