It was back in 1931 when the first art silk or artificial silk was showcased to the whole world; if you’re wondering what art silk saree is? It was invented by a person who had very little to do with the fabric or the textile industry, which speaks volumes about the breakthrough invention it was. But rumours believe that it was none other than Henry Ford who then hired two chemist persons to produce the artificial silk from the fibres of soybean. Even though the source of the production was natural, the manufacturing process was not at all natural. In the same year, the USA created nylon fibre, which was also used to make art silk sarees, apart from fibres like rayon or viscose.

Importance of Art Silk Sarees:

The main importance of art silk sarees is that since these types of sarees almost resemble a normal naturally made silk saree; therefore it makes sense to use them for formal or semi-formal occasions. Also, the price makes it very compelling as well. Therefore, for shoppers who want to buy silk sarees and thus don’t want to spend more cash, art silk will be the best option. More choice is always better for the customer, without any doubt.

Art Silk Sarees Features:

  • The main feature of art silk sarees lies in the kind of fabric or fibre it uses.
  • As we all know, natural silk processing and manufacturing is costly, and with the help of fibres like rayon, nylon or viscose, the overall cost of art silk sarees is lower when compared to natural silk sarees.
  • Apart from the main manufacturing process, since the fibre is artificially manufactured, the longevity of the art silk sarees will also be greater.

Which Body Shape Women is Preferred:

Whether you are a slim looking woman or a chubby looking woman, art silk sarees will look great without any doubt. There is this wrong popular notion that, if you want to wear the best silk sarees, your body shape should be perfect, which is certainly not true at all. You need to decide on the kind of art silk saree you want to wear, and without any thinking, go for it. Personal satisfaction should be the key here.

Beautiful and New Designs of Artificial Silk Sarees with Images:

Do you like wearing a silk saree? Then art silk saris are the best option for you.

1. Embroidered Art Silk Saree:


These art silk sarees with embroidery mainly have their embroidery designs on the saree borders and slightly less on the body of the saree. Mostly solid colours are used in these sarees, with the embroidery done with gold threads and beads and stones detail. The designs mainly start from the saree borders and move towards the body of the saree.

2. Bhagalpuri Art Silk Saree:

The Bhagalpur sarees are inspired by the art of Bhagalpur, Bihar, Ranchi, etc. Therefore, the kind of design will depend on the Bhagalpur tradition and culture. Bhagalpur art silk sarees have a very simple design, with the use of two or more colours, along with designs being done on the red art silk saree borders and the body of the saree. You can wear these sarees for casual or everyday wear.

3. Banarasi Art Silk Saree:

Banarasi art silk sarees are the best for the overall design and uniqueness of the gold art silk saree as a whole. The best part of Banarasi art silk sarees is that the tradition and culture of Varanasi inspire the design, and it runs throughout the saree – be it on the body or the borders, along with solid colours or colour gradients are used. One can wear these sarees for semi-formal occasions or use them as everyday wear.

4. Kanjivaram Art Silk Saree:

These sarees are very popular due to the amount of design each maroon art silk saree is manufactured with, most of them concentrated towards the pallu. Colour gradients are used along with normal or exquisite designs, mainly on the saree borders and pallu, with less on the saree body. Kanjivaram art silk saris can be worn easily for weddings and festivals.

5. Designer Art Silk Saree:

Designer art silk sarees are very well known for their main focus on the design department, showcased throughout the whole part of the cream art silk saree. In this kind of sarees, the design is present on all parts of the saree, be it the body or border, with designer or art prints and various types of colour gradients. You can use the Designer art silk sarees for high-end events and night parties.

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6. Fancy Art Silk Saree:

Fancy art silk saris are great for casual wear because they do not have a much distinct look, which can separate them from the crowd. The design of Fancy art silk sarees mostly revolves around artistic and designer patterns with check design and solid or colour gradients. The designs are established in both the saree body and borders as well. Fancy art silk sarees will be fantastic for ethnic events.

7. Plain Art Silk Saree:

Plain art silk sarees are just normal art silk saris with very minimal designs and very simple in terms of looks. As already said before, Plain art silk sarees have very minimal designs, mostly concentrated on the saree borders, along with the use of mainly solid colours only. You can use Plain art silk sarees for casual wear as well as everyday wear as well. These types of sarees have the versatility and simplicity of being worn anytime, anywhere.

8. Art Silk Cotton Saree:

In this kind of artificial silk sarees, the main attractions of using cotton with the blend of artificial fibres are that the material becomes comfortable and breathable. Art silk cotton sarees have their fair share of artistic and designer prints, along with mostly colour gradients and not solid colours. Art silk cotton sarees can be used for any occasion, be it normal or casual events or it is formal and semi-formal events.

9. Printed Artificial Silk Saree:

Printed sarees have various art prints done mainly on the saree body, with the main emphasis being put on the looks of the saree. Printed art silk sarees have pretty straightforward designs, using two or more solid colours, with art prints and the saree borders being kept as slim as possible. You can easily use Printed sarees for everyday or casual wear. One can also use these sarees for semi-formal wear too as well, without much thinking or deciding.

10. Art Silk Pattu Saree:

With Art silk pattu saris, you will get sarees with very little emphasis on the design part and more emphasis on the choice of colours all over the saree. Art silk pattu sarees have fewer designs to talk about, and therefore the main attractions are the use of different types of colours and colour gradients. These types of sarees are mostly worked informal events. You can also use this kind of saree for semi-formal events too as well.

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11. Mimosa Art Silk Saree:

When it comes to Mimosa saree, the saree borders are the main attraction due to their width and the designer patterns that can find on them. Mimosa art silk saree uses mostly colour gradients, along with artistic designs more on the wide saree borders and less on the overall body of the saree. One can wear a Mimosa art silk sari for formal, casual or even semi-formal occasions.

12. Art Silk Half and Half Saree:

The best thing about half and half sarees are that one half of the saree has one solid colour, while the other half has another solid colour. Art silk half sarees has a very minimal design, with most being concentrated towards the saree borders, while the saree body has only solid colours. You can use artificial silk half sarees for any casual outings or parties. Apart from that, you can also use this kind of saree for any formal occasion as well.

13. Art Silk Wedding Saree:

These types of sarees made only for the wedding season has the best kind of designs and colours. The Art silk sarees for weddings consist of artistic and designer prints all over the saree body and on the saree borders and pallu. The colours that are used here are mostly solid. Obviously, Art silk wedding saris are made mostly for wedding events. But, you can also use this kind of saree for other formal or semi-formal events too as well.

14. White Art Silk Saree:

As per the name, the colour of the saree indeed remains white, with the designer prints being mostly artistic as well.  The design of the White art silk sari remains concentrated on the saree borders, with minimal designs on the saree body. The colour that is used is is mostly white, with the designs being in other colours. These types of sarees are made only for formal or semi-formal occasions. You can also use these sarees for everyday use too as well.

15. Pink Art Silk Saree:

Pink art silk saree is very much similar to the design of white silk sarees, and therefore there is not much to differentiate between the two, except for the colour. The design consists of artistic work done on the borders of the saree and the saree body. The main colour of the saree remains pink. One can wear a Pink art silk saree for normal formal occasions and also semi-formal occasions as well. These sarees can also be worn on an everyday basis.

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Which Blouse is Suitable for Art Silk Sarees:

There are different blouses that you can pair up with art silk sarees, be they high neck ones or boat neck ones. But the kind of blouse you should really go for is the boat neck 3/4th hand quarter blouse – which has a boat neck, along with the blouse covering ¾th of your arms. This is the best blouse combination you can get for your art silk sarees. You can always change up your style anytime, though.

How To Style Art Silk Sarees:

  • One can easily style any art silk sarees with two main things; first – the first would be to use long earrings. This means that you can use imitation jewellery or use gold jewellery as well.
  • Apart from that, you can also use a thick necklace with that combo, which will look like a choker on the neck.
  • These two things will be enough to get you started. You can always add your own creativity to the mix, too as well.

Therefore, we can easily see that, even though there are so many different kinds of art silk sarees available in today’s market, the main fabric remains the same throughout – either rayon or nylon. Thus, if you’re not comfortable with the above artificial fabrics, you will not be wise to proceed with art silk sarees. Otherwise, art silk sarees are the best way to not only save your money but also have one of the best looking sarees in your closet as well. Hopefully, this article will help you select the best for you and your specific needs.

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