9 Latest Artificial Mangalsutra Designs with Images

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Mangalsutras are the must have piece of jewelry that every married woman owns. The mangalsutras used at the time of a marriage are made in gold and are expensive. The alternative to this is the new artificial and cheaper mangalsutras that a lady can buy and use on a daily basis. This way a woman can buy many types of mangalsutras and use them as and when needed either for a party or even an occasion. Choose an artificial mangalsutra from this list to go with any of your outfits.

Stylish and Different Mangalsutras Designs in Artificial in Trend:

Here we have to look mangalsutra chain designs in artificial.

1. Peacock Design Artificial Mangalsutra:

artificial mangalsutra

Choose this wonderful peacock design mangalsutra to feel stunning. The detailing on the pendant is magnificent and the tiny stones add to its beauty. The pendant is made with two peacocks side by side with feathers outstretched.

2. Necklace Mangalsutra:

Necklace mangalsutra

This is one for daily use and is most stunning none the same. The pretty necklace style of this mangalsutra is just like a gold mangalsutra. The pendant has tiny gold plated beads and a red stone in the center that is formed like a flower.

3. Imitation Mangalsutra:

Imitation mangalsutra

Imitation jewelry is known for its intricate and perfect detailing of the actual jewelry item. Here the artificial mangalsutra design is very rich with cubic zirconia used to imitate diamonds. The pattern used again imitates the peacock design and the matching earrings are a plus point.

4. Black Bead Artificial Mangalsutra:

Black bead artificial mangalsutra

Choose this stunning mangalsutra for yourself if you are partial to the traditional black beads. Here the mangalsutra has on either end a two strand black bead chain. The pendant is pretty and ends in a Y shape pattern. The main focus is on the black beads and that dominates the entire mangalsutra.

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5. Artificial Pearl Mangalsutra:

Artificial pearl mangalsutra

This minimalist mangalsutra can be worn on a daily basis and is very cool and chic in design. The pattern just entails two artificial pearls that are set on either side of an artificial gold plated coin. The simple single string thin chain has black beads.

6. Crystal Artificial Mangalsutra:

Crystal artificial mangalsutra

Choose this artificial mangalsutra pendant for its sheer brilliance. The simple chain used here has black beads and is thin and makes the chain look plain. The pendant is what makes all the difference in this artificial mangalsutra. The crystals used here large and give out a wonderful radiance. The two crystals are perfectly paired together.

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7. Double Strand Pendant Mangalsutra:

Double strand pendant mangalsutra

This alloy based mangalsutra is a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. Select this for its unique twist on the traditional pendant. There is no pendant here but a double strand of black beaded chain that is hung from the main chain. The tiny gold plated beads make it alluring.

8. State Wise Artificial Mangalsutra:

State wise artificial mangalsutra

Each state in India has its own traditions and designs. Here the artificial mangalsutra is made with alloys to symbolize the Kolhapur region. The sweet pendant design is very charming and the addition of tiny stones adds to its brilliance.

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9. Brass Mangalsutra:

Brass mangalsutra

Give this golden brass mangalsutra a try for its sophisticated look. The pendant here has black and red stones that are set with tiny crystal stones in a diamond pattern. The rectangular pendant is joined by tiny circular crystal stones.

Artificial mangalsutras are made in such a way that they resemble the real deal very well. The artificial mangalsutras have beads and stones and gold plating that does not result in an expensive chain. You can thus buy a couple of mangalsutras and change them regularly. Select the pearl, crystal, brass or even specific design mangalsutras to help you look beautiful.

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