Athapookalam is the floral carpet that you create on special occasions like Onam. These are flower rangoli on the floor that is created with flower petals, leaves and colour. They are normally large in size and take time to be created. Here we are showing you some of the more traditional as well as the latest modern versions of the athapookalam designs.

The Best Traditional Athapookalam Designs:

Here we present to you the top 5 designs. Athapookalam is like a flower rangoli, It’s looks something unique and traditional stylish.

1. Onam Special Design:

For the Onam, there is nothing better than an athapookalam design. The lovely floral rangoli design is done with fresh flowers that are placed in a specific way. The design has colours like mustard, yellow, red, green, etc that are just right for flowers and leaves. You can choose these colours according to the design that you are making.

Here the design has concentric circles that become larger and larger. The size of the athapookalam can be very large according to the occasion. These are also used for competitions where the best one is judged based on the creativity and use number of different colours. This has a nice 3D effect too and this will give it more marks. You can try your hand at this design and start with a simple version of it. Choose colours that are bold so that they stand out. You must also try to use colours that are natural flowers so that the petals can be used clearly.

2. Sunflower Athapookalam Design:

One of the many atham designs is the sunflower pattern. Here you make a giant image of the sunflower by adding various flower petals to the design. The use of marigold is vastly used in the athapookalam designs latest patterns. You will enjoy making these athapookalam images that are shown here. Try making the same design as they come out pretty well.

Here the inner round is made from the yellow flowers. It is then layered with orange flowers followed by white and yellow. The white flowers in the onam athapookalam designs are put in a way to show the individual flower petals of the sunflower. Use of black or brown colour is also something is vastly used. This acts as a border and you can use it to highlight the petals and the inner round.

Make these onam athapookalam designs special as they are normally used for festive occasions. The flowers used are special and expensive too so the design should do justice to them. You can make any flower pattern that you like but the sunflower is always one of the most popular choices around.

3. Contemporary Athapookalam Design:

Now you have atham images that are filled with contemporary designs. The athapoo designs can be done without the traditional pictures as well. Young people love to try their hands at athapookalam new designs that are athapookalam simple designs but with a modern twist. These simple athapookalam designs get a makeover into something more beautiful.

Here you will see the use of a central image. The image of the boat and coconut tree along with the sun is a wonderful concept that symbolizes the coastal area of Kerala. This traditional image is now being added to the contemporary athapookalam designs as well. You can choose the various colours of the rainbow to create this gorgeous design. The center of the design is very important so you need to get the measurements right. The outside layer has the look of a sunflower or a lotus flowers. The colours used for that include orange, yellow and purple. Choose a dark flower for the border layer. Make everything big in size too.

4. Conch Athapookalam Design:

Most of the designs are not small athapookalam designs. They are made from athapookalam photos and then created on a large scale. These designs can include all the traditional floral images or even some of the religious objects in it. This particular onam atham design has the conch as the central image. This religious symbol is used in the design and it looks very graceful. The conch is drawn on a large scale in the center of the design. It is filled with white flowers and lined with brown. The surrounding layers are filled with orange flowers and then yellow and purple flowers. The filigree work on the last layer is very impressive as well. These are filled with purple and pink flowers. Make this wonderful athapookalam for your festive occasion. You will find the design easy to recreate. The only difficulty in this design is the conch itself. You can trace the design first and then start to fill it with the flowers. Make this design very interesting and you will find many people happy with the design.

5. Dancer Athapookalam Design:

One of the other newer trends in the athapookalam is the athapookalam designs with themes. These designs include the kathakali pookalam design where you have a Kathakali dancer in the center of the athapookalam. This particular design has the dancer in the center in a graceful pose. The dress of the dancer is filled with white flowers. You can then layer the other rounds with various other colours as well. Here they have used yellow, mustard and red as the major colours that adorn the athapookalam.

Make this by first tracing out the figure at the center. Then fill the dress and the dancer with flowers. Once that is done you can then surround the dancer with large circles of flowers. This can also be done to look like she is on a diya. The shape of the flowers that surround her need to be in such a way that it looks like she is on top of the diya. These new design themes are gaining popularity because of the modern trend and because young people like to experiment with newer ideas.

The athapookalam can be traditional or it can be modern. The traditional designs are normally floral based. The modern ones have images of objects or dancers within the floral base. This creates something unique and stylish.