Armlet is a type of jewellery which is worn in arms by women. Women have worn this type of jewellery since ancient times. It is also known as Vanki in South India. The other names for this type of jewellery are arming Patti and bajuband. People buy armlets in India for weddings or the festive season. One of the popular armlet jewellery is the upper arm bracelet. It is dazzling and can make you look gorgeous. It isn’t easy to choose the favourite armlet among the various armlet designs in the jewellery shops.

Latest And Stunning Collection Armlet Designs for Women:

Here are the top and trending models of armlets with images.

1. Traditional Armlet:

The traditional armlet is worth being owned by women. A heavy stone adornment on the traditional armlet can increase the beauty of the armlet. These armlet designs are worth to be tried at least once.

2. Nakshi Armlet:

Nakshi Armlets are made of very cultural and royal temple jewellery. They have beautiful carvings made out of gold on them. This armlet jewellery can make weddings of women memorable. The figure of goddess Lakshmi adds more beauty to Nakshi armlets.

3. Diamond/Precious Stones Goddess Lakshmi Armlet:

The diamond-precious stones armlet is already unique in its beauty. Adding the figure of goddess Lakshmi and a stone drop to this armlet jewellery is like icing on the cake. These armlet designs add holiness to your look with the carvings of goddess Lakshmi.

4. Clutch Armlet/Arm Patti:

A simple clutch armlet/arm Patti to match with the colour of a women’s saree is a good option for wearing for women at pre-wedding events. Clutch armlets also come in temple type jewellery with carvings on them. Having carvings on clutch armlets is an ancient way of getting your armlet designed. You can add greatness to your clutch armlet jewellery with stone drops to go with the colour of your saree.

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5. Thread Armlet:

These types of armlets come with threads so that the women can tie them to their hands. This is an old jewellery trend that has again come into existence. These armlets, like other armlets, add beauty to your look.

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6. Chain Style Armlet/Bajuband:

This type of armlet replaces the thread armlet as the gold chain is used instead of threads. Gold armlet designs are very majestic and good-looking. This is one of the most beautiful gold armlet designs. You can also wear silver armlets that have silver chains instead of gold chains.

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7. Peacock Armlet Designs:

This type of armlet has been designed similar to the shape of a peacock.  This upper arm armlet is one of the most beloved armlets because of its uniqueness and beauty.

8. Pearl Armlet:

This armlet adds magnificence to the jewellery of a bride. If your jewellery contains pearls, then your armlet should be made of numerous pearls too.

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9. Bangle Style Armlet Designs:

These armlets will add stylishness to a women’s beauty. As we can see in the image, there are different designs on different bangle style armlets. The first bangle style armlet has a leaf design, while the second bangle style armlet has a peacock design. The third bangle style armlet also has a beautiful and unique design on it. The fourth bangle armlet in the given image has a leaf design on it again. These dazzling and gorgeous bangle designs are a must-have for every woman.

As we can read, there are various types of armlet designs ranging from Nakshi armlets, diamond goddess Lakshmi armlets, to pearl armlets. These armlets can easily steal the heart of a woman as they add to the beauty of a woman. The armlets add splendour to the mehndi clad hands of a bride. You can choose an armlet based on your requirements; if a woman wants thread in an armlet, she can go for thread armlets. And if a woman wants goddess to be associated with her armlet, she can choose diamond precious stones goddess Lakshmi armlet.

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