Asia is one of the most diverse continents, with different beautiful cultures and communities coming together and making it one. This diversity and harmony, including the influence of nature and history on each of their cultures, can be seen in this list of Asian names. The languages and the way of living may be completely distinct but what we can see is every culture is inspired by the surroundings, the traditions and the ancient eras. So, let’s check out some of the most unique and popular Asian baby names.

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Top Asian Baby Names For Boys And Girls Along With Meanings:

20 Unique Asian Baby Boy Names :

Here is a list of some of the best Asian baby names for both boys and girls.

1. Aiguo:

This is one of the best Asian baby boy names that you will ever find. This name is of Chinese origin and has great meaning as well. According to Chinese literature, Aiguo means “patriotic.”

2. Cho:

Cho is a name of Korean origin and is one of the most used names in Asian countries. Often, the Chinese name their baby boys by this name. The meaning of the word Cho is “beautiful,” and for a second, it is absolutely appropriate.

3. Chenglei:

This is yet another awesome Asian name. It is of Chinese origins, like the one before the previous one. Chenglei in China means “become great.” It is rather an inspiring name and is on the list of the top 5 names in Chinese culture.

4. Dewei:

This is another good name of Chinese origin that sounds good and has a good meaning as well. Dewei means highly virtuous. It is considered to be one of the finest names for every Asian child out there who is a boy. The name is highly used, and instead of being old, it is still in massive use.

5. Dingbang:

The meaning of the name Dingbang is “protect the country.” The name is something that everyone will prefer having. The meaning is equally beautiful compared to the pronunciation, and it is one of the finest baby boy names originating from China.

6. Goo:

The meaning of the word Goo is completeness. It is considered to be a great name for Asian baby boys. The real meaning of this name is so impressive that most people make up their minds of naming their children by this name, even if they head it just once.

7. Asnee:

A unique name from the land of its origin, Thailand, is Asnee, a male name that means lightning.

8. Aki:

Aki means autumn as well as alternatively bright. It is a baby boy name of Japanese origin.

9. Chenglei:

From the land of extremely creative people, China comes to the name Chenglei that means ‘become great.’

10. Bayani:

Of Filipino origin is the Asian baby boy name Bayani. The name Bayani means ‘hero.’

11. Amida:

Amida is an alternate name of Buddha (Gautam Buddha). The name has its origin from Japan.

12. Hiêú:

A name of Vietnamese origin, Hieu is a very meaningful boys name as it means ‘respectful attitude.

13. Duck-Hwan:

A name of Korean origin, the name Duck-Hwan means ‘repeated virtue’ and is used in both North and South Korea.

14. Hai:

Hai is a name that has a very subtle and beautiful meaning, ‘sea.’ This Asian baby boy name is of Vietnamese origin.

15. Ambrocio:

Ambrocio is an Asian baby boy name of Filipino origin and means the one who is immortal or divine.

16. Arun:

Arun is a Hindu name that means the sun. The name has its origins in India as well as Cambodia.

17. Aran:

While the name may sound similar to Arun, it actually means forest. The name Aran is from beautiful Thailand.

18. Munni:

Munni or Muni is an Asian baby boy name that means ‘wise man.’ The name is a Hindu name but is popular in Cambodia.

19. Myo:

Myo is a boy name of Burmese origin. The name literally means a city, a unique name indeed.

20. Shin:

Shin is a fairly popular brand name in South Korea. The Korean origin name means belief.

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20 Cute Asian Baby Girl Names:

1. Zhu:

Zhu is a name of Chinese origin and means “bamboo.” It is clearly one of the best Asian names that a baby girl can be named with.

2. Hee:

Hee is a name of Korean origin and is arguably one of the best names for Asian baby boys. The meaning of the name is quite good as well. Hee means “happiness.”

3. Huan:

This name has the same meaning as the previous one (happiness) but has a different origin. Unlike the previous one, this name is of Chinese origin and is claimed to be one of the most widely used names by Asians.

4. Ismau:

Ismau means a courageous warrior, and for that, the Japanese originated name is something that every boy will love when they grow up.

5. Sakae:

This is a great name for Asian girls. Sakae means “prosperity.” The name is something that everyone out there will love and will be more than willing to call it simply because it sounds so good.

6. Seiko:

This is a name of Japanese origin, and for all the good features of this name, it is considered to be the best one for Asian baby girls. The meaning of Seiko is “truth” or “force.” When you are offering your child this name, you are granting her with the power of truth.

7. Shigeko:

This is a quite prestigious name to provide a child with. The meaning of this name is “luxuriant child.” A baby girl who is born with all the good things around her is often provided with such a beautiful name.

8. Shima:

Here is another good Asian name, which comes with a great meaning. The meaning of this name is “limit.” The meaning has basically nothing to do with the allure of the name. One thing that can be said for sure is that this name is something that will be totally suitable for all Asian baby girls out there.

9. Tam:

The meaning of the name Tam is “heart”, and it is the name of Viet. The best thing about this name is the pronunciation, and by all means, this name can be said to be one of the best names for almost any Asian girl out there.

10. Tenshi:

Tenshi is a name of Japanese origin, and it means “angle” or “heaven’s child.” Almost every parent considers their child like that, and for this reason, this name will be totally appropriate for them.

11. Washi:

This is yet another great name of Japanese origin. The meaning of the name is “eagle”, and it is definitely one of the best names for all the girls out there. If you are looking for a good name that will suit your needs, then this might be the right one for you.

12. Yachi:

This is again one of the finest names for all the Asian girls out there. It means “eight thousand”, and for this reason, this name is something which each and every woman will want to have. The women named with this name will be totally proud of their parents.

13. Yumiko:

The word Yumiko means a child who is helpful and beautiful at the same time. The name is also the combination of two of the best things that is meaning alongside pronunciation. If you are looking for a good name, then this can be said to be the right one for you.

14. Guangli:

The Chinese originated name is quite popular throughout Asian and is arguably one of the best names that come with beautiful meanings. The meaning of Guangli is “making bright” and for all the wonderful pronunciation features of this name, it is something that everyone will like.

15. Chinatsu:

This Japanese origin name means a thousand summers. The name is a unique Japanese baby girl name.

16. Bhumika:

Bhumika is an Asian baby girl name of Indian origin; the name has many variations. The name Bhumika means Earth/land.

17. Cam:

Cam is a Vietnamese Asian baby girl name. The name is of Vietnamese origin and means sweet citrus.

18. Harué:

A seasonal name, this Japanese origin name means Springtime bay in the language of its origin.

19. Gembira:

Gembira is a very cute name with a lovely meaning, ‘happy one.’ This beautiful Asian name is of Malaysian origin.

20. Nguyen:

This unique Asian name has its origins in Vietnam. The name Nguyen means ‘sleep.’

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20 Popular Asian Celebrity Kid’s Names:

1. Hanna:

Hanna is the name of Asian celebrities Andy Lau and Carol Choo.

2. Hsu:

Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofel have named their child Hsu.

3. Chan:

Daniel Chan and Vicky Wang’s child’s name is Chan.

4. Zed:

Zed is the name of Fann Wong and beau Christopher Lee’s child.

5. Jilian:

Jillian is the name of Peter Chang and Sandra Ng’s adorable daughter.

6. Oi Lam:

Michael Ying and Lin Ching- Hsia named their child Oi Lam.

7. Lucy:

Lucy is the cute looking daughter of model Sui Tang.

8. Max:

Max is the name of Sui Tang and beau Tony Chia’s first-born doe-eyed boy.

9. Xavier:

Actress Jacelyn Tay’s son’s name is Xavier.

10. Meibao:

Actor Mike He has the cutest looking daughter named Meibao.

11. Nellie:

Nellie is the name of actor Shau Chen’s beautiful firstborn.

12. Luke:

Luke is the name of Jamie Yeo’s very cute son.

13. Alysia:

Jamie Yeo has a very pretty daughter from her former lover named Alysia.

14. Nei Nei:

Nei Nei is also popular like her father. The little one is the doting daughter of Wu Chun.

15. Zed:

Beautiful celeb Fann Wong’s son is named Zed.

16. Ellie:

Dee Hsu’s adorable daughter’s name is Ellie.

17. Lily:

Lily is the name of Dee Hsu’s second daughter.

18. Alice:

Dee Hsu has three daughter’s the third one being Alice.

19. Misha:

Misha is the name of famous Indian actor Shahid Kapoor.

20. Taimur:

Celebrity actor couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan’s munchkin’s name is Taimur.

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10 Beautiful Asian Child Names With Combination Language:

1. Nathan:

The name Nathan means the supreme god is the provider, and he will provide.

2. Jayan:

The name Jayan has many variations and means winning over a game or war.

3. Reece:

The name Reece too, has multiple variations. The name means one with a fiery spirit or enthusiasm.

4. Shyla:

The name Shyla is a more upgraded version of the Hindu name Sheila. The name has multiple variations.

5. Alina:

The name Alina can also be spelt as Aalina means someone who is very bright and beautiful.

6. Jasmine:

The name Jasmine is derived from the beautiful fragrant flower Jasmine and has multiple variations.

7. Amber:

Amber is the name for a precious gemstone that looks like the color of honey and is very alluring.

8. Anya:

The name Anya/Aanya means one who spends nights shining bright and sleepless while shedding light.

9. Tara:

Tara is a very simple and sweet name for a little girl. The name means Star in the Hindi language.

10. Ishan:

The name Ishan means the lord himself, or in Arabic, the name means a perfectionist or example of excellence.

11 Special Unisex Asian Baby Names:

1. Sree:

The name Sree/Shree is of Indian origin. This unisex Asian name means Light as well as Beauty.

2. Dechen:

Dechen is a popular Bhutanese origin name. The name means ‘great happiness’ according to Tibetan people.

3. Harsha:

Guess happiness is actually for everyone. The name Harsha is of Hindi origin and means Joy/Happiness.

4. Kaoru:

The name Kaoru has many variations. This Japanese origin name means ‘fragrance or fragrant.’

5. Gurmeet:

The name Gurmeet is a fairly popular Sikh origin name. The name means teacher-friend in Sanskrit.

6. Sukhada:

The name Sukhada is yet another Hindi origin name. The name means ‘bestowal of Happiness.’

7. Kiran:

Kiran is a very popular unisex Asian baby name in India. The Sanskrit origin name means sunbeam.

8. Haruka:

Haruka is a popular Asian baby name in Japan. The Japanese origin name has several meanings such as distant, spring or clear weather.

9. Kanti:

Kanti is a name of Sanskrit origin. This good Asian name means beauty and is also the alternate name of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi.

10. Phuntso:

The name Phuntso is of Bhutanese origin. In the Tibetan language, the name means ‘abundant or excellent.’

11. Suman:

Suman is yet another Asian baby name of Sanskrit origin. This popular Indian name means good mind or well-disposed.

Asian baby names options are indefinite, the mixture of multiple cultures allows the chance to discover and come across many beautiful names that are linked to history as well as the nature around us. We have brought to you some of the best and most popular as well as unique Asian baby names that will help you get more creative when it will come to naming your own little one.


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