Women who are aware of sarees and the different materials use in making them, such as cotton, silk, net, etc., will obviously know about Assam silk. Assam silk is one of the most celebrated and easily recognizable varieties of silk. It can be easily determined by its fine and totally pure quality and the shine that it provides the sarees with.

Beautiful and Latest Assam Silk Sarees With Images:

If you know of Assam silk, then in this article, we will be discussing some good-looking Assam silk sarees that you will find suitable for you. The list of the top 15 Assam silk sarees is as follows.

1. The Muga Color Assam Silk Saree:

This is one of the finest-looking Assam silk sarees of all time, and it looks so special because of the colour mainly. It sports a really alluring pattern in the pallu portion, and the design done on it is not that fancy, and that is why it can be sported by young as well as mature and aged women. The artistic pattern is quite sober, and instead of being so simple, it has the ability to impress the mass audience. The dotted green pattern done on it is quite alluring, and you will surely adore it.

2. The Designer Assam Silk Saree:

This is actually a designer saree made with one of the finest varieties of silk out there is Assam silk. The colour is really attractive, and the small and intricate patterns done on it are very alluring, and you will love how the borders are designed in this saree. The saree will be suitable to wear on festive occasions, and people will literally admire and appreciate you for offering such a fine display of silk that one doesn’t get to every day. Another interesting fact about this saree is that it is a handloom saree.

3. The Dark Aqua Blue Assam Silk Saree:

This is probably one of the finest varieties of Assam silk sarees out there that comes in such a comfortable colour. The horizontal patterns done on the pallu portion of the saree using more than one colour is quite impressive and is surely one of the most attractive features of these sarees. If you follow this saree’s actual design carefully, you will realize that there is not really much to this saree. With a simple display of brilliant material, it can easily win hearts.

4. The Trendy Assam Silk Saree:

Here we have yet another alluring Assam silk saree. This is one of those sarees that can be sported without hesitation and can be carried almost anywhere. The off white pattern is further beautified with a blue straight line pattern along with a little application of the colour gold. The width of the golden pattern is also quite less, and one will be sporting this design fluently and look beautiful. It is one of the latest and trendiest Assam silk saree designs out there and will create headlines.

5. The Sophisticated Assam Silk Saree:

This saree will hold you up as a personality in front of all the women who are sporting sarees. You will look like the most beautiful woman, no matter wherever you carry this saree.

6. The Exotic Thread Design Assam Silk Saree:

This is one of the finest Assam silk saree that sports a really unique thread design. The pattern used in making this saree is so fascinating that people will appreciate you for bringing this out of the beauty treasure chest and putting it to display.

7. The Light Beige Assam Silk Saree:

This is something that can be worn casually and also in special events also. This saree comes with a very beautiful design done throughout the body, and that is the prime allure of this design. You will be looking like an absolute divine beauty with this saree on you.

8. The Handwoven Buff Assam Silk Saree:

Here is something that women will appreciate. A certain group of women specifically prefer the handwoven sarees, and this one is surely something that you will love if you are one of those women. It is stylish, comfortable and honestly can be worn on special occasions.

9. The Beige Assam Silk Handloom Saree:

This handloom saree is one of the finest Assam silk materials out there. The small intricate orange colour designs on the front part of the saree and the intricate straight line patterns done on the pallu portion are also something you will like.

10. The Designer Red And White Assam Silk Saree:

If you need an Assam silk saree, this will be one of the best-looking designer materials of all time. The pattern used in the making this is quite beautiful, and a woman will surely be able to sport it at special events such as weddings.

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11. The Glossy Assam Silk Saree:

This is a beautiful Assam saree that sports a glossy pattern along with many other delicate designs done on it. If you are willing to sport something out of the blue and totally new, this will be an efficient clothing material to display new Indian fashion.

12. The Latest Assam Silk Design Saree:

This is a good-looking Assam silk saree that sports the trendiest pattern of this year for a traditional beige colour saree.

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13. The Festive Assam Silk Saree:

The Assam sarees are quite heavy, and the material used in making them is quite dense. This saree will make the saree-lovers fall in love with the intricate pattern done almost throughout the body, and thus they will want to carry it almost anywhere they go.

14. The Assam Silk Mekhla Saree:

This is something totally new for the Mekhla sarees. This saree comes with an alluring pattern done in the middle, and the pallu and the lower portion of the saree are done with a glossy deep green colour.

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15. Beige Colour Assam Silk Saree:

Here is totally alluring and will be totally suitable for all the saree-loving out there, which is probably all Indian women.

These are some of the best Assam silk saree designs you can pick from without giving any second thought. The idea is to look your best at the next function you are attending, and this Assam silk will surely do it!

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