The pure hing in India is extracted from taproot or rhizome plants which grow up 1 to 1.5 m tall. The first use was seen in some parts of Asia where hing was extracted. Also, they are a part of the family ‘Celery’. It is now one of the most used spices in the world. The bitter taste and hard smell are the basic part of hing but the best remedial benefits are offered by asafoetida herb only. The best asafoetida in India is extracted in northern parts which are having the strongest smell. So, it is the best choice for health benefits. In this article, we will explore some top asafoetida benefits along with nutrition facts and side effects.

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What Is Hing?

A hing is just a simple spice which relaxes in benefits along with bitter taste and hard smell. The hing herb is commonly used in the cooked vegetables for getting a flavour. Besides giving you a flavour, you are also getting a number of hing benefits for health, skin, and hair. It has the capacity to work over cells and reproduce them.

Is Asafoetida Good For Health?

Yes, hing in India is a very beneficial spice for health. It can relieve you from a number of problems that medicine can’t do. It helps in lowering blood pressure, reduce asthma, relief from stomach problems, reduce menstrual pain, helps in pregnancy, etc. The types of hing may depend from region to region but the hardest smelling hing will be the best one.

Asafoetida Nutrition Facts:

The asafoetida nutritional facts are required to measure the capacity of hing. And it has proved to provide the best within. It will let us know which part of hing is good for health or what part is really having side effects. The hing nutritional value can be defined as:

  • Total Calories: 297.1.
  • Total Fat: 1.1 g.
  • Carbohydrates: 67.8 g.
  • Proteins: 4 g.
  • Calcium: 680 mg.
  • Iron: 40 mg.
  • Magnesium: 80 mg.
  • Phosphorous: 50 mg.
  • Copper: 0.4 g.
  • Manganese: 1.1 mg.
  • Vitamins: 56 %.

The above-mentioned facts are for 100 g of hing herb. It is a rich spice in carbohydrates and vitamins. Most of the healing power is only achieved with these resources. The presence of iron makes it good for blood circulation. So, this spice can be added directly into the food and enjoy a number of benefits.

Top Asafoetida Benefits:

Here we enlisted 12 best hing uses for health, hair and skin. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Helps Reduces Bloating and Stomach Problems:

The asafoetida benefits or hing benefits are extremely known for bloating and stomach problems. It is a simple carboxy compound which reduces the problems in the stomach and enhances proper digestion system. Hing works over the extreme gas that is set up in the stomach and helps to prevent bloating. It is generally known to provide the best health benefits who are suffering from bloating and problems of stomach.

How Do I Consume Asafoetida for Health Problems:

  • The consumption of hing is possible through cooking, one can add it in the food made and also it is better to take it once in a day.

2. Anti-Asthma Benefits:

The asafoetida benefits are extended to prevent asthma problems. It is also acting as an anti-asthma agent and treated as best asafoetida health benefits. Asthma is a cause of severe fluid that is generated inside the body. The consumption of hing can make it blowdown and break so as to prevent any kind of asthma. People can rely on asafoetida for a better heal towards asthma. Also, it is good for all the problems which can be conveyed through asthma.

How Do I Consume Asafoetida for Health Problems:

  • Take asafoetida powder and mix it with water for 50 ml.
  • One can drink it twice in a day.

3. Helps Lower Blood Pressure:

Blood pressure is one of the major problems seen nowadays. It had led to many health problems but taking asafoetida is always a good option. The use of hing is an extraordinary technique which can help you get in lower blood pressure. It works over the dead RBCs and circulates it throughout the body. This makes it possible for the hing to control the pressure of blood inside the body. So, it is a major hing health benefit and one should surely know about it.

How Do I Consume Asafoetida for Health Problems:

  • Drink asafoetida juice daily by simply mixing the powder in the water.

4. Helps Reduce Menstrual Pain:

The hing herb benefits are quite unique and known for a tremendous effort over menstrual pain. During a proper menstrual cycle, women have to face certain serious problems but even doctor recommend hing spice benefits for the body. It has the capacity to reduce the pain by simply acting over the prone areas of blood. It also helps in keeping a proper balance inside the body so that no other pain can succeed inside the body. Overall, it is good to use hing for menstrual pain.

How Do I Consume Asafoetida for Health Problems:

  • Use hing in your daily cooking food and only add about 2 g of hing.

5. Treats Headache Naturally:

Most of the people try medicines for headache but it is not always the right choice. Some should also make use of the medical benefits of hing. It has the capability to treat headache naturally by acting over the dead cells of the brain. The reproduction of these cells can help reduce pain to a greater extent and it is sophisticated to use asafoetida for headache problems. This problem can be reduced by taking hing juice at the time of headache.

How Do I Consume Asafoetida for Health Problems:

  • Take asafoetida juice by mixing some salt into it.
  • Only try this at the time of headache.

6. Anti-cancer Benefits:

Now, this is the best medicinal properties of hing. It is acting as one of the best anti-cancer benefits for the body. The hing Ayurveda benefits are responsible for providing the complete essence of a productive solution. The cancer cells are discarded by hing and killed at the same time. Through this process, most of the cancer-causing cells are beaten down which helps in treating the problem. The asafoetida Ayurveda benefits are somewhat chosen for the best operation and eliminate the cause of cancer cells.

How Do I Consume Asafoetida for Health Problems:

  • Use hing powder mixed with water and do this for daily.

7. Asafoetida During Pregnancy:

The hing oil uses are vast and expandable and this can be seen for women too. It is an effective addictive during pregnancy too. A better operation is treated during the menstrual cycle and effective choice for the child inside the womb. The hing and honey benefits are chosen to be the best as it prevents the stomach from getting involved in any kind of problem. Also, it will help women to get nourished during their pain time. So, overall it is the best solution for treating women with care during pregnancy.

How Do I Consume Asafoetida for Health Problems:

  • Drink 100 ml of asafoetida juice mixed with some amount of honey for daily.

8. Reduces Nervous Disorders:

Hing powder benefits help in reducing different kinds of nervous disorders. The nervous problem can be very serious if not touched with time. The asafoetida powder benefits work over the cells that cause nervous disorders. Now, these cells are reproduced and the infected ones are cut down for proper anticipation of the system. This process continues for a long time after the consumption of hing in the body. So, one can join this for having a good nervous system.

How Do I Consume Asafoetida for Health Problems:

  • Make use of asafoetida powder in your daily food and consume it in limited amounts.

9. Treats Toothaches and Earaches:

The hing powder health benefits are extended to every corner. It is also grabbing the hing powder used for treating toothaches and earaches. This is a good solution where toothache can be down for a longer period of time. It works over the dead part of the tooth and ear and forms a plate of solid and nourished over that decay. This can be done by directly applying of hing powder. Thus, it is helping us in getting through any kind of decays problems.

How Do I Consume Asafoetida for Health Problems:

  • Directly apply hing powder mixed with little water over the part of decay.

Top 3 Hing Benefits for Skin:

Here we enlisted 3 best asafoetida benefits for skin. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Anti-ageing Benefits:

The asafoetida uses in cooking were all measures for health benefits. Here, let us go through some best anti-ageing benefits from hing. Ageing is a general problem nowadays which also darken the skin but the use of hing one can eliminate such cells from the face. It is directly applied over the area where hing works over those cells that are contaminated with dirt. Thus, it opens pores and nourishes them.

Ingredients: Asafoetida powder and honey.

How To Do: Apply the mixture of both in a proper manner and over the infected area of the skin only.

How Often Should I Do: Once in a day.

2. Skin Whitening Benefits:

The hing benefits for skin also include skin whitening benefits which are popular for girls. Some of them may apply different creams but hing has turned out to be very effective in this case. The skin can be nourished with better use of hing nowadays. It can eliminate all the blackheads from the skin and let the skin shine in any atmosphere. So, it is turning out to be very productive while using hing for the skin.

Ingredients: Asafoetida and honey.

How To Do: Mix the two ingredients and apply it all over the skin.

How Often Should I do: Only thrice a week.

3. Prevents Acne:

Hing is also proved to protect the skin from acne. This is a major benefit of hing for infants who generally suffer from such problems. Just apply the paste of asafoetida powder and apply it over the acne area. It will kill all the germs and dirt that is causing acne on the skin. This is the best solution rather than trying unwanted creams over the skin. So, people can choose the best use of hing for their sensitive skin.

Ingredients: Asafoetida powder and honey.

How To Do: Mix properly both the ingredients and apply it over the acne area.

How Often Should I Do: Thrice a week will be sufficient.

Top 3 Asafoetida Benefits for Hair:

Here we enlisted 3 best asafoetida benefits for hair. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Acts as a Good Hair Conditioner:

The hing herb benefits are really very productive and beneficial. People may have not heard of hing acting as a good hair conditioner except shampoo. It can nourish your hair and in better condition in comparison to hair conditioner. Each cell of the hair is quite sensitive and hing works over the same problem to strengthen and leave them in a better condition. So, it is wise to use hing as hair conditioner rather than actual hair conditioner.

Ingredients: Asafoetida powder and regular shampoo.

How To Do: Mix the two ingredients properly and use it on your hair.

How Often Should I Do: Use only at the time of bathing.

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2. Reduces Hair Fall:

As discussed, asafoetida strengthens each cell of hair when in use. This property is enough to explain the reduction of hair fall for humans. They can try the same in a complementary way and prevent such a problem from getting worse. It works over each cell of hair when applied properly. The use of hing is making a way for treating all kinds of hair problems with precautions.

Ingredients: Asafoetida powder and regular shampoo.

How To Do: Mix the contents properly and after washing, let the hair get dried in proper sunlight.

How Often Should I Do: Try this for thrice a week.

3. Restores The pH Balance in Scalp:

The pH balance defines the acidic and basic properties of the hair. It is required to maintain and control the pH balance in order to control scalp. So, in this case, too, the use of hing is making a wonderful step for your pH balance. It can remove all the acidic particles from your hair and let me nourished properly. This would now maintain a basic nature which is suited well for hair.

Ingredients: Asafoetida powder and regular shampoo.

How To Do: Apply or use the mixed contents over the hair while bathing.

How Often Should I Do: Thrice a week.

Asafoetida Uses In Cooking:

The asafoetida uses in cooking have been properly mentioned in the benefits. It is directly used as a powder or solid form with the vegetables cooked. This makes proper content where hing acts as an addictive compound. The cooked food can be enhanced with a number of powerful nutrients and vitamins. The asafoetida for weight loss is the best example of such type of spice. A number of beneficial measures have been noticed while asafoetida used in cooking. People can choose such a great spice included in their daily food for the better of health, hair, and skin problems.

Side Effects Of Asafoetida:

The asafoetida side effects or hing side effects are:

  • It is unsafe for infants who may hing directly hing through the mouth. It may result in blood disorders.
  • Even, it can be dangerous for a pregnant woman to consume hing directly through the mouth. It may result in miscarriage.
  • If you are having a bleeding disorder then there is a risk of excessive bleeding.
  • The overdose of hing consumption can be dangerous for the nervous system as it may cause convulsions.

So, try asafoetida or hing in limited amounts only. Keep it away from direct consumption through the mouth.

Asafoetida is one of the best-known fruits for health, skin, and hair. It is beneficial because it is composed of a number of vitamins and minerals. These are good for daily working properties of our body and keep us fit. The immune system is enhanced by the daily drinking of asafoetida juice. It works over the RBC of the body and nourishes them in order to prevent from disease. The asafoetida oil is good for hairs. So, one should choose asafoetida for daily consumption.


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