Audrey Hepburn was much known during her days for her movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s which released during the 1960 s. In this movie the getup and the makeup of Audrey was a big inspiration to several makeup artists and makeup-loving girls of all ages. The makeup artist in the film was Wally West more who was a renowned makeup artist of Hollywood at that time.

West more kept Audrey’s makeup very soft. Even for the night time scenes, her makeup looked very fresh. The heavy dark brow look of the earlier times was no more there in this 1960 s film. Rather her brows, even though thick, were kept light in color to match her light hair and to go with the soft makeup look. Yes, feather soft false eye lashes were a must for her eyes. Since her lips and cheeks were kept very natural soft pink toned, her eyes were the most focussed feature on her face.

Let us See how we Can Create Her Look:


  • Use an eye lid primer on on the eye lid. Make sure your face is cleansed and moisturized before this.
  • Follow with a concealer to cover up any blemishes or dark circles. Blend well with skin.
  • Next use a foundation. This prepares the base for your makeup to sit.

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  • Start with a flesh toned eye shadow. Use with an eye shadow brush all over the lid and extend up till the brow bones.
  • Now we have to remember that there will not be a smokey eye makeup like today’s actresses. So you can leave the eye lid just like that after you have applied a neutral or flesh toned eye shadow. However, if you are creating a night scene, you can use a little bit of grey on to just the eye lid.
  • Take an angled brush and mix light brown and grey in a palette. Use this along the lower lash line but just beneath the lashes. Do not smudge it. Now use a black pencil liner and line lightly just below this flesh tone and not over it. Line should be beneath the lower lashes.
  • Audrey had contoured and prominent eyes and if you have small eyes, you might want a more open eye look. So, take a flesh toned pencil and use on to the lower rim. This will make your eyes look more open.
  • Now take an angled brush and gel eye liner (use liquid eye liner if you are using that) and start from the inner corner of the upper eyelid and drag the line evenly keeping absolutely near to the upper lashes. Keep the breadth same all along the lid line. When you reach the exterior end of the upper lid, twist the angled brush to create a nice upward swing wing. Make the wing a bit more prominent.

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  • For the next step you will need a pair of false soft feathery lashes. You can use single lash clumps or full lashes. Choice is yours. Curl your natural lashes with an eye lash curler. Use mascara on them. Immediately glue up the false lashes and place them accordingly with tweezers. Hold for a while to have them fixed. Do not use more mascara.
  •  Use a little bit of mascara on to lower natural lashes.
  • Coming to the brows now, Audrey had naturally thick brows which were well arched. So you need to have similar shape and if needed, use a light brown eye brow pencil to give them more prominence.
  • Use just a light touch of baby pink blush on to cheek bones. Remember there weren’t application of any bronzer for Audrey’s makeup in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  • Finish with a satin-soft pink color for the lips.

Audrey Hepburn inspired eye makeup is complete. Do not forget to make that beehive bun and to sport this wonderful fresh makeup with some nice jewellery.


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