Depending on the various cultures, race, tribes and caste, women all around the world have designated hairstyles and hairdos that forms their base characterization. Much like the women of colored origins usually have a thicker and fuller head of hair with a tanned complexion, women of Asian origin has always sported a thinner much smoother consistency of hair with a porcelain skin tone. In today’s article we will talk about the various Asian inspired hairstyles that you can sport, taking a cue from this article.

9 Trendy Asian Hairstyles for Long Hair Female:

1. The Side Sweeps:

To start off, sweep the hair to the side and this includes the soft front locks. The hair here is falling softly across the forehead, covering it while the rest of the hair falls free in short steps and layers. This look can be perfectly paired with a summer frock and slip-ons or some high neck laced top. A small clip or a band too might look beautiful.

2. Pony Up:

A ponytails has forever been a girl’s go to look. Be it an early morning jog or a late night walk, a ponytail is the fixer upper for any woman and taking the base from that, here is an Asian look for a ponytail. Unlike others, the hair is falling in soft curls towards the end of the pony while the base is secured with a beautiful ribbon.

3. The Classics:

The front bangs over the forehead is probably the most common hairstyle one might see on an Asian woman. It is often their signature look if we may and here we have bought the classic out as our A-game. The hair usually covers the entire of the forehead and then falls straight on the sides.

4. The Slight Emo:

The emo look may not be on point, but as always, every Asian hairstyle has a soft point to it. Even here the emo look is comprised of complete straight hair with the front lock slightly swept to the side forming rough edges towards the end. A big bow clip on the side would complete the cute factor.

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5. The Top Bun:

Another of the classic hairstyle is the high bun which is predominant in these culture. Sweeping up the hair from the front the hair is gather high up, around the crown of your head and then rolled into a tight little bun. Often due to fine hair consistency, the bun is fanned out or some loose locks are let out.

6. The Swanky Waves:

Waves are forever a favorite of many a woman and sporting the perfect waves here is this hairstyle. Waves usually have different types the main ones being beach styled waves, princess curls and so on. The best way to get them is either by braiding your hair overnight or by using hot rollers on your damp hair. Either way a frilly frock paired with this would just go about perfectly.

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7. The Feathered Look:

Asian’s are known for their fine thin hair and often to add volume to your mane, you can opt for this shag feather cut look which immediately gives your hair a bounce and creates an illusion of thicker hair. You may leave the hair free or simply tie it into a pony.

8. The Half updo:

To get this look start by sectioning out the hair and then rolling the hair into a half bun. Let the bun be soft and free as you roll it to place and pin it down. Leave the rest of the hair free falling.

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9. The Front Pony:

This is a cute look for everyday hairstyles where the front of the hair is sectioned out and tied into a soft pony in the front.


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