Are you fond of wearing Designer Mangalsutra designs? Yes? But investing in Gold chains every time you want to try a new one surely hurts! This is why Artificial Mangalsutra designs are quickly gaining popularity, and it’s no surprise that they dominate the real gold market. Artificial chains are made with metals like Brass, Alloy, etc., with a good quality gold coating. They are durable and last for a couple of years. With such a wide array of options available, who are interested in gold? Check out a few designs that were made to the list.

Features of Artificial Mangalsutra Designs:

Read on to understand the interesting features of Mangalsutra chain designs artificial:

  • Artificial Mangalsutras, as the name suggests, are made with artificial metals with a silver and gold coating.
  • These chains are not water-resistant. So, the lustre is lost when they come in contact with water.
  • Artificial chains look like real Mangalsutra chains, with a black beaded chain and a pendant.
  • They imitate real gold jewellery and use semi-precious stones like rubies, American diamonds, etc., which is why they are called Imitation Mangalsutras.
  • These chains are ideal for those who prefer to wear various jewellery without burning a hole in your pocket.

Stylish and Different Mangalsutras Designs in Artificial in Trend:

Here we have to look at mangalsutra chain designs in artificial.

1. Artificial Diamond Mangalsutra:

This Mangalsutra set is a perfect alternative to wearing expensive diamond sets. The single-layer black beaded chain is attached to a Cubic Zirconia studded diamond pendant. Small stones are clustered to form this brilliantly sparkling piece. Two matching earrings are added to make it a stunning set.

  • Design: Artificial Diamond Mangalsutra Set
  • Metal: Alloy
  • Suitable Occasions: Night Parties

2. Artificial Gold Mangalsutra:

Check this out if you want to go an extra mile and wear some heavy, without the heavy price tag. This rich-looking, gold-plated mangalsutra looks every bit like real gold. The enamel work and detailing make it hard for anyone to guess the real secret behind this piece. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

  • Design: Artificial Gold Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Gold Plating On Alloy
  • Suitable Occasions: Weddings

3. Artificial Short Mangalsutra Design:

Here is a simple yet stylish Mangalsutra design in a short model. This elegant chain is good for everyday and casual wear. It is made with a single-layer black beaded chain with hints of gold drops. The gold-plated beaded pendant has a tiny drop for a pretty look. You can wear it with gold earrings to match.

  • Design: Artificial Short Mangalsutra Design
  • Metal: Alloy
  • Suitable Occasions: Casual Wear

4. Artificial Long Mangalsutra:

A long Mangalsutra is a must-have in your jewellery box. This grand-looking long chain is perfect for all your traditional events. It is a thick chain with bars of gold interlocked with black beads. A teardrop shape, gold-plated pendant adds a rich feel to the chain. It is best worn with sarees and heavy salwar suits.

5. White Crystal Artificial Mangalsutra:

This fancy white crystal Mangalsutra adds a little sparkle to your outfit. The double row gold and black beaded chain are adorned with a lovely, white stone pendant. It is best worn for evening parties with a pair of white stone earrings to look beautiful. Don’t get to carry your attitude along!

  • Design: White Crystal Artificial Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Alloy
  • Suitable Occasions: Evening Parties

6. 1gm Gold Beaded Mangalsutra:

This Kolhapuri-inspired Mangalsutra design looks amazing with the use of gold beads and black crystals. The 1gm beaded chain has a simple gold-plated pendant with hints of tiny gold beads to create a different look. It is perfect for everyday and casual wear, as it is simple yet elegant.

  • Design: 1gm Gold Artificial Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Alloy
  • Suitable Occasions: Casual Parties

7. Peacock Design Artificial Mangalsutra:

Choose this wonderful Indian artificial mangalsutra to feel stunning. The detailing on the pendant is magnificent, and the tiny stones add to its beauty. The pendant is made with two peacocks side by side with feathers outstretched.

  • Design: Peacock Design Art Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Alloy
  • Suitable Occasions: Small Gatherings, Everyday wear

8. Necklace Mangalsutra:

This is one for daily use and is most stunning none the same. The pretty necklace style of this mangalsutra is just like a gold mangalsutra. The pendant has tiny gold-plated beads and a red stone in the centre that is formed like a flower.

  • Design: Traditional Artificial Mangalsutra design
  • Metal: Gold Plated
  • Suitable Occasions: Festive Wear

3. Imitation Mangalsutra:

Imitation jewellery is known for its intricate and perfect detailing of the actual jewellery item. Here the artificial mangalsutra design is rich with cubic zirconia used to imitate diamonds. The pattern again imitates the peacock design, and the matching earrings are a plus point.

  • Mangalsutra Design: Artificial Mangalsutra Set With CZ’s
  • Metal: Gold Plated
  • Suitable Occasions: Evening Parties

10. Black Bead Artificial Mangalsutra:

Choose this stunning mangalsutra if you are partial to the traditional black beads. Here the mangalsutra has on either end a two-strand black bead chain. The pendant is pretty and ends in a Y shape pattern. The main focus is on the black beads that dominate the entire mangalsutra.

  • Design: Black Crystal Artificial Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Alloy Metal
  • Suitable Occasions: Simple Events

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11. Artificial Pearl Mangalsutra:

This minimalist mangalsutra can be worn daily and is very cool and chic in design. The pattern entails two artificial pearls on either side of an artificial gold-plated coin. The simple single-string thin chain has black beads.

  • Design: Single Row Pearl Artificial Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Alloy Metal
  • Suitable Occasions: Casual wear

12. Crystal Artificial Mangalsutra:

Choose this artificial mangalsutra pendant for its sheer brilliance. The simple chain used here has thin black beads, making the chain look plain. The pendant is what makes all the difference in this artificial mangalsutra. The crystals used here are large and give out a wonderful radiance. The two crystals are perfectly paired together.

  • Design: Artificial Mangalsutra With Crystal Pendant
  • Metal: Alloy Metal
  • Suitable Occasions: Casual wear

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13. Double Strand Pendant Mangalsutra:

This alloy-based mangalsutra is a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. Select this for its unique twist on the traditional pendant. No pendant but a double strand of black beaded chain hung from the main chain. The tiny gold-plated beads make it alluring.

  • Design: Double Layer Artificial Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Alloy Metal
  • Suitable Occasions: Small Gatherings

14. State Wise Art Mangalsutra:

Each state in India has its traditions and designs. Here the artificial mangalsutra is made with alloys to symbolize the Kolhapur region. The sweet pendant design is very charming, and the addition of tiny stones adds to its brilliance.

  • Design: Simple Floral Artificial Mangalsutra
  • Metal: Alloy Metal
  • Suitable Occasions: Casual Wear

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15. Brass Mangalsutra:

Give this golden brass mangalsutra a try for its sophisticated look. The pendant has black and red stones with tiny crystal stones in a diamond pattern. Tiny circular crystal stones join the rectangular pendant.

  • Design: Art Brass Mangalsutra With Enamel Work
  • Metal: Brass
  • Suitable Occasions: Kitty Parties

Those are some of the latest Artificial Mangalsutra designs to try this season! With gold prices soaring rocket high every day, it’s always wise to think about these designs. They are sustainable, economical and, more important, stylish! You can buy a couple of these chains to suit various occasions. 1gm gold and artificial jewellery are rocking the market for good reasons!


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