Let’s go DOWN UNDER, and by that we mean to Australia this time. The land of outback landscapes, kangaroos, beers and the famous Bondi beach, Australia has so much to offer. It is a country where diversity and respect for everything and every form of life holds prime importance. No wonder the nation is growing rapidly in leaps and bounds and across all sectors too. Tourism is of prime importance here, and people from all across the globe come to enjoy the sights, sounds, cultural aspects and nightlife of Australia.

The country is a very interesting place to be at, and there is so much to see and do, which makes one trip to the land of kangaroos and the home of aborigines a half baked steak! Right from the mainland to the island, from the deserts to the wild life, the nightlife of the city and the bustling crisp day time, there is uniqueness in almost everything the human senses fancy and capture.  Fascinating and magnificent as it is, Australia is surely a place where you would want to even settle down someday.

Australians by nature are warm and friendly, and they would love to show you around, hang out with you and take you to places nice and charming too. However, if you would like to be on your own and check the country, here are some of the favourites we have for you. Hence please read on and be well informed for the same.

Top Spots:-


One of the most populated, largest and very versatile cities in Australia, Sydney is an interesting location to be at. Remember, the famous Sydney opera house is here, and it was designed by the well known John Utzon, who is of Danish origin. As a tourist, you would be allowed to check out the front and the backstage of the landmark. When you are done with the opera house, on the right and left you would find other places of interest, such as the Harbour Highlight cruises, the Hunter Valley Wineries and the famous Darling harbour which houses the best marine life, the Jenolan caves and more.


Go to Perth and enjoy the best from this hot spot this time. Right from sight seeing around the city, wildlife and aqua fun to many adventurous deals that would keep you hooked all through your journey, Perth would never disappoint you. What you should check out in this city are, the famous Perth Zoo, the well known Stirling Gardens, the Perth Mint, the Lake Monger, the famous Art Gallery of Western Australia, the well known Western Australian Museum, the lovely Concert Hall, the busy Cultural Centre and the infamous “HIS MAJESTYs THEATRE” too.


Tasmania is a hot spot for you to take a break at, especially from the hustle and bustle of city life. This is a place which is best for holidaying, wilderness and nature. Right from splendid and deep rooted history to culture, the best beaches and the majestic mountains around, even the holy lagoons, breathtaking flora and fauna, and the unforgiving terrains, you would love being here. So if you life beauty in all its wild ways, Tasmania is the place to be

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Fraser Island:

Fraser Is. One of the best places to be and is also the largest sandy island in the world. Call it a hidden peek-a-boo by nature trail, the island is home to plenty of wildlife and endangered species. Right from dingos to wild dogs, fish and much more, it is this island which has it all. The beaches are a haven to be at and heavenly to be submerged in, this is why the island is a popular jaunt for parties, clubbing, swimming and water sports too. People from all across the globe visit this island, and so should you

Kakadu National Park:

also known as a World Heritage site is one of the best places in Australia to be at. It is a wide stretched region which has 200km from north to south, and 100kms from east to west. The national park is home to rich flora and fauna, and breathtaking landscapes along with abundant native plants and wild life too. This is also a home to the much respected ABORIGINES of Australia, the real occupants of the continent down under.


One of most famous monolith rocks in the whole wide world Uluru is a place that can take the breath away in a jiffy. Viewing the greatest wonders of the world, the natural beauty of Uluru is known to be best to visit at sunrise and when the sun sets. This is when the colourful dance of nature takes over the red rocks of the monolith, and in plenty of fascinating patterns too

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To enter the famous GREAT BARRIER REEFS, one has to go through Cairns. The reef is known to be home to the largest coral species, and has an expanse of 80 million acres, all along the dreaded North East Australian Coast.  Coral reef tours are famous here, and one would find the rarest of rare sea creatures and organisms basking happily in the reef.

Kangaroo Island:

A very calm and serene place, the kangaroo islands are known to be the harbours of peace. If you love playing in nature, the koalas, wallabies, kangaroos and the goannas would keep you company here. The islands also are home to the sea lions, dolphins, echidnas, fur seals, penguins, whales, ospreys and eagles too.


A city that is laid back and well planned, Adelaide is a lovely place to be in with plenty of attractions and lovely people from all across the globe settled here. This is an ideal getaway place, and has plenty of interesting night life too. The Adelaide hills are a tourist hot spot, and the city has many reserves and national parks to bask in. If you travel an hour from the city, you would be in the arms of Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale, famously known for their delicious wine produce

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Jamison Valley:

Famous as a tourist hub, the cable car tour at Jamison valley shouldn’t be missed. The valley is breathtaking and scenic, which is why people throng to this place year after year.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the ten best places Australia could give. Let’s plan on sending you there sometime soon, what say!!


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