The month of August is defined not by just one birthstone but three in total. The three birthstones for people born in the lucky month of August are Sardonyx, Peridot and Spinel. Sardonyx is a reddish-brown stone, peridot is green in colour and spinel is a purple-pink coloured stone. Just imagine the options these people have when it comes to wearing the birthstone and flaunting them. In fact, they will be spoilt for choices totally.

Latest August Birthstones Jewelry for Men and Women in Trend:

Here we will check the top 9 August birthstones and the various ways to flaunt them.

1. Sardonyx Bracelet for Men:

This is a great daily wear accessory for men. This Sardonyx bracelet is made of many round bright reddish brown stones strung into a stretchable cord into a bracelet. This looks great with any outfit and men can sport this birthstone bracelet with casual outfits too.

2. Sardonyx Earrings for Women:

This is one cool looking earring for women. The red Sardonyx stone is made into an earring with sterling silver for modern-day women. This earring gives that bohemian look to be paired with lovely outfits.

3. Sardonyx Chain and Pocket Watch for Men:

This is one amazing thing in Sardonyx stone for men. This is an antique finish pocket watch with a 12-carat pure golden chain to it. The Sardonyx pendant is actually a pocket watch with an embossed surround on it.

4. Spinel Cufflink for Men:

Imagine wearing your birthstone in your cufflinks. Exactly! These brilliant spinel cufflinks for men in sterling silver are a pair of accessories for keeps and also the best gift ever to a man born in August.

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5. Spinel Bead Necklace for Women:

This is a treasured necklace in spinel stones which when worn gives a nice fall on the neck. The necklace looks beautiful with spinel stone drops in a beautiful pearl chain with studded diamonds.

6. Spinel Nose Pin for Women:

Nose pin is fast catching up accessory among women. This is a triangle-shaped spinel birthstone nose pin in 18-carat yellow gold. This nose pin can be flaunted by women of all age groups and what makes this different is the stone and the shape.

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7. Peridot Anklet for Women:

This is a lovely beaded peridot anklet for women. The many tiny peridot August birthstones for the lady born in the month of August are strung beautifully in sterling silver into an anklet. This is a perfect gift for women.

8. Peridot Ring for Men:

This is one amazing looking finger ring for men with an emerald cut green peridot birthstone in the centre. Further, it is made of white gold and studded with a diamond at the edges giving it a classy and royal look on the finger of a man.

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9. Peridot Pendant for Women:

This is a lovely personalised necklace with nice green Peridot stone, freshwater pearl and a shiny silver monogram with the initial and made in sterling silver chain. What more does a woman need than this lovely jewellery piece crafted personally just for her?

The month of August comes with three birthstones and a lot of choices for everyone born in this lucky month. Choice of three stones and a lot of accessories to choose from for men, women, boys and girls. All three birthstones for August look amazing when used in earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings etc.


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