Among the several of 28 nakshatras, if your baby is born under a particular star, it is considered lucky and auspicious if you name him or her based on the right syllable. Today, in this series, we are here to tell you about the Arudra Nakshatra baby names, which are good and lucky names for baby girls and boys who are born under this star.

So if your baby is born under Arudra Nakshatra, don’t skip this one. Let us know all about this star and how to name the little one right who was born under this star.

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Arudra Nakshatra and the Characteristics:

The star sign, arudra nakshatra, comes under 6.40 to 20 of Gemini sun sign. Those born under Ardra nakshatra are said to be calm, soft, and gentle, yet with a strong mentality and will. They are stable yet are known to be sacrificing in a lot of ways. There is another extreme under this star; they may also be often prone to fear and anger.

The ruling deity or arudra nakshatra is Durga and Rudra. Their lucky color is green, and the animal symbol is a female dog. Now let us see the popular Arudra or Ardra Nakshatra names for babies.

Arudra Star Baby Names Starting Syllables:

If your baby is born under Ardra star, it is considered to name him or her with the starting letter Ku, Kam, Ja, Cha, Gha, Da, Na, Jha. The Arudra nakshatra names start with these mentioned syllables.

Best and Meaningful Baby Names for Those Born Under Arudra Nakshatra:

If your baby is born under this star sign, it is considered auspicious and lucky for your little one if their name begins with one of the syllables mentioned above. We are here to suggest some of the most meaningful, unique, latest, and modern baby names for both boys and girls under this star. Let’s see and explore further.

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Arudra Nakshatra Baby Boy Names:

1. Kush:

The name kush is the name of Lord Ram’s son. It is inspired by the Hindu mythological origins and is named after devotion towards the Lord. On the other hand, the name also implies sacred grass.

2. Kunal:

The name Kunal is quite popular and famous already in India, in several regions. Derived from the Hindi language, Kunal means Gold or someone who is golden. Alternatively, Kunal also implies lotus.

3. Kushaan:

The name Kushaan is derived from the king’s name of Kushan dynasty. It also means someone who is intelligent, smart, and clever. We love both meanings of this Ardra nakshatra male names.

4. Ghayan:

If you want a unique and mesmerizing modern-day name, Ghayan can be the ideal one. Ghayan means sky or also implies no limit. We love the short and sweet meaning too.

5. Kushyanth:

Also spelled as Kushyant, the name means someone who is always happy or deriving happiness. It is originated from Hindi and Sanskrit languages.

6. Ghanshyam:

Ghanshyam also spelled as Ghansyam, is none but Lord Krishna. It is a modern-day unique, and meaningful name for a baby boy this year.

7. Kuldeep:

It is a famous name in the Northern Indian regions, especially Punjab. Kuldeep means a lamp or light of the entire family. It also means and implies someone who is enlightened. This is a contemporary Arudra star baby boy name.

8. Kumar:

Kumar is a household name for many in India. It is both used as the main name as well as a second name for many boys. Kumar means a young lad or young boy.

9. Kumaran:

Kumaran means Lord Muruga in South Indian states. If you are looking for a devotional and conventional name with the mythology behind, this Ardra nakshatra names for a boy can be a good choice with Hindu mythological origins behind the name.

10. Kumaril:

This is a modern and unique, as well as rare baby boy name in India. Kumaril means someone who is always young and clever. The meaningful, as well as uniqueness in the name, is what sets this apart from others.

11. Kushal:

Kushal, which can also be spelled as Kushaal, always means smart, wise and happy. It also alternatively implies a pious, expert and skillful man. This is a known and famous name for baby boy in Hindi speaking regions.

12. Kushil:

It is a contemporary and rare new name that has come in recent years. Kushil means Lord Siva. If you want a traditional auspicious name yet with new sounding, this Arudra nakshatra male names can be ideal.

13. Kuvar:

Kuvar means fragrance. The name isn’t much known yet and is a modern and new-day name choice for those baby boys born under Arudra nakshatra.

14. Ghanendra:

It is another name for Lord Indra. Ghanendra means someone who is Lord of Clouds. What do you think of this cute and meaningful name?

15. Ghanesh:

The name is a variant of Lord Ganesa. If you are a firm believer of Ganesha, you can prefer this name to your baby boy for luck and auspicious life ahead. This names for Arudra nakshatra boy is a timeless and traditional name choice.

16. Kunwar:

Also spelled as Kunvar, the name means a prince or son of the King. This is a not much known or famous name, and hence can be a good ideal choice if you prefer short and unique refreshing name for baby boy.

17. Kulik:

It is a beautiful, short and meaningful name for a baby boy born in this millennium. Kulik means someone who is born in a good family or well-born child. With such intense and lovely meaning and short name pronunciation, this makes a perfect choice for modern parents.

18. Kuber and Kubernath:

The name speaks for itself. Kuber is Lord of the Wealth. Naming your child after Kubernath or Kuber can be auspicious as well as meaningful too.

19. Kundir:

It is another mesmerizing modern-day name for young parents. Kundir means someone who is powerful and strong. It also implies a man of courage and mighty powers. What do you think of this Indian language name?

20. Kuru:

Kuru is the name of the king under the Kuru Dynasty. The name also implies someone who is sacrificing, loving, and gentle. It is derived from Hindu royal names.

21. Kusumesh:

Kusum in Hindi means flowers or budding flowers. Kusumesh is derived from the same word which means Lord of Flowers. It is a unique name for sure, and also makes it a gentle and lovely modern-day name choice for parents who want a meaningful and intense name.

22. Kuhan:

The name Kuhan means hardworking. It is originated from the Hindi language, which is meaningful and yet not very easily found.

23. Kushwanth:

Also spelled as Kushwant or Kushvanth, it means someone who is always happy. Kushwanth is a popular name for many baby boys in the Northern belt of India.

24. Kupat:

Kupat is a very modern and new name, which was not known even a couple of years back. It means excellent or someone who excels in everything they undertake. Now, this is an artistic way of telling a meaningful name, isn’t it!

25. Kunsh:

Kunsh means a man who is articulative. This is a unique and refreshing baby boy name for parents who want a short and sweet name.

Ardra Nakshatra Baby Girl Names:

26. Chaya:

Also can be spelled as Chaaya; the name means Shadow. It is a popular baby girl name in the many regions of Northern India, originated from local north Indian languages. This is among common baby girl names for Ardra nakshatra.

27. Chahna:

The word Chahna in the Hindi language literally means Love or to desire someone. It also is a poetic expression.

28. Chaitra:

Chaitra is a beautiful baby girl name with a lovely pronunciation. The meaning of Chaitra is the Aries sign. Given the lovely name and creative sounding, it has become quite famous in the southern states of India.

29. Chandni:

Also can be spelled as Chandani; the name in the Hindi language means sky or stars and moonlight. It also symbolizes light, ray, brightness in life. This is a beautiful and timeless Arudra star baby girl name.

30. Chandana:

The name Chandana literally translates to Sandalwood. It is originated from the Sanskrit and southern Indian languages and is a modern-day yet meaningful baby girl name.

31. Charmi:

The name charmi is a modern and elegant baby girl name. Charmi name is derived from English which means charming, beautiful, or one filled with love. This is a rare and yet lovely Ardra Nakshatra name for a girl.

32. Chandrima:

The name Chandrima for baby girl is derived from the Hindi language word, Chaand, which means the moon. Chandrima means moonlight. This Ardra nakshatra 1st pada names is a simple and gorgeous, meaningful baby girl’s name.

33. Damini:

The name Damini is popular across India, which means lightning. It is an ancient traditional Hindi baby girl name, which is timeless and still quite prominent. This is a traditional and yet cute arudra nakshatra female names.

34. Darpana:

Darpana is originated from the Hindi and Sanskrit language, which means a mirror. It is a simple yet traditional-sounding baby girl name.

35. Darshini:

The name Darshini is a famous south Indian baby girl name, which means the one who blesses. The name also symbolizes wish, blessing and auspicious. This Ardra nakshatra 2nd pada names is originated from the Sanskrit language.

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36. Jagathi:

Jagathi word in the Sanskrit language literally translates to the mother of the universe or someone who is a carer of the universe. It is a conventional yet meaningful baby girl name for those born under Ardra nakshatra.

37. Jahnavi:

The name Jahnavi is a timeless and sweet baby girl name, which can never go out of the trend. Jahnavi means the daughter of Jahnu. It is from the Sanskrit language.

38. Jagrithi:

Jagrithi, in the Indian Hindi language, means vigilance or someone who is always aware and vigilant. Given the way the name is sweet in pronunciation and meaningful, it is a famous modern-day baby girl name Ardra star.

39. Jaishree:

The name Jaishree is derived from Jai in the Indian language, which means victory in Sanskrit and Hindi. Jaishree means honor of the victory.

40. Jamuna:

The name Jamuna is named after the holy river, Yamuna. It is popular from the place and riverbank name and is a timeless and evergreen baby girl and woman name to try out.

41. Janaki:

The name Janaki is derived and originated from Hindu mythology. Janaki is another name for Sita Devi, wife of Lord Ram.

42. Jhansi:

Jhansi is again the name of the Ruler Jhansi Devi. However, it also means someone who is lifelike or full of life. Is it a meaningful and beautiful name to try for a baby girl?

43. Jayanthi:

Also can be spelled as Jayanti; the name is another alternative to Goddess Parvathi. On the other hand, Jayanthi also symbolizes someone who always wins or leads to victory. This is one of the lovely Arudra nakshatra baby girl names.

44. Kamakshi:

The name Kamakshi is a traditional Hindu women’s name. Kamakshi means Goddess Parvathi or Lakshmi Devi. It also symbolizes and implies someone who has loving and beautiful eyes. This is an evergreen Ardra nakshatra 3rd pada names.

45. Kamini:

In case you prefer much of a rare and beautiful baby girl name, this is it. Kamini means someone who is beautiful or everlasting beauty. The name and meaning both are quite sweet and lovely, isn’t it?

46. Kumari:

The name kumari in Indian local languages means someone who is youthful or also unmarried. The name is popular across the country in both Northern and southern parts.

47. Kumkum:

The name kumkum in the Hindi language means Vermilion. It is a famous and traditional Indian girl name which is beautiful.

48. Kumud:

The word Kumud in the Hindi language symbolizes the lotus flower. The name is a rare and unique baby girl names, which are short and sweet in sounding.

49. Kusuma:

The name Kusuma in the Sanskrit language means a flower. In the northern Indian belt, the name has another variation, which is Kusum. Both sound sweet and short with cute meaning.

50. Kuhu:

The name kuhu is completely a modern and contemporary baby girl’s name. It symbolizes the cuckoo of the sweet bird’s song. It is a rare and beautiful short sounding baby girl name.

Unisex Baby Names Under Arudra Star:

51. Kunj:

The name Kunj can be named for both baby girl and baby boy, which means someone who loves and lives in greenery or trees all around. It is a unique and new modern name innovation.

52. Kunjal:

The name Kunjal, which also can be written as Kinjal, means Cuckoo or nightingale. It is a unisex name, which can be ideal for both baby girls and boys, originated from the Hindi language.

53. Kundan:

Kundan name literally translates to pure or someone who is like Gold. While most observe the name to be given to baby girls, it is increasingly getting popular of even baby boys being named after this name.

54. Kulya:

The name Kulya in ancient mythological origins and books means someone who is worthy. It also symbolizes someone who is a family person. This is one of the new and mesmerizing Ardra nakshatra mithuna rasi baby names.

55. Kukur:

The name Kukur is a new modern short baby girl and boy name in the Northern Indian belt. Kukur means flower or something which blossoms.

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Twin Names for Babies Under Ardra Nakshatra:

56. Chhavi-Chhayank:

This is a modern and new beautiful baby girl and boy twin name combination. Chhavi means reflection or shadow and radiance. Chayank means the moon or someone who always glows. Aren’t these wonderful?

57. Ghanavi-Ghanendra:

This is another twin baby girl and boy name combination. Ghanvi or Ghanavi means a singer or someone who is melodious. Ghanendra means Lord Indra.

58. Kulish – Kulya:

Both Kulish and Kulya mean the same and similar notations. It means someone who is worthy, well deserving and from a good big named family. They both are new and rare twin baby boy names combination.

59. Kumuda – Kumudaksh:

Kumuda is a baby girl’s name, which means flower or joy of earth. It also symbolizes lotus and beauty. Kumudaksh, on the other hand, literally translates to lotus-eyed man. This is an artistic and creative baby girl and boy name twin combination.

60. Kunika – Kunisha:

These are twin baby girl name combinations. Kunika again means flower. Kunisha means someone who sings well or cuckoo of a melodius bird. They are derived from Indian languages and are unique and new day refreshing twin baby girl names.

With these lovely Arudra nakshatra baby names, we hope you have found the perfect and ideal fit for your child. Let us know your favorite one; we love to hear from you.


The baby mentioned above names and meanings might differ according to different cultures, regions and nationalities. Always cross-check and research in-depth before you finalize the baby name.


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