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Top 9 Artery Cleansing Foods

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Arteries have the function of carrying oxygen-rich blood from the heart, and delivering it to the tissues spread through the body.Every artery is made up of three different layers – Intima (the inner layer), Media (layer that handles high pressure from the heart) and Adventitia (connective tissue linking arteries to the other nearby tissues).

What makes up for a healthy artery? A healthy artery has smooth inner walls which allows easy blood flow. However, owing to unhealthy lifestyle choices, these arteries may get clogged, with plaque built up on its inner walls. This clogging interrupts easy blood flow.

The plaque that clogs the arteries is essentially made up of fat, cholesterol, cellular waste, calcium and fibrin inside the body.It is very important to keep your arteries clean, healthy and running to lead a disease-free life. This can be done by intake of some healthy foods and leading a healthy lifestyle.

1. Olive Oil:

artery cleansing foods

Olive oil is known to be particularly good for a healthy heart. Olive oil contains anti-oxidants known as polyphenols and mono-saturated fats. This combination of mono-saturated fats and the anti-oxidants help in the reduction of unhealthy cholesterol. This reduction helps in ultimate reduction of plaque in the arteries.

You can use olive oil for culinary purposes for a healthy heart.

2. Garlic:

 Artery Cleansing Foods 2

Intake of garlic in your diet can help a great deal with your arteries. Garlic prevents hardening of the aorta, which is the largest artery in the human body. Garlic helps in the reduction of the unhealthy cholesterol from the body.
Intake of garlic directly, in your foods, or as supplements, can help you have clean and healthy arteries.

3. Turmeric:

 Artery Cleansing Foods 3

Inflammation is one of the main causes of hardening of the arteries inside the body. Turmeric has natural anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce inflammation and the eventual hardening of the artery.
Turmeric also helps in reducing the unhealthy cholesterol inside the body.
Turmeric can be included in your diet in the form of spice. You can also take a glass of warm turmeric milk regularly, for a well-functioning heart.

4. Almonds:

 Artery Cleansing Foods 4

Almonds taken in moderate quantities can do real good to your health. Almonds have mon-saturated fats and polyunsaturated fats, which reduce the amount of unhealthy cholesterol inside your body. Reduction in cholesterol will lead to reduction in plaque built up in the arteries.

Almond also contains magnesium which is also helpful in prevention of plaque. This magnesium maintains the blood pressure as well.

5. Pomegranate:

 Artery Cleansing Foods 5

Pomegranates is rich in anti-oxidants, like Vitamin C and polyphenols, trigger the production of nitric oxide inside the body. This nitric oxide improves blood flow and circulation through the arteries. The increased blood flow not only keeps the arteries open, it also helps reduce the already built up plaque within the arteries.
Consume pomegranate regularly in whatever form you prefer to clean out your arteries.

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6. Orange Juice:

 Artery Cleansing Foods 6

Orange juice contains anti-oxidants which improve the functioning of the blood vessels inside the body.
Two cups of undiluted orange juice consumed daily can help improve the health of your blood vessels and reduce blood pressure.

7. Cinnamon:

 Artery Cleansing Foods 7

Cinnamon contains anti-oxidants, which help in the reduction of fats present in the bloodstream. These anti-oxidants bring down the level of the unhealthy cholesterol in the body and the eventual build-up of plaque inside the arteries.

Cinnamon must not be consumed in huge quantities, and just a teaspoon every day is enough for that healthy heart and body.

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8. Coffee:

 Artery Cleansing Foods 8

The caffeine present in coffee being a stimulant, results in a temporary rise in blood pressure. When consumed in high doses, this caffeine can lead to irregular heart-beats.

Coffee when consumed in moderation’s, can really help bring down the risk of heart diseases. The ideal quantity of coffee to be consumed daily is 2-4 cups; more than those two cups, but never more than four.

9. Cheese:

 Artery Cleansing Foods 9

Not many people know that cheese is one such food that helps in cleaning out your arteries. Cheese helps to bring down and maintain blood pressure.

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