We all dread the word “cancer” and if you too are one of us, start eating Artichokes from today. This is because unlike other veggies we talk about or know off, the humble Artichoke would have the strength and powers to fight dreaded cancer. Today we would like to help you understand the importance of eating Artichokes, hence please read on and be well-informed for the same.

Benefits of Artichoke:

  • Artichokes are high power sources and have plenty of antioxidants in them. This is why we ask you to Artichokes at least once a week so that the antioxidants present in the veggie can help your system fight free radicals, the culprits that cause tumours and cancers in our system. The oxidative levels too would be brought down, and this goes especially for smokers, which is also why free radicals enter our body.  Even the pollutants from the environment around and the UV rays of the sun too can contribute to cancer-causing cells growing in our bodies. To have your body protected, it would be wise to have Artichokes, so that the rich and powerful antioxidants can enter your body and keep it in good safe hands.

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  • Artichokes help the body combat illnesses of critical nature, such as cancers of the colon, the lung, the brain and the prostrate too. Since the Artichoke is rich in flavonoids and antioxidants, it is helpful in beating breast and prostate cancer in women and men. Hence, those who are predisposed to cancers of these two types should ask their dieticians to recommend a diet with Artichokes in them
  • Digestion can be improved when Artichokes are had, which is a crucial process. This process would help glycerol and fatty acids convert into energy, and the liver would be able to function well too. The liver needs to make enough of bile every day, which helps break down lipids into fatty acids, and even into glycerol to help with the absorption routine, say experts. There are polyphenols antioxidants in Artichokes which can help the gall bladders to produce enough bile for the body’s needs.
  • The liver has cells which die on a daily basis, and new cells need to take their place. The humble Artichoke is a friend of the liver as mentioned by experts. The veggie works in playing an important role when liver cells have to be regenerated say, experts.
  • Artichokes are a good diuretic since it can help the formation of urine in the kidneys. It also helps and aids with perfection when urine discharge is concerned, and when the waste is out, so would be the toxins too. This means the internals would be clean and the externals then wouldn’t have to face issues.

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  • The heart would be happy the most when Artichokes are consumed since it would prevent the heart from risks and ailments. The antioxidants help with the care for the heart, it brings down the LDL or bad cholesterol levels in the blood and promotes HDL which is good for the body. With too much of LDL in the body, people tend to fall prey to sicknesses such as heart attacks, strokes, renal failure and thrombosis too.
  • The veggie has plenty of vitamins and folic acid in it, which are important for the body to have, say, experts. These are enzymes which keep the DNA in a good shape and the folate helps especially women while childbirth is on or while pregnancy is on and in some cases, it prevents tube or birth defects too, say experts.
  • Artichokes have plenty of vitamin K in it, which is important to have since it helps with the bone formation activity. After the age of thirty, men and women tend to have low bone density, and as we age further the bones get weak and brittle too. With a good amount of vitamin K in the body, and that too from Artichokes starting now, we can have enough of help given. Vitamin K in fact is good for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s too since it helps with neurotransmission as well.
  • Artichokes are abundantly rich when it comes to possessing minerals, vitamins and enzymes.  The body needs all of it to functional normal and in good ways, so ensure that you start eating Artichokes from today, at least once a week.

There Are Several Forms of Artichokes:

  • The big-sized ones would be green in colour
  • The medium-sized ones would be green as well
  • Purple Artichokes would either be big or medium

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When Buying:

Artichokes should be bought at the right time in the year and this is when they are freshly harvested. At this time, the veggie would have buds that are small and very immature, it looks as though they have been plucked from the womb of nature. However, experts opine that artichokes are best harvested during spring.

When you go to retail stores or local markets to buy Artichokes, you should check for the heaviness and the size. The Artichokes should be available sans bruises and cuts, and the leaves should be tied tight to one another. The Artichokes should be dark green and when you squeeze them, a squeaky sound would come through. Don’t choose the large Artichokes, they are not worth it.

Check online for recipes on Artichokes and bring to your body a host of goodness today!!

These were the best nine reasons why we love artichoke. If you would like to share some of your tips and ideas with us, please feel free to write in or comment below. We love hearing from you as we love sharing with you.

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