Wondering what to name your little newborn baby? For those who believe in Hindu mythology and beliefs, star alignment and lunar constellations play a major role in naming the kid. If your kid is born under Ashlesha Nakshatra, we have Ashlesha Nakshatra baby names to help you out here. In this series, we talk all about the star, characteristics, and ideal names under the nakshatra.

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So, let’s go ahead and find more about meaningful, lovely, and modern Ashlesha Nakshatra names for baby boys and girls.

Ashlesha Nakshatra and Characteristics:

The Ashlesha Nakshatra born people are known to be always on the go, with a courageous attitude. They are known to be brave, take adventures seriously, and also prone to choices that are undesirable or challenging. Those born under Ashlesha Nakshatra have bouts of anger and are known to be also good travelers. The nakshatra ranges from 16.40 to 30 degrees in Cancer or Karkata sign.

The symbol of Ashelesha Nakshatra is a wheel or coiled snake, and diety is naga. Their associated zodiac is the cancer sign, and the animal symbol is a male cat. Now, let’s go ahead and explore names for Ashlesha Nakshatra babies.

Ashlesha Nakshatra Names Starting Letter/Syllables:

What are the right syllables for Ashlesha Nakshatra names to start with? Those babies born under Ashlesha Nakshatra can be named after the beginning or starting letters of Di, Dee, Du, De, Do, Me, Da.

Ashlesha Nakshatra Baby Names With Their Meanings:

Let’s start and explore all about lovely, modern, cute, and meaningful Ashlesha Nakshatra baby names for boys and girls.

Ashlesha Nakshatra Baby Boy Names:

1. Dayakar:

Dayakar is quite a common name in Indian households already. The name means someone who is compassionate and full of mercy. It is said that Dayakar is also an alternative name for Lord Siva.

2. Dayal:

The name Dayal in Sanskrit and southern Indian languages translates to a kind-hearted person and soul. The other alternative spelling is Dayaal. This is a lovely Ashlesha Nakshatra male names.

3. Deekshith:

The name Deekshit is originated from the Sanskrit language, which means someone who is prepared and very determined to do tasks or finish a task.

4. Deenath:

Deenath is a new and unique name right now. It means Lord Vishnu. If you want a name with a traditional meaning and yet love a rare name, this can be a good choice.

5. Deepak:

Deepak is a common name already, yet it is a classic and timeless choice that can never go out of trend. This name is quite youthful in pronunciation too. Deepak means light and also brilliance.

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6. Deepansh:

The name Deepansh has originated from the word deep, which means light. Deepansh means a part of the light. This is among our favorite Ashlesha Nakshatra names for a boy.

7. Deependra:

Here is another variation name of the word Deep. Deependra means lord or God of the lights. It is a lovely and also common baby boy name already.

8. Deepjay:

This is a unique and rare baby boy name choice. While the name originated from the Hindi language, Deepjay means someone who has a beautiful name. It also, on the other hand, means a person who wins over anything.

9. Deeraj:

Also can be spelled as Dheeraj; it means a person who has patience and consolation. This baby names of Ashlesha Nakshatra is again a popular name yet lovely one.

10. Deewakar:

Diwakar or Deewakar is an Indian household name again, especially in the Southern Indian states. Deewakar means Sun.

11. Dayada:

Dayada means a person who inherits. It is a new name and modern option for parents who want a unique and refreshing name choice.

12. Dayashankar:

The name Dayashankar is another name for Lord Siva. It means merciful Lord Siva. It is a traditional name with mythological meaning.

13. Deelip:

Deelip means someone who has a large heart or a protector. It is a meaningful and yet unique name choice for baby boys.

14. Deependu:

The name Deependu is a new one. While it has originated from Sanskrit and Hindi languages, it means a bright moon or radiance.

15. Deepit:

Deepit, or also spelled as Deepith, means a person who is passionate and always inflammable. This one is a lovely and cute baby name with a unique meaning.

16. Deepthanshu:

Deepthansu means the sun. While the name is long, it has a conventional and traditional sounding with yet beautiful meaning.

17. Dayanidhi:

Dayanidhi is a treasure or house of mercy. The name is made with two words, daya and Nidhi. This has originated from the Sanskrit.

18. Dayasagar:

Dayasagar is quite a common name again, yet its meaning is timeless and always a classic choice. Daya Sagar means someone who has a sea of mercy.

19. Doondi:

The names Doondi is a very unique and modern-day name choice. Doondi is another name for Lord Siva. Now, this is quite a new and rare Ashlesha Nakshatra 4th pada names.

20. Deeptiman:

Deeptiman is a new name choice for many North Indians. It means a famous person. While the origins aren’t known or established yet, it definitely makes a new name choice.

21. Deekshin:

Deekshin is a new name choice again. It means someone who initiates a task. This is a rare name choice ideal for modern parents preferring a unique name.

22. Deerkharoma:

This is a very traditional name that originated from mythological texts. Deerkharoma is one of the Kauravas. This is unique Ashlesha Nakshatra 3rd pada names.

23. Dayaram:

Dayaram means Ram’s compassion. It is named after love for Lord Ram and is a modern new name choice, yet with traditional meaning.

24. Deepesh:

Deepesh has derived from two words, Deep and eesh, which means Lord of the light. It is another name variant with deep, however, is a comparatively new choice with modern-sounding.

25. Deeprup:

Deeprup or Deebrub means wealth. The name has originated from the local Indian languages and is a short and meaningful modern name baby boy choice.

Ashlesha Nakshatra Baby Girl Names:

26. Dayanitha:

Also can be spelled as Dayanita; the name means someone who is gentle, tender and soft-spoken. This is a new and modern name choice for parents this millennium.

27. Debasree:

Debashree or Debasri and Debasree are North Indian baby girl name choices. It means silk.

28. Deeksha:

Deeksha means someone who is determined and also means initiation. This Ashlesha Nakshatra female name is a cute and lovely baby girl name choice, mostly in South Indian states.

29. Daya:

It is a short and lovely four-lettered name for a baby girl. Daya means mercy in the Sanskrit language and south Indian languages.

30. Deekshikha:

Deekshika or Deekshikha means a person who is talkative always. This is a rare and yet beautiful baby girl name choice

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31. Deena:

The name Deena is originated from the Sanskrit language, which means Divine or a grand soul. Among several names for a girl in Ashlesha Nakshatra, this is a cute and modern one.

32. Deepa:

It is again a common household name choice in several Indian states. Deepa, in several Indian languages, means light and brilliant. The name also symbolizes hope, radiance and glow.

33. Deepabali:

Deepabali is originated from the Bengal and North-East parts of India, which means a row or array of lamps and lights. Another variation for the name is Deepali.

34. Deepakshi:

The name Deepakshi means one with bright eyes or beautiful eyes. The name is originated from two words, Deepa and akshi. This is beautiful baby girl names for Ashlesha Nakshatra.

35. Deepana:

The names Deepana is a traditional name choice yet classic and lovely sounding. Deepana means illuminating.

36. Deepashikha:

Deepashika or Deepashiki means flame or lamp. This name is rare and not yet found commonly in India, yet with a lovely meaning.

37. Deepika:

Deepika is a common household name in India already. However, it is classic and beautiful, which means a small lamp or light.

38. Deepjyothi:

The name Deepjyothi is derived from the Sanskrit language, where deep means lamp and Jyothi means light. The name symbolizes the light of the lamp.

39. Deepakala:

Deepakala means evening sunshine or evening rays. This is an artistic and creative, beautiful name choice.

40. Deepna:

Deepna is Goddess Lakshmi’s alternative name. This is a traditional name meaning choice yet with a beautiful, unique modern sounding.

41. Deepthika:

Deepthika or Deeptika means a beam of light. It is a meaningful and mesmerizing name choice for those who prefer a lovely and yet casual name.

42. Deesha:

Deesha in Sanskrit means a direction or path. The name is quite rare and not commonly found, yet spells lovely, thus making it an ideal choice for modern parents.

43. Deeshna:

Deeshna means offering or gift. This name, again, is a modern choice with a beautiful meaning.

44. Deetya:

Deetya means answers to one’s prayers. This is a modern name and very rare again. Yet it is short and beautiful in its pronunciation. The name is derived from the Sanskrit language. Another spelling variation to this is Deethya.

45. Deeta:

Deeta is another name for Goddess Lakshmi.

46. Deevena:

Deevena means a blessing or blissful soul. It also means a person who resembles divine power.

47. Deevitha:

Deevitha literally translates to Divine power. This is originated from the Sanskrit language and is an alluring beautiful name choice.

48. Deepthi:

It is a popular name again in India, yet it is a classic name choice. Deepthi means flame or glow and shine. It also symbolizes glow, radiance, and beauty.

49. Deepanwitha:

Deepanwitha means lights or lamps of the Diwali festival. This is quite a festive name choice for baby girls.

50. Deempal:

Deempal is a rare north Indian name choice for babies. It means someone with red cheeks or smiling cheeks.

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Unisex Names for Ashelesha Nakshatra Babies:

51. Deepal:

Deepal means someone who is full of charm and light. This is a cute and lovely unisex name for both boys and girls.

52. Deepu:

Deepu name can be ideal for both boys and girls. It means to shine, light, and radiance. This is beautiful Ashelsha Nakshatra 1st pada names.

53. Dayasara:

Dayasara means a person who is always kind. It implies a kind soul. This can be an ideal and yet meaningful name for girls and boys.

54. Deepani:

Deepani is again both boys’ and girls ideal name choice. It means brilliance, passion, and lightning.

55. Dayanishee:

Dayanishe means a person who is like a saint. It also means a merciful soul. This is a traditional yet rare name choice for boys and girls.

Twin Baby Names for Ashlesha Nakshatra:

56. Dayakara – Dayalan:

Dayakara means Lord Siva and also a person who is compassionate. Dayalan means a person with supernatural powers. These are lovely modern baby boy twin name choices.

57. Dayanitha – Dayaram:

Dayanitha means a merciful girl. Dayaram again is the same meaning. These are twin baby girl and boy name choices. These are lovely ashlesha nakshatra Karkataka rashi names.

58. Deelip – Deempal:

Deelip means a protector or a generous person. Deempal is a baby girl’s name which means beautiful cheeks. Both are twin baby boy and girl name choices.

59. Deepa Lakshmi – Deepa Kala:

Both the twin baby girl names start with the word Deepa. Deepa Lakshmi means light and also takes after Goddess Lakshmi. Deepa Kala is an evening light or array of lamps.

60. Deeptimoy – Deepthimoyee:

Both are twin baby boy and baby girl name choices. Deepthimoy means lustrous. The same is the meaning of Deepthimoyee too.

With these Ashlesha Nakshatra baby names, chocies and ideas, we hope you have found the right and ideal one for your little star. These are a meaningful blend of traditional and modern names with lovely symbolisms. Let us know which is your favorite; we love to hear from you.


All the names given above have their meanings as per context and time. These meanings and symbols may alter according to different cultures, countries, regions and languages. We advise conducting your extensive research before to understand the several interpretations attached to the name.


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