In the olden days, there was no guarantee of the secondary factors like comfort, cosines etc. But as time went by, things started evolving. Chairs now not only serve the purpose of sitting but give comfort a primary importance. Chairs eventually were grouped under several such categories like bean bag chairs, Adirondack chairs, accent chairs, stools, camping chairs, recliners and many more. Plastic, wood, metal, upholstery of different fabric and colours are the various varieties of materials available. In this particular article, we are going to talk about armchair.

Best Armchair Designs And Ideas India:

Let’s see the top 15 arm chair designs which will give an idea while going to buy them.

1.  Camnut Arm Chair:

A chair with provided arm rests are mainly called arm chairs. The arm rests present not only provides additional contentment but also helps in the distribution of the body weight uniformly when arms are placed on the armrests. You can even decorate your chair with arm pads which will give you greater comfort.

2. Wooden Border Arm Chair:

Wooden armchair is usually sturdy and have long life strength. Although, a few of the range are quite big and are not easy to move, some can be easily moved from one place to another. You can also paint on the wood with a weather resistant paint to protect it from the extreme weather conditions and make it last longer.

3. Broad U Arm Chair:

Leather armchair is the most classic way of stylizing your furniture. This Leather not only comes at different colours but also comes of different varieties. Leather gives a comfort that is not available in any other product. Using a chair that has leather cushions is extremely comfortable to use. It provides you the perfect place to rest after a busy and long day.

4. Small Round Cushioned Chair:

The main advantage of small armchair is that they are portable and can be moved according to the place of need. You can place a small chair pairing it up with a matching or contrasting ottoman or even use it for an extra seating at the dinner table. You can also place it near your PC and enjoy movies in a comfortable way.

5. Modern Arm Chairs:

Living room area usually includes sofa sets and center or coffee table. But due to the inclusion of new designs of sofas, living room chairs are a big deal and apparently can change the total outlook of your living room. The arm chairs living room is generally big in sizes and are difficult to carry.

6. White Dotted Border Chairs:

White is not only the colour of peace but it has the capability of making a small place look big. The advantage of using a white armchair is that it suits any colour background. A small white chair can be made of any quality starting from leather to any upholstery of fabric and can be paired with a contrasting colored ottoman for best results.

7. Sober Broad Arm Chairs:

This chairs can add an inviting texture to your home decor. Grey is a soothing colour and is suitable for light as well as bright colored backgrounds. Grey chairs are usually suited in the leather texture.

8. Dual Layer High Arm Chairs:

High back chair adds a classic look to your home decor. High backed chairs add extra contentment for your back as you have extra space for it. It is suitable for reading books and watching movies. It can be really heavy, hence cannot be moved very easily.

9. Covered High Arm Chair:

A new design in the high back armchair design is given a groovy appearance with complete roof like covering. The covering of the chair is given a velvet touch with a steel border. The curvy stool bars below make it trendier to decorate your living.

10. Rocking Arm Chair:

A rocking is mostly used to decorate the children’s room or the elder’s room. The chair is made from fiber with steel coating and two wooden curves below that allows the chair to rock. It is a perfect design to rest while reading.

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11. Spindle Chair with Arm Design:

An antique design when combined with grey armchair design gives your room a primeval appearance. The chair is made with wooden stripes with slight golden colour touch. For more comfort, a small round cushion can be placed on it.

12. Recliner Chair Design:

The recliner chair design is mostly adopted by the senior citizens. The leather armchair is given a woolen center till the end. The leg portion can also rise for giving comfort to your legs, especially for the pregnant women. Such chairs are also known as theater chairs.

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13. Arm with Pocket Chair:

A king size cushioned sofa chair with arm facility is now also given a pocket that helps you to store your books, remote or other things you use while sitting on the chair. The cover of the chair is given a printed design to emboss its look.

14. Italian Style Chair:

A royal looking Italian design for arm chair would decorate your collection of antiques in the living flawlessly. The chair is made with wooden in golden colour covering. The cushion below and on the back, is given a design in italic design with floral crafts on it.

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15. Arm Chair with Palm Design:

The leather arm chair with a palm look gives utmost comfort to the seater. The chair is made with leather with a steel fitting below to give it complete support. The cushioned chair gives a stylish look for your waiting rooms or bed rooms.

The hoary arm chair designs are now replaced with lavishing droughts, which has also increased the solace level to provide the seater with relaxation. Some of the designs popular among the buyers are dining chair, traditional armchair, vintage, gliders, parson chair, blazing needles chair, wicker chairs, and much more. Such designs have driven the contentment of the users to a higher level encouraging the manufacturers to give out new designs.


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